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  1. @ Hillary saying she'll stand up to financisl institutions when she's been sucking up money from them.
  2. How Corperate America bought Hillary Clontin for $21 million Follow the money. That telling phrase, which has come to summarize the Watergate scandal, has been a part of the lexicon since 1976. Its shorthand for political corruption: At what point do contributions become bribes, constituent services turn into quid pro quos and charities become slush funds? Ronald Reagan was severely criticized in 1989 when, after he left office, he was paid $2 million for a couple of speeches in Japan. The founding fathers would have been stunned that an occupant of the highest office in this land turned it
  3. Poor Hillary she's been caught lying again. She lies so much she forgets what she has said.
  4. Hillary Clinton failed to report several hacking attempts, grew afraid of opening emails Former Secretary of State Hillary Clintons use of a secret email to conduct official business broke a number of department policies, an inspector general concluded in a report sent to Capitol Hill Wednesday that also suggests she used the account to try to hide her communications from the public. The 83-page report, obtained by The Washington Times, is devastating in its evaluation of Mrs. Clintons behavior, saying it can find no record of her getting approval from either security or legal staffers for h
  5. State Dept. watchdog: Clinton violated email rules The State Department inspector general concluded that Hillary Clinton did not comply with the agencys policies on records, according to a report released to lawmakers on Wednesday that also revealed Clinton expressing reluctance about an official email account and hacking attempts on her private server. The agency on Wednesday released the long-awaited findings on the email controversy to Capitol Hill, a copy of which was obtained by POLITICO, providing just the latest turn in the headache-inducing saga that has dogged Clinton's campaign. S
  6. State Dept. Audit Faults Hillary Clinton in emails State Dept. Audit Faults Hillary Clinton in Emails By MICHAEL BIESECKER AND BRADLEY KLAPPER, ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON May 25, 2016, 11:18 AM ET Email Star ABCNews.com Hillary Clinton disregarded various State Department guidelines for avoiding cybersecurity risks, an internal audit found Wednesday. The inspector general's 78-page analysis, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, cites "longstanding, systemic weaknesses" related to the agency's communications. These started before Clinton's appointment as secretary of
  7. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, as expected, it will only be because the party insiders make it so. The votes of individual Democratic voters nationwide will not have spoken.
  8. Does Hillary need Superdelegates more in 2016 than Obama did in 2008? Hillary Clinton will almost certainly clinch the Democratic nomination with the aid of superdelegates -- and it is not uncommon for a Democratic candidate to do so in a competitive late season primary. Barack Obama also needed a boost from superdelegates in 2008, though Clinton is relying slightly more on superdelegates than Mr. Obama did. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/democratic-superdelegates-how-does-2016-compare-to-2008/
  9. Mother of Benghazi victim fires back at Hillary Clinton she's a liarInteresting that Hilary never bothered to contact the mother.....
  10. Parker: Viral video shows years of Hillary’s lyin’ ways WASHINGTON — You could say that it all depends on how you define “lie.” Or, perhaps, that it’s hell to have a public record. Either way, Hillary Clinton’s vast resume of, shall we say, inconsistencies, is the dog that caught the car and won’t let go. A viral video collection of her comments on various subjects through the years is bestirring Republican hearts. To those who’d rather vote for a reality show host than a Clinton, the video merely confirms what they’ve believed all along. For independents and even Democrats, it’s a remind
  11. Hilary lies so much she forgets how many lies she has told. the under sniper fire quote reminds me of the scene in Wag The Dog
  12. Clinton regrets 1996 remark on ‘super-predators’ after encounter with activist https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/02/25/clinton-heckled-by-black-lives-matter-activist/
  13. Black Lives Matter protesters confront Clinton at a fundraiser http://edition.cnn.com/2016/02/25/politics/hillary-clinton-black-lives-matter-whichhillary/
  14. Why during her husbands administration didn't Hilary speak out about the HIV travel ban, the defence of marriage act and Don't ask don't tell policy all of which he signed?
  15. They did for CT, I was at both shows that were filmed.,
  16. 5 stars http://m.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/14158339.Review__Madonna__SSE_Hydro__Glasgow/
  17. Madonna says we don't stop till it's over, singer defies SSE Hydro curfew http://m.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/14158324.Video__Madonna_says_we_don_t_stop_till_its_over__Singer_DEFIES_SSE_Hydro_curfew_to_play_without_sound_and_lights/
  18. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/music/music-reviews/madonna-proves-still-plenty-blonde-7048638 Review says she did the medley
  19. Anatomy of a Madonna tour It will take three Boeing 747s to bring all Madonna's equipment to Australia for her Rebel Heart tour. Photo: Getty Images Backstage in the bowels of Antwerp's Sportspaleis, Jason Danter cheerfully apologises in advance for all the swearing. He's Rebel Heart's production manager, which, he says, basically translates as, "How the f--- do we get this into this?" And that takes some doing. So far, Madonna's 81-date Rebel Heart tour has rumbled 27 semitrailers of equipment and 185 staff across North America and Europe; but that's a lot easier than coming to
  20. Review http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/madonna-barclaycard-arena-provocative-ever-10613198
  21. Apparently they just started playing MJ
  22. Oh lord it might be best to avoid her Facebook page. A lot of people are complaining...
  23. There are a lot of complaints on Facebook about the security in the arena mostly about not letting people near the stage
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