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  1. OMG I totally agree with you on Rebel Heart. She gutted it. It makes me mad and it mares the album.
  2. Oh so you liked the up tempo dance songs Solveig produced Like Girls Gone Wild.
  3. I can only go by the Album he has released. And It is gutter trash. I hope M is not pandering for the mickey mouse audience again. Her hanging with Miley has me worried though.
  4. henree

    I Fucked Up

    I think its the robotic vocals that bother me about this track. There is also some nasal sounds vocally. I like the music though.
  5. This song is fabulous to work out to. I hope its novelty doesn't wear off too soon.
  6. For the people that have the official release. Is the quality better than the Hq cd rips? I am getting worried that the cd may sound the same as the Hq leaks. Which have a tinny quality and lack of bass.
  7. Any good Hq links still up? I hear that martian's blog links are fake.
  8. Almost as good as the original version. I really liked the reverb/echo effect Solveig put on Sunday Girl's voice. Wish the same effect was applied to this version.
  9. I hear the deluxe Hq has leaked. Any one have a link?
  10. http://www.7digital.com/artist/madonna/release/mdna-deluxe-edition Some new snippets guys...
  11. Brilliant set piece right there. Her moves are so fluid.
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