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  1. Britney Spears thread

    Karbatal is mad at Britney because she demolished Kylie Minogue while having "less talent" than her according to him.
  2. yo.

    1. Alexz


      Hi Nikki, I don't remember you saddly :(

  3. Oh LOL. I have a barriguita, we can TRY.

  4. Actually, I was just recalling that thread you made about a year ago with that fat woman giving that guy a back massage with her huge barriga!

  5. You want one? Or you want to prove your skills on me?

  6. Awww!! Thanks!! Good to see you see the funny part of my posts. Can't believe some take them seriously LOL.

  7. You`re funny, I like you already.

  8. Hey thank you. Your personal photo is cool too.

  9. Feliz Cumpleaños Mig.