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  1. acko

    Bij de Tijdloze op STuBru zijn ze ook goed. 'David Bowie vond zichzelf talloze keren heruit, er zijn er maar weinigen die dat kunnen...Fleetwood Mac en Roxy Music deden het ook. Hier hoor je hem in een nummer geproducet door Nile Rodgers van Chic.' :rolleyes: Ok StuBRu doe je best om niet Madonna te zeggen :chuckle:

    1. Nikki


      Madonna is tezamen met Bowie zowat het ultieme voorbeeld van heruitvinding. WTF stubru?! Het geven van credit aan Madonna blijft een probleem. Is in dit geval ook niets vrouwonvriendelijks, gewoon iets anti Madonna. 

      Same wanneer "each time you break my heart" wordt gedraaid. Geen woord over Madonna als songwriter. 🤨 Yet als ze taylor, adele, of hun fav female beyonce voor iets onbenullig kunnen aanprijzen, zullen ze het niet laten.. zij zijn wél muzikale genieën natuurlijk.. :lmao:

    2. acko


      hahaha ja...maar het was gewoon zo krampachtig 'niets over Madonna zeggen' dat ik het moest laten weten....

    3. Nikki


      Ja, kbegrijp het.. they try sò hard..

  2. um because she has been outspoken about things like this, especially relating to the catholic church, for years.., but never mind i guess just thinking out loud.
  3. @acko knew. they don't change. and all this pr about him being a "softer" pope.. i never care for the "i hope madonna speaks up about x or y" begging, but I kinda want her to say something about this particular story as shes one of the most important allies of the gay community in pop culture
  4. I certainly hope other people have spoken up about this so it doesnt get lost in the anti fb/google storm.
  5. exactly. and every day there'd be news about his meltdowns on the platform.. they benefited hugely. now that his term ends they get rid of him (which conveniently gives them good moral pr too)
  6. It's true though that they have to be consistent. Ban trump, but also ban those in power (or with a lot of influence) who said horrible things from the other side. theres a lot of scary homophobic and anti western tweets from other extremists..
  7. I can see that , but you just know the usual suspects will love this and could use it to suit their own agenda..
  8. set up to paint gays in a bad way. too bad the media is falling for it
  9. loved him! and fuck the news guy during the segment ending with saying his personality sorta ruined his football image/reputation.. AS IF anyone cares! even knowing it beforehand and checking it on twitter makes me nervous i cant believe so many people don't know who maradona is.
  10. since joe is older it's not that unlikely that the united states may have a female black president. what a contrast with trump
  11. REPORT: TRUMP PLANS TO BARRICADE HIMSELF IN THE OVAL OFFICE AND REFUSE TO COME OUT IF BIDEN WINS By now you’ve likely heard that after pulling ahead in Georgia and, most crucially, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden will very likely be the next president of the United States. As you’ve probably also heard, Donald Trump is taking it as well as everyone had expected, ranting and raving about all kinds of made-up fraud, demanding counts be stopped in one state and continued in others, and filing numerous lawsuits that stand little chance of holding up in court because they have no merit (and, in some cases, have led judges to believe the lawyers attached to them have recently suffered traumatic brain injuries). At this point, a quasi reasonable person might say to himself, Okay, I’m going to cut my losses, salvage my last atom of dignity, and admit defeat. But obviously Donald Trump is not reasonable and he has no dignity. So instead he’s decided he’ll keep fighting this thing well beyond the point that it’s hugely embarrassing to do so, and even after that fails, refuse to acknowledge that he lost and that Joe Biden is going to be president. Yes, like George Costanza deciding to just go back to the office on Monday as if he didn’t quit the Friday before, Trump apparently thinks he can just go on being president even if the American people have fired him. According to CNN, Trump reportedly has not prepared a concession speech and “in conversations with allies in recent days has said he has no intention of conceding the election.” The decision to go full delusional has obviously been strengthened by staffers, such as Mark Meadows,who “have not attempted to come to terms with the president about the reality of what is happening” and have instead fed into his claims of fraud; Vice President Mike Pence, who’s been soliciting money for a legal defense fund; and his adult children, who’ve been spouting absurd conspiracy theories on Twitter as they watch the ultimate opportunity for nepotism slip away. While Trump has apparently admitted to some people that he knows the electoral math has no chance of working out in his favor, he has “maintained that a prolonged court battle and corrosive rhetoric about election fraud would sow enough doubt to allow him to refuse to accept the results.” And while the majority of the president’s inner circle is more than happy to go along with this sad alternative reality, a few members have reportedly grown worried that, eventually, someone will have to sit Trump down and explain that little Donny’s not going to be president anymore—and at this point, it seems unlikely anyone will be able to get through to him short of slapping him across the face and screaming, “YOU LOST! IT’S OVER!” Yes, this is an actual thing allies of the president of the United States are actually grappling with: Obviously it’s not going to be Kushner or Ivanka, and the only people who think it might be are the ones still laboring under the impression that Ivanka is a “moderating influence” on the president. (Also the first daughter joined her father’s disinformation campaign this morning, tweeting: “Every legally cast vote should be counted. Every illegally cast vote should not. This should not be controversial.” So there’s that.) Hilariously, one idea being floated to convince Trump to accept defeat is “framing potential conversations...around the idea of preserving his brand for life after being president—and explaining that dragging out an election he clearly lost would ruin his businesses and forestall whatever political future he’s hoping for.” This obviously assumes that Trump’s brand up until this point was something other than insane, delusional, and spiteful, or that his followers would suddenly be all, Ooo, this is a side of the guy we never expected. It’s honestly a big turnoff. What happened to the Trump we know? On Friday, Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said that the former vice president’s staff wasn’t worried about Trump refusing to leave the White House—not because they don’t believe he’s certifiably insane and might definitely barricade himself in the Oval Office, but because security will simply escort him from the premises. “The U.S. government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House,” he said. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/11/donald-trump-no-concession
  12. but even so... recounting the last remaining percentages just to be sure shouldnt take that long. fox news and AP said biden won arizona. there are only democratic districts left for nevada. why would the counting take that long? for PA the remaining areas are also mostly democratic.. did some areas really stop the counting? im sure they already know. maybe biden will announce his victory on primetime.
  13. biden won. what's the hold up from the networks? are they scared of trump? scared of outrage? maybe they're getting a lot of views and wanna stretch this? seriously.. the more they wait the harder it'll be and the bigger trump's bs case will be.. i wouldnt be surprised if some people who first mocked trump's hysteria may now look into the conspiracy and doubt the counting as well
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