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  1. She must be exposed on all these dirty, under table works....
  2. What a leech!
  3. If Beyonce ever won, they can put her together with ppl like WH, LH to say she finally join them in this prestigious album of the year award... blah blah blah... Like I said earlier, it seemed also like they are "trying too hard" to get that award (which to me is EXTREMELY OBVIOUS) and like they are cooking a conspiracy to grab that Album of the Year thingy... almost like "I'll take it, thank you very much!"...
  4. the biggest copy cat of the music industry!
  5. Wahahahhaha.... I'm sorry but this is awesome!!
  6. manufactured is the WORD!
  7. No. 2 n 6 says it all!!
  8. She's a christmas act now.... -_-
  9. +100... and every other award show, her name always come on tops!! I feel she's trying very hard to get as many awards as she possibly could but i feel something is not right here...
  10. how come she was not flagged for plagiarism?
  11. Yeah, discount to No. 1.... laughable!!
  12. the world is going crazy right now.... scarier by the days go by...