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  1. She could be big again by joining forces with younger acts... like being a featured artist.... like Rihanna, Justin Bieber... that made them stay "relevant"... If you count their No. 1s based solely on their own efforts and not being a featuring artist, they would have lesser no. 1s... (e.g. just looked at Mariah Carey...) In this time and age, record sales don't mean anything anymore unless you are wildly successful... like who can outsell Adele nowadays? album sales are quite disappointing for many artists, but M made it up with touring.... I see nowadays, other artists also follow these kinda trend too... I do hope she put out a new song/single to clear and moisturize our droughts...
  2. The relentless abuse continues... time proved again she continues to suffer under such attacks no matter how much good she's done in the past which none of us may never ever know... and those websites continue to fall for such a trick and made comments as if they have the right to do so... let's see how they can handle these when the table turns.

    happy happy birthday TB!!!
  4. I always felt Madonna was never nominated because she is Madonna... which is a "human issue" rather than actually based solely on the songs' credit and strength... I also think there were some under table conspiracy working against Madonna simply because she's a woman... a powerful one...
  5. Justice is served only at this (old) age, life has been good to him.
  6. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    I would love to hear another collaboration between the two.... Music to my ears!!!
  7. Criminally underrated song

    One of her best ballads... a truly sad song...
  8. To coincide with her 35th anniversary in Music? Hopefully it tags along with some other surprises too....
  9. Happy to share it when I came across this audio too.... pleasantly surprised... :) Here's another link that I came across just now: http://www.popmatters.com/post/170907-10-best-productions-by-guy-sigsworth/ 6. “What It Feels Like for a Girl” by Madonna (2000) An excellently placed spoken word sample (delivered by Charlotte Gainsbourg) and a keening synth line immediately set the tone for Madge’s track as fashionably lonely. The producer then builds the song from a groovy verse section, driven by a cool beat and filtered bass licks, towards a dreamy chorus washed over by tidal keys and pads.
  10. Lady Gaga thread

    She must be exposed on all these dirty, under table works....
  11. Madonna Oscars Party 2017

    This wardrobe looks horrible though...