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  1. one of my fav songs from MX! a little disappointed you didnt tag me there though! I LOOVEEEE Batuka and sing it all the time
  2. they talked about this a few months ago already.
  3. mirwais wrote it. he just spellchecked
  4. yeah, i dont like these scores at all.. and i dont know any of these members who gave 0's.. we got some pretty loyal fans here who love her experimental work. im surprised they would give so many 0's to those songs..
  5. it's crazy how this woman is just seen as a "popstar". shes such an artist, a creative force.. a woman who dares to experiment and takes creative risks.
  6. another black man was shot dead started off "ok", but things got out of control when he resisted arrest. still, I can't believe the police in the US thinks this warrants them to shoot people!
  7. alright, I had only seen the "whistle" re-posts on this page. my bad!
  8. did the number of posts you need to have to access the pop princess forum change? maybe he's one of those M haters/gaga fans making as many posts as he can to view the forum
  9. i was about to post that.. i know they mean well, so this is just funny to me.. but why are they doing this after the backlash imagine got? looks like even the celebs pretending to be chill and down to earth are out of touch
  10. wonderfully said, as always a statue is indeed very different. the only intent is to honour the person.
  11. let's hope it's clickbait and they just put up a disclaimer. I hate cancel culture. Since when have youth become pro censorship? what about being truthful about history and showing the full picture. germany isnt ignoring their problems either. they face it and acknowledge it. that's how you learn and get better. cancel culture looks like they want to pretend nothing bad ever happened. closing your eyes isnt gonna make it go away. sorry but this is such a simplistic way of dealing with these issues.. it's only gonna make some people even more angry while others will simply be unawar
  12. Come Alive became one of my fav songs on MX after seeing the tour
  13. The instrumental specifically is so damn good. I love it. very melancholic, very theatrical.. oh, and there's nothing bad about those lyrics. maybe a little native and simple, but that's part of it's charm
  14. btw, if anyone thought the David video was tone-deaf.. what the fuck
  15. I really thought trump would easily win again, but with everything going on.. I could see him not getting re-elected. shame Biden is such a weak candidate.
  16. that's weird... at first I thought it was deliberate, but he was honking a long time almost as if to warn that he couldn't break. idk what to make of that
  17. thankfully you're there to set the record straight. but if it werent for you.. i'd be scared to see how much worse it would be. that shit shouldnt happen.. why cant they fact check? why still report an unchecked/fake story? everything is so quick and unprofessional these days.. and about the review.. either this guy has no dignity (for not sticking to his original opinion) OR there's people higher up who simply dont like her and somehow told everyone this is what the narrative is gonna be (idk how it all works).. i remember watching the SS report on tv and you could literally HEAR H
  18. andré btw, peter didnt seem that excited for M either, which surprised me.. always thought he liked her.
  19. YES. Remember she was rumored to perform a year earlier.. even then I said she can only do it if the performance is EXCELLENT but that I was against the idea cuz she's honestly too "out there".. and especially these days, people just dont "get her".. I knew in advance that eurovision and the madonna post 2008 arent matching.. Imagine if she did live earth 2007 at eurovision with Gogol Bordello.. now THAT wouldve worked.. Anyway, I had a bad feeling about the whole thing before it started. Team Madonna or anyone related to her have never shown any interest in eurovision so I knew the
  20. that video of madonna lip synching in the car to Future is so smooth. always loved it
  21. i agree guess maluma being involved (with medellin) made them go for that song as the single, but GC made more sense (also couldve helped eurovision if she performed it)
  22. Im falling in love with MX more and more. Ive been exercising outside like crazy for months and keep coming back to the album.. I even love Future and Medellin now! The tour made me fall in love with so many songs I barely paid attention to before.. Come Alive, Medellin, Future, IDSIF Crazy... I used to be mainly a fan of KWAP but aside from maybe half of DB and BIL, I think I love every song.. IDSIF and GC are the best ones to work out to. They're always hyping me up! I really need the tour version of I Rise!
  23. Longer version here (thanks to @Future feat Quavo) https://streamable.com/dore1 He actually looks excited and happy in this
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