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  1. it always annoys me when steven klein "tags" whatever he makes with "by klein" in his videos. he didnt use to be pretentious before he worked with gags. his work was also way better before the fraud ruined his creativity
  2. show him this and you think he'll still say the same? then again he is comparing a 30 yr old woman with a 57 yr old.. and they always use gaga's best pics in the press
  3. if she had been really beautiful she wouldve totally show it while pretending to be better and blablabla so much for pretending not to care about her looks while getting plastic surgery and using tape to lift her eyes. the only "asset" some straight men may give her is her ass, and she keeps showing that acting all innocent schoolgirl like so she obviously does pander to the male eye
  4. i think a lot of the backlash katy got is also due to gaga fans. they may not have money to buy many tickets for their friends but they do have internet access. they excel in spreading rumors and negativity online. anything to make gags seem superior i still giggle at the gaga fans saying gaga is an immigrant, an italian, bi sexual, raped and all sorts of other things. the line ended with how she's a minority fighting for peoples rights
  5. is madonna the first popstar people dressed like? they do it all the time with other popgirls now but in the early 80s it was just rock bands and tour t shirts wasnt it also, it's amazing how madonna never looks kitsch or a wannabe in "drag" (:p). a masculine face yet always a very feminine look. she owns the outfit she wears so no matter how crazy, the costume never takes over. fascinating. only a few people in pop culture can do it..
  6. that's nonsense. think Madonna 's perfectionism is both a strong and a weak point. if she doesnt like something particular she is scrapping it. i'm sure there's a reason for it but i don't think it's laziness or not caring about the fans.
  7. they removed madonna's erotica video from youtube?
  8. “They had chemistry right away and she approached him on set, which is completely rare because NO ONE is allowed to make eye contact with Madonna on set unless she initiates the conversation,” said the insider. lol maybe they are told to leave her alone but this is so made up pretty sure this is the guy M 's with
  9. lately when something's taped, she doesn't give it her all and shows herself at her weakest, but when it's fan footage (toac in sydney, between the bars @ secret project, cutting the best vocals on the tour) it's usually so much better and not on her official channel or a dvd. strange.
  10. no love dont live here anymore/heartbreakcity??purposely deleting the BEST vocals for no reason other than sabotaging herself?
  11. thought he was playing along but watching it again it could be true. he looks a bit like vanilla ice in this
  12. lovely conversation! (and i LOVEEEE how there were no ageist undertones!) and zac seems to like her a lot :)
  13. I'm not a fan of kim at all, and I heard about the "outrage" of her pic and I didnt see a problem with that either. (or at least I didnt feel offended by it.) I don't get how people can get so angry about something so stupid like this. and I say that as someone who often does think M's instagram posts are messy (from a pr view). but I think with M it often gets more widespread by "serious" media (with the help of piers morgan) and that's unfair because we know her intentions are good