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  1. I hate how she gets away with EVERYTHING. doing promo non stop, paying netflix for all those trailers, using madonna's name, doing a big toronto premiere, inviting all the press.. and claiming she doesnt want success.. gaga is allowed to manipulate and say horrible things about M.. but M isnt allowed to say "reductive". elton can call madonna a fairground stripper, gaga can imply madonna doesnt write her songs or isnt an artist.. cher can flat out insult madonna's looks and is loved for it.. tired of this MESS. madonna has to come back with a big artistic & true raw album, show that TALENT again, stop fucking with those DVDs, hire a new band (perhaps with people from portugal) and show them what real art is so they dont even dare to criticize or be hateful
  2. anyone know how long this is gonna be on netflix? since it's a "netflix original doc"? let this BS disappear as fast as possible
  3. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    not surprising with the new trendy way of editing and leaving out the emotional moments/best live vocals this may be good enough for some fans but we know it feels very cold compared to what we saw live. some of the best parts are missing. would be nice for the next (promo) tour she takes note of the criticism of the MDNA and RH dvds and strips things back and just shows a real live concert
  4. Roger Friedman Strikes Again

    why give it attention? i bet no one knew about this. yahoo is a flop service now anyway the dvd entered #1 in many countries in europe and it's in the top 10 of new albums. that's HUGE. sorry but.. you shouldnt have shared this. you're feeding the trolls and before you know it this BS article will be everywhere..
  5. that's fast. if it wouldve been #1 all week i'd say there's interest in it, but falling so quickly when the hype is still going on says enough.. btw, I had no idea M's TOD was 83% on RT. that's really high
  6. where is a list of the top films on netflix? i heard someone yesterday say she was #1..
  7. or none of her fans who are able to.. you know..communicate? M did an interview at the hottest tv show yesterday in a room full of fans and no one knows anything?
  8. didnt this get taped yesterday/last night?
  9. Madonna wants to tour with Portuguese musicians GIAMPIERO on September 22, 2017 at 11:35 pm Madonna wants to tour and perform with Portuguese musicians on intimate shows. In an interview to Brazilian magazine Veja, Madonna told that she is really impressed on “how many great musicians she is listening to in Portugal.” I look forward to work with these musicians on more intimate shows,” Madonna says. “It’s going to be an interesting phase of my career.”
  10. for imdb i guess people vote, right? M only got rave reviews for TOD. it was unique and brilliant on RT M has a 83% score. but youre right the haters even voted down the user reviews on RT. it used to be 8something and suddenly it's 7. ive told you that those monsters are obsessive with these things..
  11. i dont get it either. it's all so weird.. even a critical paper in my country put her at #1 for new films to see on netflix, calling her authentic and all that shit. i just dont get it. it's just so obvious how fake it is. it's like many people are incapable of seeing sincerity. when they can feel sorry for someone, they suddenly think they're "real". then again the guy who reviewed it was invited in toronto so maybe that's the reason for the praise too. the whole thing is sick.
  12. that's what they're telling themselves because the guy gave a few M stuff good reviews.. just like he made good reviews for many other things.. they're so obsessed with researching whoever "attacks" gaga (in their eyes).
  13. yes thank you europe especially germany for seeing through this jerk . a newspaper had the headline "so the narcissist unmasks the pain". they compared her to a dog, saying she wants unconditional love, but what she means is unconditional attention. i knew the europeans wouldn't disappoint
  14. Talking about the songs on her next album, Madonna says that we can expect political criticism. Political criticism will be part of her next album, but Madonna specifies that she won’t necessarily talk about Donald Trump. “I already expressed my point of view on him,” says Madonna to Brazilian magazine Veja. Also because she doesn’t “know who will be the President when my album comes out.” Her new songs will also be a political critic, but “not particularly about a person”. “World leaders are sinking society into insensitive and conservative thoughts,” adds Madonna. “With the economy collapsing, people think that it is better to elect successful entrepreneurs to run a government. But that’s not how things work. Being the leader of a nation requires diplomacy, experience, and intellectual ability. It’s a colossal job, but more and more unqualified people are elected for that role.” “On my songs I want to talk about how we got to this point,” Madonna says. “We can not continue to blame our leaders, we have to blame ourselves. We need to get involved and ask for the changes that we want.” Veja: After thirty years of career, aren’t you tired of rebellion? “No, no, no. I’m not tired. I feel even more energetic. Stronger to fight for what I believe. I’m a rebel and I’ll be rebellious till the end.” Madonna adds that the cultural and musical scene in Portugal will be a big inspiration. Talking about American Life album, Madonna says that “society does not feel comfortable with a woman, especially a pop singer, talking about politics.” When American Life came out, “people were especially irritated because I criticized the United States – the lifestyle, the American dream, the belief system, government, politics,” adds Madonna. “Americans do not want to hear criticism. They want to think that they live in a country where there is justice and equality, an example of democracy and freedom. We know that none of this is true, especially today.”
  15. even TIME is praising this piece of shit. one thing's for sure, I hope my european friends wont disappoint me and will be seeing through this "im so nice to everyone, look the pain im going through, look how sweet I am, look at my talent, look at what im going through, look at me and the cancer patient! see we're friends! i love all people" PR/agenda pseudo-doc. anyway i found a stream shared by a fan and saw some of the last 20mins (without sound) and it looked laughable, very try hard, very phony.. she gets flowers and does this dramatic stare like it's all deep. everyone loves her, there's the cancer patient who loves her. it's all so "perfect" in the way that they want us to think she's this sweet and vulnerable girl. it feels very uneventful and basic, like how a typical popstar doc would look like. i dunno.. it couldve been an ashlee simpson doc. maybe today's teens who only know the kardashians may like it, but it looked boring and im being honest. but im used to the best like M. and im european. so being "real" may be different in america vs europe. that's just me judging it from seeing SOME of it without sound. nothing feels iconic or in any way special or memorable Maybe I need to watch the Amy doc to compare.. I looked at that trailer and I think gaga was inspired to make something like that. I also heard she apparently is crazy/dramatic when the album leaked. Didn’t it just leak a few days in advance like so many albums? Madonnas leaked months before the release and no one felt sorry for her