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  1. Nikki

    New Album Means New Tour

    i think she should look into booking smaller arenas and theatres. build up her live/tour reputation again with a new type of show. building demand. not ask crazy amounts for a ticket cuz it's small and intimate
  2. Nikki

    New Album Means New Tour

    I know why they're still quiet, they want to build as much hype and traffic to their twitter and site as they want, but fuck that, it's 12pm in France, say SOMETHING lol
  3. Nikki

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    not really a fan of the disco wig but other than that it's a pure art/amazing music/great theatre. LOVE the short hair the la Isla, bob fosse and eerie clown segments and Dietrich references are amazing
  4. Nikki

    Kanye West

    I think Kanye can say whatever he wants, but it's telling how there's selective outrage with the critics. it's the same everywhere "he's a trump supporter/bipolar but also a musical genius" no he isn't.. I actually think his character is more interesting than his work
  5. Nikki

    Kanye West

    I heard on the radio that they had a secret location for his fans to go to in the middle of nowhere and he jammed with them to the songs in the dark.. it sounded nice. goes hand in hand with the idea I have (which is total wishful thinking) that M can premiere her songs through one of those little promo shows she used to do.. I'd love if she'd surprise us, and just say to go to a secret location and that we'd get the new album in live form (with a livestream) and have it released a few hours after
  6. Nikki

    Kanye West

    I should have not singled him out cuz they do it with all men, though he's labeled a genius way too easily. it means that he gets all the credit for his productions even though he's working with many people. you never see anyone questioning his talent because he's a man. EVERY woman in the industry is questioned about her input. I listened to his new song and I swear I heard most of it years ago in other songs. I'm not sure what's so genius about putting a lot of samples together.
  7. Nikki

    Kanye West

    Kanye is again named a genius/expert for basically putting together music and samples that already exist. I really don't get the praise he gets at all. he's more of a remixer/sampler and has LOTS of collaborators. Kanye's hype is the definition of sexism in the industry.
  8. This is fantastic!
  9. Nikki

    Kanye West

    he just can't articulate himself properly. I sorta like that he's so outspoken and anti pc even if I don't agree with it
  10. Nikki

    Kanye West

    it's an ugly pic anyway. he should have chosen that surgeon pic
  11. Nikki

    Is MDNA tour her best ever?

    just imagine how good it would have been if the music was amazing.. and with that, I mean the mixing/the band. just the musicality.. visually it's ON POINT
  12. Nikki

    Eurovision thread

    I always just assume the jury gives a lot of votes to Sweden because they're so powerful in the Eurovision community/network/PR/team.. I don't even remember the Sweden song. Germany is terrible. Austria & czech rep. were amazing.
  13. Nikki

    Eurovision thread

    Lmao i should have stuck with my original first guess saying israel would win cuz she had the gimmicks
  14. Nikki

    Eurovision thread

    Austria has an amazing chorus but wtf at sweden and germany??!! Typical of jury vote