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  1. lauren sometimes posts instagram stories in the studio https://www.instagram.com/laurendelia/
  2. she's still awake posting instagram stories "feeling some kind of way" with a pic of a woman flying naked on a swing
  3. i actually assumed it was a song title.. hence the caps for each new word to make it a little fancy
  4. Oh wow. a mirwais and orbit collab.. that's interesting. and I would assume M knows what Orbit said about the process of MDNA, so to rehire him after that tells me she's ready to fully commit to this album (skincare line and all is probably over now, and she was busier with side projects for MDNA)
  5. yeah the production is cool. Im gonna check out the newer (read: maybe 5 years ago?) stuff he did now on his own or/and with other artists.. i really have no clue as to where he is right now production wise
  6. Superpop isnt my cup of tea. but isnt he in charge of the demo, not the final version? though it's just the lyrics ruining that one lol
  7. He also produced Future Lovers.. this is my fav. song on Confessions. all this time I thought price produced it.. even happier now :)
  8. I lurked the forums and noticed a huge meltdown when the AL video was pulled. People didnt like the AL rap.. but when it comes to the album I dont remember negative reactions. I read positive reviews in my country and I accepted that M would make more mature albums from now on (keep in mind I was in my teens at the time and more into IC/pop M). Though I did listen to the album a lot and really loved it.. now as my music taste evolved (or so I'd like to think) it's one of my favorite albums. in my opinion, mirwais is a better choice than orbit/price/.. almost all of them. I think it's been mentioned before but he just knows how to work with her voice and thinks of the musicality.. you know the songs will sound warm and clear and that her voice will be smooth and beautiful.. with price that's a little tricky
  9. you come in here with the typical inaccurate hate talk and expect everyone to love you. but we're vile for calling you out on the spot? 1) you're defending a RAT who wants to portray a false image of madonna in a biopic which almost completely wipes 90% of the story. madonna has every reason to say she doesnt support it. 2) the letter you're referring to is private. Instead, why not make a scene at the person who leaked it to make money from it and betray her? about the letter, madonna is just expressing her opinion in a rant to a personal friend. if I, behind closed doors, want to tell my friend whitney is overrated it sure as hell doesnt make me some evil person. there's audio of MJ displaying all signs of weird jealousy and bitterness about another artist, (even calling them bitches) yet he's "cool" for it. cher literally calls M ugly and untalented (especially the ugly/unattractive part would be seen as a very sexist and "shaming" remark if it were about any other female artist), yet they're all allowed to say it. it's ALWAYS one sided. every single artist is allowed to shade madonna with all their might, yet when M says something 1/1000th as "mean", she's the bad one. 3) madonna called out weinstein in two instagram posts.
  10. well only kids use snapchat.. and teen idols. guess i should delete my earlier post
  11. i honestly had the melody of her singing this in my head for at least an hour, and I only listened once.. it's an earworm. it might be an already existing song or a new song from Mirwais (by himself), but still, it's all pretty cool to speculate
  12. Madonna’s Instagram

    Lauren (who I read is associated with him) liked it too