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  1. Another sign Hillary Clinton’s State Department was for sale n the latest case of donors to Hillary Clinton’s personal causes winning favor from the Clinton State Department, meet Rajiv Fernando. The head of a Chicago-based high-frequency-trading firm, Fernando got a seat on the International Security Advisory Board, a group of nuclear scientists, ex-Cabinet secretaries and other experts that looks at the risks of nuclear war. That puzzled his new fellows: “We had no idea who he was,” one ISAB member told ABC News during its investigation. Thanks to e-mails uncovered by the watchdog group
  2. FBI investigating drone emails as part of Clinton server probe Washington (CNN)A series of emails about the CIA's drone program are among those being investigated by the FBI as part of its probe into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state, a law enforcement official tells CNN. Those emails, sent in late 2011 and early 2012, involve a discussion by the then-U.S. ambassador to Pakistan about a planned U.S.-led drone strike in that country, and took place largely on what's called "low side," or non-classified, State Department email system. The planned drone st
  3. Clinton Foundation Donor Appointed to Sensitive Intelligence Board
  4. Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton ‘more dangerous’ than Trump By Douglas Ernst - The Washington Times - Friday, June 3, 2016 Hollywood actress and activist Susan Sarandon says former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be a more dangerous U.S. president than Donald Trump — provided she’s not indicted first. Ms. Sarandon, a supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, told a liberal news outlets this week that Mrs. Clinton’s track record portends a much worse future than anything Mr. Trump might catalyze as commander in chief. “I believe in a way she is more dangero
  5. Susan Sarandon predicts Hillary will be indicted By Bob Fredericks June 3, 2016 | 10:22pm Hillary Clinton will be indicted over her use of a private email server to conduct sensitive State Department business, some Bernie Sanders supporters are insisting. Actress Susan Sarandon became the latest Sanders die-hard to predict that the former secretary of state would be criminally charged in the FBI investigation into the scandal. “Nobody’s even talking about this indictment. What happens with that?” Sarandon, of Westchester, said on MSNBC Friday. Reminded there was not yet an indictment
  6. CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip "Clinton aides acknowledge her arrival in Bosnia was not quite as dramatic as Clinton put it"
  7. Poor polls, scandal, accused rival..... how its all going wrong for Hilary Clinton http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/28/hillary-clinton-us-presidential-electiond-democrats
  8. Corruption Is Catching Up to the Clintons and Their Associates It comes as no surprise that Hillary Clinton's closest allies are involved in a litany of ethics violations Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign chair, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, is currently under investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice over questionable contributions to his 2013 campaign. According to a recent CNN report, the investigation—which has been going on for at least a year—calls into question Mr. McAuliffe’s service as a board member to the Clinton Global Initiative, a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation
  9. Sorry, but there's no hope for a better Hillary Clinton: Kevin O'Brien People who are only now, reluctantly, boarding the Trump Train are apt to blush a little, cross their fingers and hope their candidate wouldn't be quite so shamelessly undisciplined or juvenile as president. And it's at least possible that Donald Trump won't be as bad as he has been. It is not completely unreasonable to hope that the dignity and gravity of the office might straighten him up a little. Who's to say that after a mere 69 years spent becoming the loutish loudmouth he is today, a fellow can't change and suddenl
  10. Hillary Clinton's private server doesn't look like an honest mistake The State Department's Office of Inspector General has released its report about Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. Though the report uncovers no smoking guns — no records of Clinton saying "Heh, heh, heh, they'll never FOIA my emails NOW!!!!" — what it does lay out is deeply troubling, even though her supporters have already begun the proclamations of "nothing to see here, move along." It lays to rest the longtime Clinton defense that this use of a private server was somehow n
  11. How is it scraping the bottom of the barrel when they are reporting on an interview Clinton spokesperson gave to CNN? "anti Clinton bias" when the Inspector General was appointed by President Obama?
  12. Spokesman: Clinton Declined Interview With State Dept. IG, Fearing 'Anti-Clinton Bias' By Susan Jones | May 26, 2016 | 9:14 AM EDT (CNSNews.com) - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declined to be interviewed by the Office of Inspector General of the department she once led to answer questions about her use of a private email server and personal email address to conduct State Department business. "Through her counsel, Secretary Clinton declined OIG’s request for an interview," said the OIG report released today. On Wednesday afternoon on CNN, Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon explai
  13. Mika Brzezinski: It feels like Hilary Clinton is straight-out lying about her email server
  14. Articles I have read said Powell used a private email address but didn't use a personal sever."Powell also noted some ways his situation was different from Clintons, for example, that he used a commercial email account. I had no private server, no private domain. I did not take [any messages] anywhere when I left the department, he said. Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/fbi-colin-powell-email-probe-218748#ixzz49naWRLC7
  15. Why did Hillary use a private server? Has anybody in the State Department history ever used a private server exclusively, or completely circumvented a State.gov email address?
  16. Why won't Hillary join the debate with Sanders and Trump?
  17. Clintons Email Deceptions Updated May 25, 2016 7:53 p.m. ET 271 COMMENTS Hillary Clinton has said for more than a year that her use of a private email server as Secretary of State violated no federal rules and posed no security risk. Only the gullible believed that, and now everyone has proof of her deceptions in a scathing report from State Department Inspector General Steve Linick. The report obtained by news outlets Wednesday is ostensibly an audit of the email practices of five secretaries of State. But the majority of the report, and the most withering criticism, focuses on Mrs. Clint
  18. Hillary's summer of scandal The former secretary of states email woes will produce plenty of headlines in the coming months and ripe targets for Donald Trump. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/gop-sees-summer-of-scandal-for-clinton-223536
  19. Release of Clintons Wall Street Speeches Could End Her Candidacy for President The reason you and I will never see the transcripts of Hillary Clintons speeches to Wall Street fat-cats and the reason shes established a nonsensical condition for their release, that being an agreement by members of another party, involved in a separate primary, to do the same is that if she were ever to release those transcripts, it could end her candidacy for president. Nor even that of the many neutral observers in the media who are deeply troubled by Clintons lack of transparency as to these well-compensat
  20. Emails Add to Hillary Clintons Central Problem: Voters Just Dont Trust Her For more than a year, Hillary Clinton has traveled the country talking to voters about her policy plans. She vowed to improve infrastructure in her first 100 days in office, promised to increase funding for Alzheimers research and proposed a $10 billion plan to combat drug and alcohol addiction. But as the Democratic primary contest comes to a close, any hopes Mrs. Clinton had of running a high-minded, policy-focused campaign have collided with a more visceral problem. Voters just dont trust her. The Clinton campaig
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