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  1. that's the wonderful thing about youtube.. you can really dive into a subject and become a little obsessed with it. I could watch hours and hours of his videos (and many other yt channels).. it's all so fascinating. over the last ten years I became more and more intrigued by our universe..
  2. I def would've yelled and told him to stop. I played the scenario in my head, and I'd love to punch him and try to stop him, but part of me thinks he may be carrying a knife. But like you said, it's the bystanders that piss me off. The most mundane things get overanalysed or seen as problematic yet when something actually happens, they're only there to film and share it. Im gonna sound like im 20 yrs my senior for saying this, but that's the problem with millennials and gen Z.. entitled hypocritical pussies.
  3. WTF. I would have gone up to the woman and tried to help her right after the man left. why are they just filming and not doing anything????
  4. in a news report on YT you find many people saying they agree with the shooter, that he did a good thing.. they have to locate them. they're dangerous
  5. those local us news channels often seem like a mock reenactment of reality
  6. I sometimes think of the possibilities of weirdos doing strange things like that.. the older I get the more I realise the amount of lunatics we share our world with. it reminds me a little of this..
  7. so that's what this "take the knee" thing is. I kept hearing about it but never really looked into it. As usual the right is exaggerating a small thing (which was meant as a positive gesture toward POC) and they turn it into an anti patriotic message. Thanks for explaining
  8. so what did the guy do to provoke such reactions? I saw the clip and they talk about how he's outspoken about injustice.. what are they talking about? he went a little too far with his opinions?
  9. before the internet got really scary on a worldwide scale (social media), i had the opinion to let people discover how fucked up some people are and make up their own mind. I'm for freedom of speech. there used to be a time when it was beneficial to let the buffoon talk so the general public would see for themselves how idiotic loudmouths like him are.. however, with how things are going now, maybe it's not so bad that his stuff stays on his site and he doesn't benefit from google, youtube, apple..
  10. Nikki

    Door een artikel te willen lezen van ss ("tourmanager klapt uit de biecht" met trouwens enkele M tidbits) heb ik een gratis trial van een maand waardoor ik het artikel met lucy heb gelezen. begon niet slecht, maar het is duidelijk dat de editor (of interviewer) zich wou focussen op haar image, niet haar talent (weer het foute cliché beeld dat ze gewoon hard werkt maar voor de rest wordt er weinig over het werk op zich gezegd, behalve de material girl en jml digs - ook.. lana del rey meer mystiek dan M? wat? zag ook wat foutjes van lucy over tracy en de BAT dansers..) ik denk dat de prince mention van lucy (waar zij M citeerde van de billboard speech) en de reactie hierop van "humo" toch wel een hint is dat ss er mss wel achter zat.. 😉 ben benieuwd voor het tourartikel van morgen 😉

  11. fascinating, creative, and so eerily interesting.. something that would inspire some artists for their videos or tours, I would say lol ;) intriguing
  12. im in love with those videos. in a way, seeing them in color and with sound, it makes it all feel more real and less of a fantasy (compared to how I view those times through movies and pictures). the mannerisms of people walking on the streets and going through their day are just the same, really. berlin in 1945 is very interesting. I once found videos of exhibitions with keith haring and others, it was unedited footage of just a guy filming it all, making it seem like you're there. It was fascinating. I'll repost it here if I find them again.
  13. this is bizarre. just last night I was watching a documentary about the cosmos and his computer voice was explaining everything.
  14. i fully agree. spitting at other children? man, what is wrong with them and their parents? thats insane, and certainly a reason to speak up. sensitive parents have to toughen up (to save themselves and the kid)
  15. "honey come over here" OMG i wanna feel sorry for the parents for being exposed/shamed like this (and for the patience with the kid), but the way they handle it is all kinds of wrong. would it be wrong to have stepped up and told the kid to behave? sometimes it's more effective when it's a stranger. im surprised no one at the plane did this
  16. lol so what? i think if that happened to parents I know, they'd just laugh about it.
  17. whenever Im on youtube watching madonna videos or related madonna videos, it's filled with countless of people saying madonna hates her fans and bullies pop girls (who are more talented than M) and everyone just believes it. you can bet that it's gaga fans behind it. I even see them on Marlene Dietrich videos complaining about madonna. they are trying to rewrite history
  18. never been scared of mice, rats,.. hamsters are just hilarious. they're clever little creatures. I had a friend in college who always brought her rat with her to classes (spiders are a whole other topic though).
  19. hope you're okay.. i havent heard anything about this until i checked social media/this forum. didnt even hear anything on the radio news. yep..
  20. One of my best friends is from the Philipines & married my cousin. she tells me a lot of crazy stories that go on in all of Asia. (she even has a cream for her face that has bleach in it and swears it's "okay".) It's unbelievable how deeply rooted these issues are
  21. Just like people shouldn't say the n word, there should be put a stop against derogatory comments toward anyone who isn't black as well. Sorry but how can you expect people to listen when you insult them right to their face and just scream "racist!!!"? Good will has to come from both sides. with the way both parties are acting nothing is gonna change. I genuinely think that one of the only things that can work is to have a dialog. I believe bernie talked about this as well. He put a bunch of right wingers into a room and had an open and frank conversation with them and every single person finally saw things differently. that's how you do it, not through name calling Generalizing people by the color of their skin and diminishing a particular group you don't like IS racism. doesn't matter if against a group that's not oppressed. When you generalize people by how they look you are the definition of being a racist. While some white people may be "secretly" racist behind closed doors, the same thing can be said about people of all races. I don't need to tell you that some brown people are racist to people who are darker than them, and visa versa. racism against Asians (and specifically racism within asian countries) is barely talked about and it's getting worse every day. Lately, I feel like people are working more & more toward dividing each other instead of working together to beat the real evil
  22. this one really touched me.. maybe because it represents what I find so disappointing in the world today.. people just not caring about anyone other than themselves or their own agenda (to again, pat themselves on the back) and what's wrong with the law in the US? these people are not even gonna get a penalty? no jail time? nothing? they're deliberately not helping a disabled man (or any man) out of the water and are making a mockery out of it. the family of this man has to sue them. i wanna say i feel sorry for the parents, but part of me thinks they're just as bad. did they even send out a message or an apology..anything about visiting the family of the drowned DISABLED man? something? anything?
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