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  1. I can't decide what to do
  2. I was hoping for B1 or B3 to pop up
  3. I am so tempted to by the A3 tickets
  4. They might release some seats reserved for packages closer to the date. I got amazing seats for CT and SS 2 days before the show
  5. More seats on Level 4 for the second show have been reduced to £85
  6. The sound at Wembley was a joke. I have never understood why acts like Muse, Take That and Coldplay can have fantastic sound systems at large stadium shows and Madonna can't. She used to when she played the old Wembley stadium. I don't know what went wrong. If you are going to play to 70-80 thousand people the quality of the sound system should be one of your top priorities. Yeah Confessions at Wembley arena was something else. Shows were selling out as soon as they went on sale. Having a huge single and album definitely helped
  7. She lost a lot of the casual fans and general public after S&S Wembley and Hyde Park shows. Up until that point there was always a rush to get tickets for her London shows. Overpriced tickets, poor sound systems and sight lines meant people left her in droves. A lot of people aren't willing to part with top dollar for her shows anymore., I don't think a lot of people in London have forgotten this review http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/madonna-shoots-wide-of-the-mark-as-bored-fans-head-home-early-from-hyde-park-show-7955956.html I know friends who were casual fans and vowed they'd
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/742038099228946/
  9. http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/02004E64F37B592D?brand=boardwalkhall&did=wfcoff
  10. Posted on Facebook Atlantic City must NOT be selling well. I just got an offer for Lower Level $300 seats for only $99 because I went to the Philly show!
  11. If you go to AXS.com you can see how many blocks have available seats.
  12. I know it's only a small venue but they could have added Cardiff arena. I think it has a capacity of around 7k. Wouldn't it be great if she did a small secret gig somewhere in the UK
  13. Oh I know! Had the prices been lower I think they could have added a third show. Those flipping VIP packages messed things up as well. I wonder what they will do with the gap between Birmingham and Glasgow
  14. Just did a quick check on Axs for the second show. Tickets have definitely started shifting since the tour started and the great reviews. There are only a few rows left in two of the side blocks once they go the floor and lower tier will be completely sold out. Tickets on level 4 are moving slowly. It's looking much better than a few months ago.
  15. Oh my lord I would be going out of my mind. I hope you have an amazing seat
  16. I hope you have an amazing night. I was in Boston last week and couldn't believe that I was going to miss the show by a week. I really wanted to go.
  17. It's amazing the effect she has on us isn't ? Are you going to blast out Madonna music when you get home?
  18. I think most of us get like that on the day of a Madonna show. It's called Madonna distraction
  19. Hong Kong citibank presale started today and all the tickets were gone within minutes. Rumour has it that there’re not many tickets left for the public sale. Taiwan citibank presale has crashed their ticketing system with a record-breaking 81,000 people fighting for tickets. She broke Big Bang’s previous record of 70,000 on the line. Madonna got praise for her Rebel Heart Tour, getting five star reviews from reputable critics such as Rolling Stone, The guardian, and the Swedish & Canadian press, naming her the one performer who after many years is still on a league of her own and praisin
  20. posted on Popjustice Rumor: "Take a Bow" will be part of the ‪Rebel Heart Tour‬ in the next dates *.* https://www.facebook.com/2729426960...41825.272942696098343/934160463309893/?type=1
  21. Liz Smith review, sorry if its already been posted http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/guest-diary/2015/liz-smith-madonnas-rebel-heart-is-still-beating
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