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  1. Lady Gaga thread

    some of those blinds.. Despite doing way more for music and the world during an event this year, this A- list singer who is not always the most friendly person was denied an award. Why? Well, unlike the winner of the award our A- list singer wouldn't sleep with the guy making the ultimate decision and the winner did. Now, the A- list singer wants to speak out about it, but her management team won't let her. Award: "Billboard's 2017 Woman of the Year" A- list singer: Ariana Grande Winner: Selena Gomez The drug use from this former A+ list singer turned A- lister/wannabe actress is out of control. No one in her camp will ever suggest rehab to her. I have never seen a bigger group of enablers. All they want is to keep close to her and make money off her. Most know if she goes to rehab and gets sober, then they will be kicked to the curb. Lady Gaga
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    does M have a black eye there? maybe it's just a shadow. very nice/artsy pic edit: just clicked it/saw it's a clip. so it was just a shadow. she looks so nice with minimal makeup
  3. Lady Gaga thread

    can you give me the link of the site that shares this blind?
  4. I see. sometimes people just have an odd sense of humour, but I take it that they're just assholes with no imagination or intellect to make good jokes. just very try hard. sorry Australians have to deal with those assholes. and I guess reporting the video is only bring them joy
  5. I don't really mind the cover itself. it's so typical that people would whine about someone doing a bad cover, so I don't care about that. I just miss the fun Christina and hate how her style of singing (among with a few others) is usually taken as the standard for those horrible talent shows.
  6. if what @cruz said is true and they're laughing about something like this, then I'm really shocked by some people commenting that "this made their day". how is this allowed to go on without anyone complaining? even if you don't like madonna, she's a MOTHER of six children. what the fuck? I haven't watched the video, are we sure it's not something satirical? do they do things like this with other artists?
  7. Before m I was into Cleopatra. and now I'm reading Madonna SIGNED those girls to Maverick!!!! That was so sweet of her.
  8. this is the epitome of whats wrong with those idol contestants and singers of today that are overpraised. the oversinging, pretending to be so moved by something so plastic,.. there's nothing creative about this. singing for kids at nickelodeon. they take themselves so seriously where's the fun Christina from dirty? I was in HS when dirty came out and we had an old tv in class that we put on MTV when the teachers weren't there. I have so many memories of watching those bad videos in the early 00s and we had so much fun watching it. she had a sense of humour then. genie in a bottle is a little melancholic to me for some reason
  9. Erotica or True Blue?

    I'd love to say erotica but I can't pick it when it's up against Live To Tell or Papa don't preach, and so many other classics for the singles, true blue. for the art, the album.. erotica
  10. so I don't wanna listen to anyone say shit about our girl. can someone give the main idea of what this is?
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    good that she shared the story of Lydia
  12. Lady Gaga thread

    about her droopy tits.. it is the oldest trick for women who have droopy tits to put the arms up. for someone who supposedly doesn't care about "good look"s or awards, the charts (and does everything for the fans!) she still seems to enjoy showing off her one good ASSet to please the guys.. or make sure everyone sees her with the conventionally big NON droopy (and very unnatural) boobs.. I think the emotions are real when she gets the award. it's all she cares about. accolades. it's just that she pretends to mainly care about it for her fans. that she's doing it all for them. same with continuing the tour even though "she's in pain". just like she pretends to deliberately look ugly when she's desperate to look conventionally beautiful. in fact, with all those fillers, fake hair, face tape.. it's an obsession
  13. Madonna new album 2028

    devil pray sounds like a current, weirder song from music or even american life. i love it. bloodpop/diplo (sophie) were futuristic for the time but the critics said she followed the trend, even though she did the opposite and was a trendsetter with it. i never liked concept of BIM cuz im more into the acoustic, melancholic stuff, but theres no denying that it has a very futuristic sound (still today)