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  1. another piece of trash reporter............ i reported his tweet as abusive.
  2. Submit her for all the categories that she's eligible for.... the general/pop/dance/music video/remix/recording packages.....
  3. Utter bullshitters and smelly pile of dung! Nothing more than that.
  4. Yes, the smell is so strong that even me in Asia can smell it.... he must be permanently barred into infinity and beyond....
  5. Yes.... pls bar his name on display from the forum.... he's foul and he smells!!! He ate rubbish for lunch and dinner thus all his work smells utter rubbish and rotten.. just like a pile of dung.
  6. Madame X hits No. 1 on Top 100 Best Sellers List https://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/dmusic/195407011/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_digital-music-album https://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/digital-music-album/ref=pd_zg_ts_dmusic
  7. Wow... the lyrics are really in your face.... can't wait to hear it when I get the album....
  8. Daily mails are hippos!!! They are never fans and always reporting Madonna issues that degrades her and make her a laughing stock of some kind just for their click baits to go up... Even though 4 stars, it seems abnormal for them to show such generosity for Queen M.... Daily mail is "incapable" of showing such kindness towards M.... something is OFF!!!
  9. Yes, I love that movie.... Mr Potter was quite good in it too!
  10. I wrote this on Youtube: Very very thought provoking piece of work! Break free of incarceration and condemnation of thyself! Groundbreaking, provocative cinematic and religious all at the same time. You will need time to digest. ps: I kept thinking about the Woman in Black (2012) movie starring "Harry Potter" Daniel Radcliff - the image of the woman in black is exactly the same as Madonna's character.... which was a angst, hellish character.... btw, ifyou like gothic and horror movies, its a great one over the weekend!
  11. Hmmm.... interesting take, especially from M's view... I wonder what fabric or material she used for those curtains too.... hehe... but she's obviously not a fan of the NYT.... which i believed that they wrote horrible articles about her in the past??
  12. Can reviewers give an unbiased and truthful review with just one listen?? Honestly, don't they anyone one can. Look at Erotica when it was released and looked at it now... praises for Erotica after 25 years since its released... so far, an average of 3 stars with a few 4 stars... I guessed this could mean more positive than negative reviews....
  13. I've heard it three times so far... refreshing and strong - musically and lyrically this making the whole song stood out on its own. Production is tip top! Now every time i listen to the song in YouTube, I put it on repeat mode! 3 songs from Madame X offered different perspective and appeals and I like them all... looking forward to Madame X in June!
  14. It's not even Friday n yet so many have already heard the song.... how....?
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