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  1. Well... she could always opt for the wheel chair option... Live from my wheelchair in Birmingham!! Are you ready???
  2. Reductive thinks she could soak up all the essence of the creamy smooth pop icon goddess and represent it as her own is terribly wrong and moronic. Work own you own merits...
  3. One day, radio will stop playing them.... the way they treated Madonna...
  4. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Has radio stopped playing Beyonce?
  5. To coincide with her 35th anniversary in Music? Hopefully it tags along with some other surprises too....
  6. Lady Gaga thread

    She must be exposed on all these dirty, under table works....
  7. Madonna Worldwide Album/Single/Video Sales

    Great to see that she's doing well in international markets!!
  8. Beyoncé Thread

    If Beyonce ever won, they can put her together with ppl like WH, LH to say she finally join them in this prestigious album of the year award... blah blah blah... Like I said earlier, it seemed also like they are "trying too hard" to get that award (which to me is EXTREMELY OBVIOUS) and like they are cooking a conspiracy to grab that Album of the Year thingy... almost like "I'll take it, thank you very much!"...
  9. Yup, the quality is great!
  10. The Lady Gaga Thread

    the biggest copy cat of the music industry!