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  1. Excerpt from the doctors book. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/books-magazines/books/michael-jacksons-doctor-reveals-his-version-of-events-the-night-mj-died/news-story/a05aa2490e1222293aac3d2508bc003e I dialled Sades number, she came on the line within a couple of rings, we began to speak, I next wedged the phone between my right shoulder and neck, opened the strings to my beige linen trousers, pulled it down partially and started to pee. I didnt think she would hear me taking a p*ss while she was on the phone. After finishing I pulled up my pants tied up the strings and started my casual slow trek back towards Michael; I was still on the phone with Sade. As I walked back through the chambers and cleared the doorway between the dressing chamber and the masters retreat, which was adjacent to the bedroom. I was getting closer to Michael now. That is when I suddenly encountered the unexpected. Michael was laying differently on the bed, he also looked different, I picked up the pace towards him. He was not in the same position as when I last saw him. His head was off the pillow, his body was shifted slightly down towards the foot of the bed and nearer the edge towards the right side of the bed. He was still attached to a condom catheter, and on his right leg and slightly below the left knee he was attached to a clear bag of IV normal saline solution, that was hung from an IV pole. The nasal prongs from his oxygen tank was off his face, and resting on the right side of his pillow on the bed, the pillow was no longer under his head as when last seen. Michael! Michael! Are you ok? Not a sound he was making, not a breath he was taking, not a single pulse, sustained or intermittent was truly discernible. He was lifeless. Shocked, in dismay, and disbelief, but with no timidity I began an assessment of him. What the f**k happened here? What did he do in my absence? I therefore, immediately sprang into action and started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), immediately after confirming that he was pulseless. I started with chest compressions and an Ambu-Bag for minute ventilation. I had to save him. I had to save Michael. I shortly thereafter changed from using the Ambu-Bag and attempted mouth to mouth ventilation because being a single operator it was easier to attempt resuscitation that way. Sade Anding might have heard the inaudible sounds she described as someone coughing during her sworn testimony, it could have been me, but once I found Michael in that lifeless state, my focus was all or none to help him, so I sprung into immediate action to do whatever it took to help him survive this crisis. This battle he must win. Sade was the least of my concerns at that moment. As I worked feverishly on Michael, I may have even placed myself in danger of having a heart attack, because I developed symptoms in the attempt to resuscitate him, but I did not quit, nor give in to my concern. I however, kept hoping and looking towards the bedroom door that someone would show up especially after I spoke to Michael Amir and told him I had an emergency, please send security. I could have been screaming for help at the top of my voice, but from that deeply cavernous master bedroom, no one would hear me. In the process of heroically attempting to resuscitate Michael I developed for the first time in my entire existence chest pains and shortness of breath that felt like cardiac at the time I was performing CPR. I remember thinking then that I was going to die myself.
  2. He was found not guilty of supplying alcohol to a minor in multiple counts.Try reading the court transcripts and see what the testimony actually was.
  3. Loved The Crying Game. Such a beautiful and haunting song.
  4. Wash All Over me. I wish she's perform it live, just once.
  5. RIP and god bless. Labyrinth is an all time favourite movie and Scary Monsters a fantastic album.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEkozicVwAw&feature=iv&src_vid=Zhe2BDl8DMw&annotation_id=annotation_4259597047
  7. That was really difficult to read I hope it all works out for her
  8. Great choice and it highlights what a diverse album Rebel Heart is. Hold Tight reminds me of something you would hear on an updated Ray of Light.
  9. Finally watched the video on HD (at work) lol - she looks amazing and it make the song a LOT more enjoyable. Fundonna! 9/10
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