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  1. What a *nightmare*! I would have put my earphones on but I don’t think that would have been enough to cover him up! I really hope the airline discounted the tickets for these people...
  2. How did this dude have money in the first place to do all these nonsense surgeries?? I’m guessing he comes from a wealthy family?
  3. 100% support the hotel! All of these people with their damn blogs expect free stuff. I run a restaurant in Downtown Austin in a very famous building and it annoys the shit out of me the bloggers/YouTube people trying to get free meal for them to eat there. My company is sadly- 100% giving but give it a year and they will be fed up with this shit as well.
  4. Tatu

    Christmas Music

    Sia’s Christmas album to me is like a kids Christmas album of a Sia’s Kidz Bop. I can see my 5 year old niece and nephew LOVING it. It’s extremely cheesy. It took me a few times to get into it but it’s a fun little album in my opinion for what it is.
  5. Tatu

    Bjork thread

    No kidding. I’m all good with a live album! You’re right though she does do it every time. I was thinking a studio re-record I’m like, what for??! Suckers like me will have every version. I love the live ones.
  6. Tatu

    Bjork thread

    Why would she want to re record it??
  7. Tatu

    Bjork thread

    Utopia is definitely a grower. You need to be in the right mindset to listen to it and I mean, really *listen* to it, feel it and understand what it’s about. I completely agree about it not being a light album like Bjork claims, yeah the flutes bring a “calm” essence to the album but imo it’s a very intense album. The order the songs are in is absolutely perfect, the flow of it nonstop and in that order is fantastic. Losss is my favorite song. No pop songs here like I was hoping but it’s still a freaking awesome album. She does pop songs no more but what she is doing is what no one else is doing and it’s amazing. A “Taylor Swift” album is not going to make you feel how a Bjork album makes you feel and honestly for me it changes by listen. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s peaceful and other times is emotionally exhausting and yet just what I was seeking. I hope she tours. On a side note speaking of Medulla- I like the album absolutely hate Ancestors and every time it comes up I dont see the why of it.
  8. Tatu

    Free Spotify Is Trash Audio

    I’ve never used Spotify. Does Spotify have ads?? I pay for Amazon Unlimited Music. Love having whatever I’m in the mood for available 24/7.
  9. Tatu

    Black Friday

    Dude I thought everything sucked too!! I got a hi-larious ugly Christmas sweater for a work party, half off. That’s all.
  10. Tatu

    Black Friday

    When I was a kid, my mom got a dresser and the same day my brother and I went to a yard sale and got a shit ton of these stickers. We put them all over my mom’s dresser like decorations before my mom got home from work. They couldn’t be taken off cause the white sticky stuff stayed on. We got a good spanking that day
  11. I forgot about this! Wasn’t this a comeback performance?? Zero energy. This makes her Vegas dancing look like she’s Madonna!’ Oh Brit Brit. I somehow after all her shit have a very soft spot for her.
  12. I had to lower the volume on my phone!!! My dog barked and my cat ran away when the screaming started. Wtf is her problem?? People giggling in the back there is this shit for real?
  13. My second favorites always move around. So it’s always between Sia and Bjork. Usually that’s the order but like I said- they switch.
  14. Tatu

    Bjork thread

    Just read it already leaked. Does anyone have it that can share it with me? :( Edit-Got it!