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  1. Mirwais

    I really love this album. Some amazing sonic tapestries he created here. It never gets old. The bassline on Junkies Prayer is orgasmic.
  2. Tiga

    Just listened to his album for the first time. Picked up the cd from a used record store. Only going by the cover. It is fantastic. These are my favorite tracks.
  3. Camera Angles

    You know what would be cool. If Madonna could re-release her old tours with a static front on camera angle. As an option. Because one thing I did not like about MDNA was all the dramatic effects of the camera pans. It ruined Girl Gone Wild. I just feel like there is so much background/backdrop visual information we are missing. If there was an option of disabling effects and camera panning it would give a more theater like perspective. What do you all think.
  4. More

    I also love Secret Garden, Waiting, & Where Life begins. Honestly Madonna has a great voice for jazzy compositions.
  5. More

    I forgot how killer this song was. I rank this as my favorite song from Madonna that she has did from any soundtrack. Right behind it is "Vogue" & "Into the Groove".
  6. M14 producers wishlist

    I think Tame Impala creator Kevin Parker would be a good fit. Maybe even Royksopp. https://youtu.be/sBzrzS1Ag_g
  7. I wanted to know if anyone knows the logistics about putting a tour together. Does she fly the whole set and pieces from city to city? Or does she hire local contracters to put the tour together. Are the sets and hydraulics built new for every city? I can't imagine those massive screens being flown on regular planes. This is something I have always been curious about.
  8. The horse accident in 2005...

    Anyone ever wonder how the Confessions tour would have turned out without the accident happening. While I love this tour. Madonna definitely was not going full out as far as choreography was concerned.
  9. So is is a Dolby Digital mix of the same bad source quality as before?
  10. Damn that is depressing. What do you guys do when you want to watch?
  11. This is one of my favorite tours. I could not wait until the bluray came out so I could masterb@te while watching it. LOL. But the sound quality devastated me to the core. I bought another copy from Amazon a few monthes after. Still horrible sound. Even decided to buy another bluray last month and it was another dud. I know the manufacturer supposedly fixed the issues. I just can't figure out how to find copy with the audio problems rectified. $50 bucks on three different discs and they all were defective. Can anyone tell me what are the best options to view this masterpiece of a tour besides youtube?
  12. just listened to this track after a few years. It has a weird pacing. I hated it the first time I listened to it. But now I kind of like it. I just feel it is paced kind of slow. Wish Madonna approached it in a more brash way vocally though. Did the original by Sunday Girl ever leak? I heard it live and it sounded amazing.
  13. Whose idea was it to take this to court? If it was Madonna's, Rocco will resent her for this. I hope she has at least talked wit him on the phone. There is no reason the courts should be involved.
  14. MDNA Defective Audio

    Awesome. Thanks
  15. MDNA Defective Audio

    So dissapointed with this release. Besides the audio and static. I hate all the quick dynamic camera angle changes. These angles ruined GGW. I would have loved an option to have a front and center camera view. Kind of like watching a play. So you can take in all the intricate details.