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  1. http://www.slantmagazine.com/house/article/10-things-i-learned-at-madonnas-rebel-heart-tour/P2 10. …But she’s still the greatest performer of our time.“It's lonely at the top, but it ain't crowded,” Madonna quipped, tongue in cheek, during a jazz-infused version of “Music.” As far back as 1990's iconic, game-changing Blond Ambition Tour, her shows have always been theatrical, blending traditional rock-concert tropes with narrative storytelling; Rebel Heart, though, takes it to another level, equal parts Cirque du Soleil, Broadway musical, and burlesque—an immersive experience that redefines t
  2. Posted on pop justice Ghosttown was rehearsed tonight before the public went into the Brooklyn Barclays Centre.. ITS COMING!!!
  3. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/sep/17/madonna-at-madison-square-garden-review-rebel-heart-tour-no-other-performer-like-her
  4. So glad the tour is getting good reviews. She deserves it after the crap she's had thrown at her this era. When her back is up against the wall she always comes out fighting.
  5. I think so. She seems so happy on stage and the setlist is great and she really is connecting with the audience.
  6. It's the same for every act you can always get tickets on the day of the show. I got tickets for Beyoncé at the 02 on the afternoon of the show.
  7. I can't stop watching the Deeper and Deeper and performance. Her energy, the vocals, her dancing. I just can't . Queen of Life
  8. She sounds flipping amazing on Love Don't Live Here Anymore. I love that she is revisiting songs she hasn't performed in years and really enjoying it. The crowd feeds off her energy which all makes for a great show. I think I am going to buy a ticket for the second London date .
  9. WTG is performance of LIFE. Her vocals are fantastic and she seems really happy singing along with the fans. Love her
  10. Posted on tribe Just got out my second show. 4th row floor from main stage along the runway. Enjoyed it way more tonight than last night. My general preference is for the darker Madonna tours but if you're in the right mindset it's a fun show. My recommendation is ro be as close to the stage as possible!! hugo020 wrote: Back from the concert. Basically the same as yesterday but she seemed more relax. She still enjoyed herself. If you look at section 2, Dont tell me would fit perfectly. She touched my hand yesterday and gave me a big smile today. Also met Tony and told him the costume were
  11. Absolutely. She was more relaxed than MDNA last because she isnt completely fixated on intense dance routines. She's also a smart woman and knows the a lot of people thought MDNA was too angry and cold.
  12. Amazing show! She says it all in BIM "I just wanna have fun tonight" That's exactly what she did.
  13. Which is exactly what some of us have been saying for the past few months.
  14. Sam Smith on twitter: The Madonna tour looks like it's going to be UNREAAAAAAAL!! ❤❤ https://twitter.com/samsmithworld/statu ... 9267614721
  15. Front row competition is back for legacy fan club members! Sorry if this has already been posted. http://www.madonna.com/news
  16. I am heading to Boston tomorrow. I am looking forward to all the TV coverage and reviews. I will post what I can :-)
  17. Madonna 1 hr · "Bless yourself and Genuflect. 4 more days! . ❤‪#‎rebelhearttour‬" -Madonna
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