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  1. that's the wonderful thing about youtube.. you can really dive into a subject and become a little obsessed with it. I could watch hours and hours of his videos (and many other yt channels).. it's all so fascinating. over the last ten years I became more and more intrigued by our universe..
  2. eh. not into the bs story of how she and her brother organically made a song. the video is professional and you can see she already had a team behind her. then found out her brother works on different tv shows. her music sounds like so much alternative stuff on the web. try hard lorde and Lana wannabe. nothing special. very plain and boring
  3. I def would've yelled and told him to stop. I played the scenario in my head, and I'd love to punch him and try to stop him, but part of me thinks he may be carrying a knife. But like you said, it's the bystanders that piss me off. The most mundane things get overanalysed or seen as problematic yet when something actually happens, they're only there to film and share it. Im gonna sound like im 20 yrs my senior for saying this, but that's the problem with millennials and gen Z.. entitled hypocritical pussies.
  4. WTF. I would have gone up to the woman and tried to help her right after the man left. why are they just filming and not doing anything????
  5. in a news report on YT you find many people saying they agree with the shooter, that he did a good thing.. they have to locate them. they're dangerous
  6. Ok, so even though Ive been skeptical about wade before, I think it's disgusting how so many people are trying to discredit these guys without any feeling of guilt on those so called "professional analyses" and "researched" videos. they can't even say "what if he did do it.." and start a conversation.. I think there was some of that at first, but now the conspiracy theories are back again and it's about trying to "ruin the black man".
  7. I never really looked into MJ the person, I just thought like many from the general public, that he was a shy weird entertainer who had his own amusement park.. I could even see the charm in it. But when you look into it (and you don't even have to dig) even his own fans have to admit some things don't add up the shyness and humbleness specifically.. would a shy person have their own statue float on the thames to promote an album? would a humble person demand MTV name an award after him? would a naive person buy The Beatles catalog behind his "friend" Paul's back? would he showcase as many fainting fans as possible and brag about it in private phone calls to a therapist? why was he in the bashir doc hugging fans, when in the real world he hides his face and tries to be anonymous all the time? am I the only one seeing the obvious paralel between gaga? because so much of what we discussed for years in the gaga thread seems to apply to him. especially the twisting of narratives, saying they're either weird or shy but their actions are very different.. cults of fans treating them as a victim..
  8. German 'Jacobshagen' is saying MJ abused him The contact between Jacobshagen and Jackson began in 1995. The two had met in Disneyland Paris, Jacobshagen's mother had then managed to arrange a meeting between her son and Jackson. She trusted the singer. "He touched me and my mother with presents and personal letters. Again and again he insisted on sleeping alone in bed with me, "quotes the" Bild "newspaper Jacobshagen. And at night it also came to abuse. "He pressed against me and kissed my neck," Jacobshagen told the "Bild" newspaper. He sensed that Jackson's hand was on his thigh - and his buttocks. Random touches were not that: "I felt his erection," said Jacobshagen. Jackson was then sometimes gone to the bathroom, but he had heard no water sound. Instead, it sounded like Jackson had masturbated. https://www.focus.de/panorama/diverses/ich-habe-seine-erektion-gespuert-jetzt-erhebt-ein-35-jaehriger-muenchner-schwere-vorwuerfe-gegen-michael-jackson_id_10438661.html
  9. well, those people don't believe any of it. at all. but you're right.. (and I shouldn't have said it) this whole thing is a serious situation and not a joke. Im asking again for the mj fans who missed it it (I know you guys are reading this) What's the explanation for these FBI documents? Apparently there were allegations since the 80s Michael Jackson was accused of molesting 2 boys in Mexico Michael Jackson was accused of molesting a boy in the UK He had a collection of videos featuring nude boys called "Michael Jackson’s Neverland Favourites, an All Boy Video Anthology" Repots of sexual misconduct with a boy on a trip to the Grand Canyon
  10. @karbatalwhy can't you just accept that people have different opinions without being a jerk about it? the guy and his gf come across as less believable to me. so what? and who are you to say ive never been in that situation and wouldn't know how people would behave? go a few pages back, I spoke about how I could've run to the police three times in my life and didn't. I speak from experience so I do have an idea of how people in that situation react. perplexing, reductive indeed.. sorry that I have an opinion
  11. Nah. James barely cried and he came across as a lot more believable. it's not about that.. and I don't mean that he's full on lying, there's no doubt that something happened, I just think he's exaggerating or perhaps he's nervous because he knows MJ fans will dig up his past... I don't know, but to me there's a big difference between the two men. which again does NOT mean Jacko isn't a pedo. but anyway, that's just my opinion, we can agree to disagree about him. im not gonna debate over it.
  12. those local us news channels often seem like a mock reenactment of reality
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