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  1. Mylène performed on The Tonight Show.
  2. She then confirmed him that God does not exist.
  3. Is the album title mocking Lady Gaga?
  4. Alexz


    It's kind of sad she's never won a Grammy.
  5. yo.

    1. Alexz


      Hi Nikki, I don't remember you saddly :(

  6. Alexz

    Title Madonna's New Album

    Sexy Sarcasmic
  7. Alexz

    Madonna @ MET Costume Institute Gala!

    I hope this helps Hard Candy come back to the Billboard 200.
  8. Alexz

    Madonna: 2029 World Tour!

    She already looks like that.
  9. Alexz

    Madonna Greatest Hits: Hopefully Out By Fall

    Faster Kill Pussycat is AMAZING. Amazing beyond words. Superb.
  10. Janet trashed Madonna very openly several times.