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  1. She's live in the flesh.
  2. She posted Better again!
  3. She used Better!
  4. Why didn't Geri perform Holler on their tour?
  5. ...Baby One More Time is the best of the four
  6. The Kworb site shows popularity of songs. If you're white, it's neural if it's green you're gaining and if it's red you're decreasing. Gaga has been decreasing severely ever since she removed the discount. And the numbers are related to the 100% the #1 song has a full, entire point. 21 Lady Gaga - Million Reasons 0.1744 0.1699 0.1705 0.1711 0.1696
  7. Awww, he's so cute it was just cruel to use horses for a Kylie performance
  8. 21 Lady Gaga - Million Reasons 0.1696 0.1667 0.1669 0.1689 0.1813 Seems like nobody wants to buy this at full price.