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  1. Exactly... And Crazy, too. Not saying that they are going to be #1 or something, but people like them and sing-a-long. I can’t tell you the reaction when everyone heard Batuka. WTF! Is this even music? (Although it’s such an emotional song for me).
  2. ...not only Anitta fans, but the general public as well, believe me. I am talking from my experience of presenting this album to all kinds of people.
  3. Recently, I drove for 2 hours and listened to the album twice without skipping any song. I felt like I drove for 10 minutes. Amazing journey on every aspect!
  4. I think she doesn’t want another hit or she just likes to do exactly the opposite of what people wants... just like the grillz. I can’t think of another eplanation for the absurdity of not releasing exactly and the only track from the album which is the most beloved by everyone.
  5. Nooo! I am very very happy with the album. Much happier than MDNA & Rebel Heart. I am not happy with the the lack of promo. That’s it!
  6. Thanks for your advice babe. I am listening to the album everyday and enjoying it. There are other things I’m not enjoying them, like fans insulting other fans for expressing their feelings.
  7. I did it, but there are others who are still asking about it.
  8. There are no more videos planned since before of the album's release. There is nothing else planned except the tour rehearsals. (Hopefully Klein's post is a "wake-up call" and is something linked with the album's promo). The album slowly dies after the first week. I told it before and almost everyone jumped to my throat. Excuse my sincerity.
  9. Absolutely! She really doesn't need any awards, nor to prove something to someone.
  10. Not surprising at all. It will happen for Grammies, as well, especially after this statement: https://www.msn.com/en-ie/entertainment/music/madonna-awards-are-overrated/ar-AAEgIbi
  11. I like the Intro Radio Remix. The other one sounds like 2001.
  12. I showed them Crave instantly. She said she looks like the Madonna she knows from the 90's. And also showed her this:
  13. Absolutely! I'll never understand this decision.
  14. Rehearsals for the tour. Thanks God she shot all the videos before the album release. We would have seen only pics and snippets from rehearsals.
  15. Just noticed that so many people are focusing on her body double. I showed the video yesterday to my colleagues (2 of them are going to Lisbon in August) and they said: "What a beautiful cinematography and images of the ocean, but I wish it was Madonna there! She always shoots indoors because she is old and the natural light it's too harsh for the face."... And we didn't even begin to discuss this body double thing, here.
  16. Another missed opportunity of scoring a moderate hit, at least. But she's the Queen of releasing the worst singles since she left Warner. Anyway, amazing videography era. Never imagined 5 videos from the same album.
  17. Me too! Or just a cameo on the beach! I am really grateful!
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