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  1. Revisiting this important interview which Anderson Cooper interviewed Madonna back in 2013...
  2. Did you all noticed how small madonna's name was on the screen when they announced the winner?
  3. Finally, some legit credit and recognition! Dark Ballet or Batuka should be included as well...
  4. I believed Slant has been very much complimentary of Madonna!!!
  5. Her actions and pro environmental activism seemed more like a 36 year old than a 16 year old....
  6. yeah, not exactly sure how many grannies beyondsay has... anyways... she can have the world most number of awards if she wants to ..... buy them all...
  7. The atrocity that True Blue, Who's That Girl, Like A Prayer was over overlooked for the 80s!! That said pretty much... As much as they denied "Take A Bow" for Record and Song of The Year that year, I just want to punch the academy in their face!!! But then, its throughout these snubs year after year that I've now became - the academy can award whoever they see fit with their gold - a meaningless, totally biased award show under the disguise of being a peer voting award show.... yeah, when those peer of yours are all towards teenage music!!! Lady gaga can now get 9 awards throughout her short lifespan of 10 years, shamelessly campaigning for that grammys/oscars.... to me, the once coveted now becomes covered with shit and dust - and this is by no means of sour grapes... just that it made me open my eyes - witnessing the industry manipulating people for these awards or vice versa... there's no merit or validity anymore.... all just goes down the drain....
  8. She and Willie Nelson and Tony Benett are always guaranteed in this category... it's like the academy automatically reserved them for such.... traditional pop..... a category for "old folks"...
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