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  1. What if a born male who transitioned wants to join a female sports/athlete team? Even though he’s become female, there’s still way more muscle mass compared to born females. It’s all complicated (but worth discussing, of course!)
  2. I agree that people are seeing things too black and white. Lately im seeing more and more people deny science and human biology as well
  3. Or maybe she had no room for real and said fuck it and bought a first class seat? And yeah, there may be a little fib or manipulating here & there (i hear her mother did eurovision many years ago and her granddad is a famous director/actor so people could use that as an argument too..) but it’s quite amazing how after all these months she’s still so committed. Traveling and the preparations, the speeches.. it’s hard work and she’s inspiring many people. Ultimately, she’s doing something good. And well.. nobody’s perfect. People are always gonna find something
  4. The study was completely useless. Anyone saying they ever had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex was seen as “gay”. But even if they did it more accurately it still didn’t show anything specific or a “gay gene”...(they didnt find any specific correlations btwn people who are gay vs who arent)...which is a good thing.. (otherwise certain countries would probably take advantage of this info and do even more unethical things..)
  5. you know what.. I think the minute she divorces him and in the most subtle ways says something negative about him, she'll be hailed as a fighter and the American media will basically tell us to respect her and see her as some sort of warrior. we'll hear about her anti bullying campaign and they'll act as if she was trapped.. you'll see.
  6. this is just as insane as a few Americans in the early 00s suing McDonalds for making them fat
  7. that's the wonderful thing about youtube.. you can really dive into a subject and become a little obsessed with it. I could watch hours and hours of his videos (and many other yt channels).. it's all so fascinating. over the last ten years I became more and more intrigued by our universe..
  8. I def would've yelled and told him to stop. I played the scenario in my head, and I'd love to punch him and try to stop him, but part of me thinks he may be carrying a knife. But like you said, it's the bystanders that piss me off. The most mundane things get overanalysed or seen as problematic yet when something actually happens, they're only there to film and share it. Im gonna sound like im 20 yrs my senior for saying this, but that's the problem with millennials and gen Z.. entitled hypocritical pussies.
  9. WTF. I would have gone up to the woman and tried to help her right after the man left. why are they just filming and not doing anything????
  10. in a news report on YT you find many people saying they agree with the shooter, that he did a good thing.. they have to locate them. they're dangerous
  11. those local us news channels often seem like a mock reenactment of reality
  12. I sometimes think of the possibilities of weirdos doing strange things like that.. the older I get the more I realise the amount of lunatics we share our world with. it reminds me a little of this..
  13. so that's what this "take the knee" thing is. I kept hearing about it but never really looked into it. As usual the right is exaggerating a small thing (which was meant as a positive gesture toward POC) and they turn it into an anti patriotic message. Thanks for explaining
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