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  1. What a *nightmare*! I would have put my earphones on but I don’t think that would have been enough to cover him up! I really hope the airline discounted the tickets for these people...
  2. How did this dude have money in the first place to do all these nonsense surgeries?? I’m guessing he comes from a wealthy family?
  3. 100% support the hotel! All of these people with their damn blogs expect free stuff. I run a restaurant in Downtown Austin in a very famous building and it annoys the shit out of me the bloggers/YouTube people trying to get free meal for them to eat there. My company is sadly- 100% giving but give it a year and they will be fed up with this shit as well.
  4. Dude I thought everything sucked too!! I got a hi-larious ugly Christmas sweater for a work party, half off. That’s all.
  5. When I was a kid, my mom got a dresser and the same day my brother and I went to a yard sale and got a shit ton of these stickers. We put them all over my mom’s dresser like decorations before my mom got home from work. They couldn’t be taken off cause the white sticky stuff stayed on. We got a good spanking that day
  6. I had an employee who identified as a baby- she tried to sue me, I said baby’s don’t sue and that really pissed her off. She would take coloring books and crayons and would color on her break and before her shift.
  7. I live for this kind of stuff!! I looked it up right away but I go directly for the source, so forums! Im pretty sure I saw this show of that lady on the picture. Anyway! At the forums I was expecting to be entertained like “this is my dog cage” kind of stuff and no, they don’t post pictures or I have to sign up (no thanks). Anyway they were no fun as they talk weird and I have no idea wtf they are saying, also some identity as angels, other animals, demons, and some people as space, matter and even dust
  8. Married her son and then her daughter? Because they “hit it off”??? What the fuck is happening to this world?
  9. I just...ugh. I don’t get it. Adoption seems like such a hard process to go through you would think the kids would end up in the right hands. There was a very recent case in Dallas TX about this little girl that was left outside at 3am cause she didn’t want to drink her milk. She was also adopted. Poor kids who end up in worse places than their original homes. These people are supposed to be their saviors..it’s just so sad.
  10. I have a friend who claims that no shootings happen in Texas because of the freedom to carry. Ridiculous. Guess this proves her wrong! I moved from Dallas to Austin a couple months ago and i can’t express how out of place I felt in Dallas. You are very correct, the gun culture here is crazy, people teach their kids how to shoot guns and what not. If you are not for guns in texas might as well be ready to argue with people all the time. Nonsense.
  11. I've heard of this video but I can't watch it, people are so disgusting and no reason why this family should have been allowed to walk out with another dog. What really worries me is that Downey is a high kill shelter. If I had a house, I would totally go and get this poor dog. I hope someone gets him *soon*.
  12. I agree. I love that she got in touch with them to complain, and then later they called HER to tell her they were going to revoke her membership. Good for the gym!!
  13. The more I listen to the song, the more I fall in love with it.
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