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  1. Wow.... if they can dig into the past records, I believe they should also do the same for madonna's catalogue too.... what about those sales unaccounted for? WMG is willing to go to the extend for an eagles record, is the label that patriotic towards their artists?
  2. Read one comment that she and her children spent the holidays with him and nothing happened.... well, they are not white and not from Australia... somehow, he picked the victims from far far away... like what I've said earlier, who would believe minor peasants about their claims against "a very rich n powerful estate"... every case that comes up will be concluded that these are money and attention seekers... nothing more to it...
  3. The worst concept people have is that celebrities can do no wrong.... guess what, they are human beings too... so there will be mistakes alongside the way... but some are unforgivable and can never be denied.
  4. Yeah... that's a very "noble" and "magnanimous" benefit of doubt that people like to bestow upon MJ... would that have made any difference in these child victims' lives? Of course NOT! Would it lessen their misery, haunts them in their childhood with nightmares of such abuse? I believed there were loads of cover ups with lies upon lies... and "no act" = "no follow up"!!!
  5. Should he be alive, of course he will say that he has NEVER EVER touch any one of them.... who would risk their career or "legacy" to such perposterious accusations... he will denied till his grave... which was what he did when he was alive then... BUT.... Don't people see the patterns, similar accusations that wacko were surrounded with??? They were all related to molestation of a child.. why do a SUPERSTAR (when he was alive) wants to court such controversies??? Was he that BORED that he would ENDANGERED his so called career??? To chase for such controversies? Mind you, the good family man image that Bill Cosby projected said it all.... who would EVER KNEW that he had committed such hideous crimes against women??? What about the fans who had supported him, fiercely defended him that said he could never do such a thing??? The virtue and gospel of what he stood for CAN NEVER BE BELIEVED!!! (Sorry and sad to say. Whitney Houston was another example because of her drugs addiction...I believed in Jesus and he is my salvation....i read my * every day....... on the other hand, addiction to drug brings upon one's downfall and that is SO NOT LINKED to one's salvation.... that's destruction!!!) Same as MJ, if he were alive and TOLD THE TRUTH, his core fans will break and he will fell from grace (not that he stayed for long) and all those people who stood by him, crushed and smashed into smithereens. Where does that leave his fans who were so loyally protective of him? They would fell into the abyss of hatred and deceipt by an idol they chose to admire and stood up for, now would mean nothing... He FAILED them... NOW, People are either for him or against him... for me, I'm against him... do note that that's my personal view...
  6. Also, I would like to say that God knows everything and I shall leave it to the Powers that Be to justify the case of Michael Jackson's deeds...
  7. Nowadays, evidence are only evidence if they are found on clips or any moving media template... The predator has laid out all the tactics for a smooth "dropped in" of an unsuspecting prey... Do you think that a smart person would keep video records of such criminal acts? Unless he wants a career suicide... I strongly believed that he "unlocked" and cajoled his way for another human being to disarm their ""alert" system.... I found it extremely disturbing and unbelievable that the sixth sense (especially of a woman) which is very strong and to a certain extend, quite accurate and it failed to warn the mom any potential and suspecting signs that she could looked out for.... it really shows that the trap was already laid perfectly just for the right time to prey on the unsuspecting victims... and the trap was already set up nicely for the public too...
  8. Excuse me, why is madonna being dragged into this discussion?
  9. The documentary revealed creepy facts and details which "rumours" have been around decades before but had only seen the light now... don't people find it strange that he escaped scotfree with every other accusations!!! Though claiming "innocent", but yet these things kept haunting him... I firmly believed the victims and their experiences shared so publicly.... that behind closed doors, only those that were behind them knew the truth... it was unfortunate that they had to go through such a traumatized, life long damaging and scarred for life... where people who defended MJ so very blindly by the aura of his celebrity and superstardom, thinking that "black" people are so gospel and virtuous that they could do no wrong.... well, EXCUSE ME.... BILL COSBY had us thinking about that.... but turns out he's a real strategist who lured those poor women... looked how long they had covered for him... my point is they may get away for their evil doings in their lifetime but their soul will be forever tormented by their guilty conscience for eternity. Justice will be served.
  10. I agree with this quote... very strongly applied in this instance... blinded by the "power" of the sun...
  11. Totally a popularity award contest....
  12. Majority of the artist won at least a Grammy to their name.... feels like the Academy was trying to please everybody.
  13. A nice surprise... congratulations!
  14. Reductive already won 3 Grammys so far.... what a sad time...
  15. Hope to have unexpected winners... my only wish is Gargole not to win a single award.
  16. https://thefilmstage.com/news/the-craft-of-david-finchers-music-videos/
  17. Is beyonce starting to have no radio support like Madonna? http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/7693412/beyonce-pop-radio
  18. She can get nominations even when songs are not officially released as singles or in some categories which she doesn't belong to (btw, Willie nelson nominated in the traditional pop vocal category???)... its like Barbra Streisand is always locked for a nomination in the Traditional Pop Vocal album category but never wins... (which if Tony Benett was to be nominated, the award will go to him)...they are just there to "sort of" round up the list of nominees... the other thing I feel is that if Beyonce releases anything, it deems to be like "BEST" and "she has to get the top award" because this is "so artistic", so out of this world...e.g. when she lost the Best Female Video to Taylor Swift... It seemed like a conspiracy of some sort...
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