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  1. To coincide with her 35th anniversary in Music? Hopefully it tags along with some other surprises too....
  2. https://thefilmstage.com/news/the-craft-of-david-finchers-music-videos/
  3. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    Is beyonce starting to have no radio support like Madonna? http://www.billboard.com/articles/business/7693412/beyonce-pop-radio
  4. lasky

    Rebel Heart Tour broadcast downloads

    Yup, the quality is great!
  5. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    Nope, Willie Nelson won.
  6. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    She can get nominations even when songs are not officially released as singles or in some categories which she doesn't belong to (btw, Willie nelson nominated in the traditional pop vocal category???)... its like Barbra Streisand is always locked for a nomination in the Traditional Pop Vocal album category but never wins... (which if Tony Benett was to be nominated, the award will go to him)...they are just there to "sort of" round up the list of nominees... the other thing I feel is that if Beyonce releases anything, it deems to be like "BEST" and "she has to get the top award" because this is "so artistic", so out of this world...e.g. when she lost the Best Female Video to Taylor Swift... It seemed like a conspiracy of some sort...
  7. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    # Don't go to awards shows looking for justice http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/madonna-to-kanye-west-dont-go-to-awards-shows-looking-for-justice-20150302
  8. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    It's 2012 all over again in 2017...
  9. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    short of performers this year? twice from adele and burno mars?
  10. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    another year for Adele!! - Song of The Year!
  11. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    Beyonce looked like the sorceress from He-Man & The Masters of the Universe movie...
  12. lasky

    Grammy's 2017

    Adele should easily come up tops for this year's Grammys... So far, she's a winner in all her categories... best pop album and best pop solo performance... she's won twice in both categories... David Bowie finally got a share of his awards... but recognition comes too late... :(
  13. lasky

    George Michael thread

    Sadness, in my eyes....
  14. lasky

    2016 MTV VMAs