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  1. we should support the album instead... do show your support please!
  2. why not put out turn up the radio.... it's more like an award winning song... who would want to award such a title as ''girls gone while...?
  3. i guess she would not have time to receive any awards on stage like the upcoming VMAs, EMAs...?
  4. she can add another guinness world records with superbowl together with her current top selling female artist of all time!!!
  5. Wow! great quality pictures!!! Awesome! I'm a happy man!
  6. anybody could tap the madonna section would be great!
  7. COADF won multiple awards, no. 1 album in over 29 countries, no. 1 single in over 40 countries... doesn't tat measure up to success?
  8. i'm very surprised that its available in Singapore.... just got the DVD yesterday! :)
  9. hmmm... still no news yet...? does anyone know if she's be performing... at their of the awards?
  10. well, what happend to the 10 miilion ppl who bought the TIC?
  11. does any one think she'll still have a chance to return to the top?
  12. madonna's chance on another no. 1 seems farther and farther away...
  13. looking forward for another week at the singles and album chart!
  14. congratulations madge! We celebrate you!
  15. just imagine the same date releases of the american idol winner - (Carrie Underwood) is now 5x platinum and our madge is still at 1x platinum.... where are her fans?
  16. will madge get another certification? it seemed like she takes forever to get her albums/singles certified....
  17. is 13 a really unlucky no.? why is it so hard for madonna to hit no. 1?????
  18. looks easy for that cow to be on the top spot.... why is it so hard for madonna to be there...?
  19. guess certification will upgrade when madonna is in europe!!!
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