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  1. Katy Perry thread

    Good beat, clunky lyrics and sounds like a poor man's Price Tag. Disappointing first single.
  2. The Lady Gaga Thread

    'Madonna and I are very different'
  3. The Lady Leach Thread

    You're giving me a million reasons to walk away George, I just need one good one to stay
  4. The Lady Leach Thread

  5. Is 'Hey You' Madonna's best song?

    It's like Heal the World meets Dear Jessie
  6. Beautiful and heartfelt performance.
  7. Poor Lorde is miserable

    What a creepy photo! Lorde is amazing though, her first album and EP were brilliant.
  8. Heartbeat is one of my favourite songs of hers ever!
  9. Madonna on Mnation

    Different types of hand fans?
  10. Madonna on Mnation

    I would say thank you for your tribute speech to Michael Jackson at the 2009 VMA's after he died. Question I would ask: How do you pick the first single from your albums?
  11. The crowd is absolutely insane!
  12. Auckland 5th March uggghhhhh!

    The Madonna drawing in the background