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    2019 Grammy Awards

    isn't he a Taylor Swift fan? he was praising Ariana's album too. Janelle is okay, but I listened to dirty computer after madonnanation members recommended it, and the lyrics are very pseudo "woke" with the female empowerment speeches she included. and I'm all for that if it's done a good way (express yourself and human nature vs the secret project speech in the background. I hope im not pissing anyone off by saying this, but I prefer a subtle or "stand up for yourself", "speak ur mind" sort of style opposed to hearing what Tumblr and twitter have been repeating for years) honestly.. she's a little artsy fartsy to me (in this "take me seriously" sort of way.) im not a fan a lot of Janelle's music also seems like a big tribute to prince and vanity.
  2. im seeing a dutch and Belgian journalist talk about it and they seem very sure he did do those things.. they're airing the documentary on tv in march in Belgium, and probably many other countries
  3. I've looked at some other places and lipstick alley, the gaga fans, and teen pop forums generally believe MJ is innocent, a victim.. M fans seem very critical and rational. it's always the same.. MJ is a victim.. they didn't want a black man to be powerful.. that doesn't take away from the fact that he admitted he slept with other people's children and if this was ANYONE else (well, with the exception of gaga and Beyonce probably) they'd be dragged
  4. well she commented on the bashir doc. she was never asked her opinion about the other rumours. with her comment saying she abandoned him, I think that she did believe those rumours and like many, after MJ died, probably assumed it was bullshit. Anyway, I can't speak for M of course.. Im just assuming.. but everyone from Nelson Mandela to most kids on the street love him as an artist. I've always thought he repeated himself and was overrated. the doc will be on HBO.. im sure there'll be more reactions once more people have seen it. curious what some artists have to say or if some may change their mind or be very protective about him.
  5. sorry, but sleeping with kids in bed that aren't related to you or share a very close family bound with is creepy. (even than.. the kids would still sleep elsewhere and not in an uncle's bed) if a teacher would invite his or her little students in his bed, the parents would be cool with that? you would find it okay if your friend invited your kids to his house and sleep in his bed WITH him? I'm not even sure he's so nice or naive as he wanted the public to think. (and that's the main reason why so many think he's innocent). remember his real voice was very low and "normal". there was a different side to him. didn't he go to court in his pj's? could've been a way of adding to the rumours that he was just ... "weird" and naive
  6. it's ironic how this new overly protective mentality is what we were fighting against (freedom of expression anyone?) up until five years ago. next they'll call for a ban of Marilyn Manson videos on youtube.
  7. Nikki

    Kanye West

    doesn't he just mix samples together and turn them into a song? seems like the hardest work is already done and he just glues cool bits together..
  8. Nikki

    ABBA thread

    The most listened to radio station here always plays abba songs, even those that aren't very known. I hear their songs every time I listen to the radio, which isn't even that much. We also get a lot of stories and extra info about the group. Clearly some of the radio hosts are HUGE fans. (and whenever they play Cher covering it, they make sure to the listener that they're not big fans ) In their top 2000 songs of all time, Dancing Queen is always in the top three, along with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and either Purple rain or billie jean.
  9. Nikki

    Christine & The Queens

    well, add in a little more coad/music experimentation 😉
  10. Nikki

    Christine & The Queens

    ohhhh I looveee this. reminds me a little of stromae (though she seems less pretentious. sorrynotsorry) 😉 as usual, European artists are ahead of the curve. I really think this rap/bad hip hop shit has run its course and we'll see more of a dance/funk blend in music again. let's hope M doesn't repeat her hard candy mistake.
  11. Nikki

    Kanye West

    they call this shit "art" these days. and im not only talking about the "performance", the lyrics, the music, everything..
  12. Nikki

    Christine & The Queens

    Finally someone who really is inspired and respectful. She takes the inspiration and applies it to the work, unlike other girls who sometimes wear something sexy and think that represents M the artist.
  13. I sometimes think of the possibilities of weirdos doing strange things like that.. the older I get the more I realise the amount of lunatics we share our world with. it reminds me a little of this..
  14. so that's what this "take the knee" thing is. I kept hearing about it but never really looked into it. As usual the right is exaggerating a small thing (which was meant as a positive gesture toward POC) and they turn it into an anti patriotic message. Thanks for explaining 🙂
  15. so what did the guy do to provoke such reactions? I saw the clip and they talk about how he's outspoken about injustice.. what are they talking about? he went a little too far with his opinions?
  16. before the internet got really scary on a worldwide scale (social media), i had the opinion to let people discover how fucked up some people are and make up their own mind. I'm for freedom of speech. there used to be a time when it was beneficial to let the buffoon talk so the general public would see for themselves how idiotic loudmouths like him are.. however, with how things are going now, maybe it's not so bad that his stuff stays on his site and he doesn't benefit from google, youtube, apple..
  17. Nikki


    sorta an ugly version of thierry henry
  18. Nikki

    Door een artikel te willen lezen van ss ("tourmanager klapt uit de biecht" met trouwens enkele M tidbits) heb ik een gratis trial van een maand waardoor ik het artikel met lucy heb gelezen. begon niet slecht, maar het is duidelijk dat de editor (of interviewer) zich wou focussen op haar image, niet haar talent (weer het foute cliché beeld dat ze gewoon hard werkt maar voor de rest wordt er weinig over het werk op zich gezegd, behalve de material girl en jml digs - ook.. lana del rey meer mystiek dan M? wat? zag ook wat foutjes van lucy over tracy en de BAT dansers..) ik denk dat de prince mention van lucy (waar zij M citeerde van de billboard speech) en de reactie hierop van "humo" toch wel een hint is dat ss er mss wel achter zat.. 😉 ben benieuwd voor het tourartikel van morgen 😉

  19. Nikki

    2018 MTV VMAs

    so.. let's speak about the elephant in the room. did the carters get those 8 noms because the video is amazing/popular/HUGE/discussed everywhere/a big thing in music.. or because the VMAs were afraid of the beehive (or to be name checked by jay z in a shady song in the future) so they basically gave them a bunch of noms to be on the safe side? im not a taylor fan but I am surprised she didn't even get a pity nom for that video.
  20. he always reminds me of a guy who'd be amazing for those cruise ship concerts with a little live band I think he's a fun entertainer though. good sense of humor. but that's all he is: an entertainer. I like rudebox. it's so kitsch
  21. Nikki

    Kanye West

    I think Kanye can say whatever he wants, but it's telling how there's selective outrage with the critics. it's the same everywhere "he's a trump supporter/bipolar but also a musical genius" no he isn't.. I actually think his character is more interesting than his work
  22. Nikki

    Kanye West

    I heard on the radio that they had a secret location for his fans to go to in the middle of nowhere and he jammed with them to the songs in the dark.. it sounded nice. goes hand in hand with the idea I have (which is total wishful thinking) that M can premiere her songs through one of those little promo shows she used to do.. I'd love if she'd surprise us, and just say to go to a secret location and that we'd get the new album in live form (with a livestream) and have it released a few hours after
  23. Nikki

    Kanye West

    I should have not singled him out cuz they do it with all men, though he's labeled a genius way too easily. it means that he gets all the credit for his productions even though he's working with many people. you never see anyone questioning his talent because he's a man. EVERY woman in the industry is questioned about her input. I listened to his new song and I swear I heard most of it years ago in other songs. I'm not sure what's so genius about putting a lot of samples together.
  24. Nikki

    Kanye West

    Kanye is again named a genius/expert for basically putting together music and samples that already exist. I really don't get the praise he gets at all. he's more of a remixer/sampler and has LOTS of collaborators. Kanye's hype is the definition of sexism in the industry.