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  1. From Drowned Madonna, they are reporting Madonna may perform in Israel. http://drownedmadonna.com/madonna-in-talks-to-perform-in-israel/20151125
  2. Yes lots of £40 tickets in the upper tiers are available
  3. Lots more seats now available for the 2nd show. Single seats by the heart stage and more seats in the back blocks level 1
  4. Its working fine for me. Only single seats on Level 1 are left for the first show. Have you tried going through the website on your laptop/PC instead of the app?
  5. Yes I agree put them all on sale. All these packages, secondary sites and all the different pre sales don't help either. A lot of fans get left with breadcrumbs.
  6. The side block seats have definitely been reduced because I have been checking requesting for floor seats. All side blocks have been £175 since they first went on sale. I also think they are dumping tickets from secondary sites that they can't shift back on to AXS/Ticketmaster.
  7. No first night reductions Links are here 1st Dec - https://tickets.axs.com/eventShopperV3UK.html?wr=d6971858-9aeb-4d1b-be6a-cf0809352c53&addData=LON&preFill=1&lang=en&locale=en_gb&eventid=272417&ec=O2L151201&src=AEGAXS1_WMAIN&skin=axs_theo2&fbShareURL=www.axs.com%2Fuk%2Fevents%2F272417%2Fmadonna-tickets%3F%26ref%3Devs_fb 2nd Dec - https://tickets.axs.com/eventShopperV3UK.html?wr=GEN-b51a-4b22-871f-efecfc95e97b&addData=LON&preFill=1&lang=en&locale=en_gb&eventid=272420&ec=O2L151202&src=AEGAXS1_WMAIN&skin=axs_theo2&fbS
  8. row L block 103 and 110 available now for £110
  9. Level 4 block some seats in block 416, 417, 407 and 408 were £ 85 now only £40
  10. Prices have just been reduced for the 2nd show. Some seat in side blocks 103 and 110 were £175 now £110.
  11. http://www.uncut.co.uk/news/the-rolling-stones-fined-200000-for-breaking-curfew-at-02-arena-28161
  12. I think the 02 may have a curfew
  13. If she starts at 10pm or later in London a lot of people will miss the last tube home and they'll be a big backlash about her tardiness. That's the last thing she needs.
  14. I am with you. I am praying she does WTG and the medley. The audience will go crazy.
  15. Block 112 row D and block 106 row GG now available for 2nd December
  16. Glad the medley is backCzechs are hot!
  17. Ok I took to long deciding what to do and now the floor seats are gone
  18. mYes it's great you can see where the seat is
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