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  1. I mean awards are good and we know M has always mentioned she doesn't care about awards but people in general need to know... they associate awards = success (that's y you win something) Janet Jackson for example: gotten the artist achievement award twice in 1995 n 2001.... what did she do to get that award for a 2nd time? M is long over due for a special recognition and they televised when Mariah Carey received the Artist of The Decade for (90s) back in 1999... special hot 100 award in 1996....... where's M special presentation when she was named Billboard Artist of The Decade for (80s)??? I find that Billboard seemed to be bias especially when it comes to awarding Madonna...
  2. Artist if the Millennium - just like back in 1999 when MTV Asia named madonna as The Artist of The Millennium!! Btw, billboard has a special award called Billboard Millennium Award. . So far, only 3 artists have received.... Beyonce Knowles (2011), Whitney Houston (2012) and Britney Spears (2016)....
  3. Don't expect... just enjoy the performance!!! And its anticipation that's cooking right now. Yeah, Asia will see the performance on 2nd May.
  4. I feel it's a A- to B+ range of song but it feels refreshing to hear a Latin flavoured single in such a long time... to relight the fire and interest in the Latin markets for a long time... I feel both artist helped each other into their appeal markets which duets are meant for such. No doubt Madonna will bring Maluma into an international market which every other artist would like that opportunity given the chance. In this day and age, it would almost be an instant recognition and liked by international madonna fans where more opportunities could be opened then... Of courses fans will argue whether it's her best or not but we'll leave it to each individual for judgement.
  5. Perhaps Paula Abdul and Madonna will share a backstage photo!! Who knows.... This year's show is gearing up to be he Divas of 2019! Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Paula Abdul, MADONNA....
  6. Wow... that's awesome... but I only saw 1 from billboard.... where are he other 2?
  7. Madonna scored a new No. 1 on the Latin Digital Songs Sales Chart: check it out... https://www.billboard.com/charts/latin-digital-song-sales Just a complaint... they should not used the 2008 Hard Candy photos anymore!!!
  8. Is M bringing the RHT team to the BBMAs? That would be awesome!!
  9. Hahahahahaha... she would be the usual "Cinderella" post again...
  10. 2 more days.... tick tock tick tock... cha cha cha cha....
  11. Oh my.... isn't this a tiring scene??? I mean the gif....
  12. There's a nice write up on Madonna n Maluma.... check it out!!! https://www.billboardmusicawards.com/2019/04/madonna-to-take-the-stage-with-maluma-at-the-2019-bbmas/
  13. https://www.susanalopessnarey.com/medellin-by-madonna-feat-maluma-single-review/
  14. Thanks for the explanation jonski43... i guess the UK media just couldn't handle Madonna!!!
  15. I couldn't stop thinking if there's a big conspiracy at the top management who hates M and had instructed DJs to never ever play Madonna... ageism seemed to do not harm to UK old males (e.g. Paul McCartney) but however, is it because he's a BRIT??? So your own country supports ur own BRIT...? I mean that's great!!! BUT please exercise some degree of fairness when it comes to good music.... Is there a bias-ness in the music industry when it comes to a 60 year old female...? What bullshit!
  16. Yes, the nearest that came to fruitation was for the 1998 BBMAs for Madonna to perform the Power of Goodbye.... there was even a poster in the BB magazine... but sadly, it did not turn out the way we wanted.... so madonna was left out since then until 2016...
  17. That was her first ever billboard music award performance... she has never performed at the BBMAs... till 2016. That's a tribute performance, this year's would be her first proper single promotion for her own music!!
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