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  1. debi has something magical and "Ciccone" about her face. it's the eyes. I saw a picture she shared of her little girls one time and they sorta look like young madonna, weirdly enough
  2. ohhhh I want a video. I really love the music. this sounds like an amazing concert
  3. lol so what does the article say? I don't click on gaga links but let me guess.. it's about how horrible her life is, how people treat her bad, and how we have to feel sorry for her. everything with her is subtext for "if you don't buy my album you're insensitive to my feelings/rape victims/bulimia patients/real artists/vocalists/
  4. for me it's the opposite. I like Kayne and his craziness, but I think his work is overrated. I like what he did on RH though. the first "wash all over me" version many fans love is just cheap dance to me.
  5. wow I never saw a video of that "with a little help from my friends" performance. just pictures. thank you for sharing :)
  6. found on the breakfast club Instagram from the guys who wanna do a film about it, but this is a real pic w madonna
  7. did you see the new teaser she showed and deleted on Insta? it was the Melbourne show (tearsofaclown)
  8. this girl on the radio called in.. she talked about the attacks from last year in Brussels and suddenly requested gaga and ranted about how underrated she is, how much of a live singer and kept on going.. couldn't really escape it (except for talking to friends) cuz I was in a store. no girl, gaga is NOT underrated.
  9. its sorta professional looking. you can see that someone who knows something about cover art picked it.
  10. no, not because it's tacky and silly, but because she'll just pick whoever someone recommends her for whatever reason (like Aldo). or is madonna cheap like Janet? I'm sure she can afford a photographer and graphic designer who can do a good job did Janet really do that btw? it may sound sweet from a fans' perspective but let me tell you.. its the easiest and most disrespectful thing to do because Janet can just pick whatever she likes and not pay a cent to anyone who contributed (including the "winner") just a waste of time and effort for fans while Janet gets all the opinions for free
  11. what she saying makes no sense. can as well use the argument that you don't need to release a dvd or film anything at all cuz we were all there to see it live. if she doesn't include those songs I'm not buying that
  12. this is fucking cool. some people don't know whats good ;)
  13. it sounds too random to make up, don't you think? and it could be true as the "minion" probably is the one who shares the story. I believe it