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  1. the judge's ruling said both Frozen the single and the ROL album weren't allowed to be sold, and frozen wasn't allowed to be played in the country. it was such a sly move, as it's arguably her best work. most artists just need to pay a fine and get it over with. anyway, the song and album are "legal" again here, so all's good..
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    so she just messed up the BBF and meant to say "best friends forever"? ;) that's kinda cute
  3. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    well it's my fault for not being clear enough in my post.. Im mostly talking about the work in that example and not social media.. like the secret project.. songs like holy water, sex, unapologetic bitch..
  4. The Youtube crusade thread

    So when will the videos follow?
  5. The Youtube crusade thread

    what changed?
  6. Favorite Opening Line?

    you only see what your eyes want to see
  7. Pre Fame Demos

    my personal fave
  8. Pre Fame Demos

    "i just wanna laugh to keep from crying" is a strong song..
  9. she wants to upload messy selfies or awful fan artwork..
  10. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    funny, i thought the same about the high heels. it's unnecessary and just makes anyone more nervous. maybe im projecting, but i just cant imagine how she dances in high heels
  11. Reductive

    i always thought it was just a way of saying "THIS happened to me, and you better remember it". it's just a way of making sure the listener believes something bad happened to them, and dont you dare question it or criticise the song.. "because you wouldnt understand".
  12. Sade

    well M is an exception because her whole story is just.. fascinating. I grew up with her music at a special time for me as a tween.. saw the mtv docs.. so M is another case.. but for other artists in most cases I try to ignore these things.. especially when I can tell that they'd probably hate my #1 ;)
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    i know, I feel the same.. it hurts a little. (Im just trying not to be dramatic in this topic :p) clearly like you said, the guy/rocco situation (but especially the divorce in general) has had a big impact on who she is