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  1. Who has ever compared her to Mozart? Her fans are delusional. and Rapist??
  2. Ok I went to check, she has general admission on floor. My guess, they are lined up to start forming at the BACK of the floor. No one wants to be that close to that mess...
  3. Jesus Christ at her fans... So why where they lining up like it’s Black Friday?? They are so freaking strange. Thing is when you meet em in person they are just as strange as you thought they would be...
  4. Black Friday

    Dude I thought everything sucked too!! I got a hi-larious ugly Christmas sweater for a work party, half off. That’s all.
  5. Black Friday

    When I was a kid, my mom got a dresser and the same day my brother and I went to a yard sale and got a shit ton of these stickers. We put them all over my mom’s dresser like decorations before my mom got home from work. They couldn’t be taken off cause the white sticky stuff stayed on. We got a good spanking that day
  6. Really enjoyed Nelly Furtado coveting Give iT 2 me!! An awesome song to cover.
  7. Made me sad for Britney!
  8. I had an employee who identified as a baby- she tried to sue me, I said baby’s don’t sue and that really pissed her off. She would take coloring books and crayons and would color on her break and before her shift.
  9. I live for this kind of stuff!! I looked it up right away but I go directly for the source, so forums! Im pretty sure I saw this show of that lady on the picture. Anyway! At the forums I was expecting to be entertained like “this is my dog cage” kind of stuff and no, they don’t post pictures or I have to sign up (no thanks). Anyway they were no fun as they talk weird and I have no idea wtf they are saying, also some identity as angels, other animals, demons, and some people as space, matter and even dust
  10. Married her son and then her daughter? Because they “hit it off”??? What the fuck is happening to this world?
  11. Love the Rebel Heart tattoo!!
  12. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    I need to add this stuff to my Christmas list. Everyone tells me how young I look but I feel like i will age like my mother- from one moment to the next I will age 10 years. Gotta be ready for that!
  13. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    There is alwAys people willing to do anything for money! Off topic but speaking of that guy did you guys see he doesn’t want to be Ken anymore and is beginning his Barbie transformation?? He is NUTS.