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  1. "The girl with the luggage"... 2 pictures taken by a romanian photographer at the border between Ukraine and Romania, last night. "Girl in the red coat" from Schindler's List came to my mind, instantly. I felt sick all day... and still do!
  2. Couldn't agree more! Faz Gostoso is the only classic hit from the album. Crazy would have worked, too, with a beautiful video a la Crave. Well, she didn't have enough money for the video...
  3. I think M wanted to do a video, she was informed for sure about the fact that it's the most streamed track on the album, she wanted Anitta for the video, Anitta wasn't available because she was on tour at the moment, M felt hurt in her big ego and that's it.
  4. Yes, I’ve always thought that M has an incredible intuition and almost everytime she was 2 steps ahead. Beginning with 1984 “To rule the world!”, following with her tours, especially Blond Ambition which paved the way for today’s modern tours, her intuition to fight and play Evita Peron, the classic answer regarding Whitney, Mariah and Janet: “They can’t do what I do!”, the electronic pop sound of Ray of Light and Music albums which sounds like they are released today and so on... until Ghosttown message and video and last year Madame X album which seems it was released today. Just incredible!
  5. My favorite 10's album. And I just realized that I still listen to it weekly. Never happened since Hard Candy.
  6. It would have been wonderful to release the Kue Remix as a radio single with a live video from the tour... #WhysItSoHard ???
  7. He will come out just like Ricky Martin. Just waiting for a career decline. Very nice picture and colors.
  8. This version would have been perfect. Maybe the sound is dubbed, never seen this video rehearsal.
  9. It would have been the right thing for Eurovision. And everyone would have loved it and she would have reconnect with GP. Instead she chose that dark, apocaliptic and DWT type performance (very artistic and elaborated though) which disappointed everyone.
  10. The best look and my favorite interview from Madame X era.
  11. Yes, it's official but unreleased, don't know why. This is the best quality I have. Enjoy it! http://www.mediafire.com/file/0vnikxrn1rgzoyc/Madonna_-_I_Don%2527t_Search_I_Find_%2528Craig_Cs_Found_Vocal%2529.mp3/file
  12. Kue Remix is the best from the released remixes. But I still like this one the most.
  13. Yes it was excellent and it's all the promo we got.
  14. ...and I have always felt this like a happy and sad song in the same time. especially the opening lyrics: I took a pill and had a dreamI went back to my 17 yearAllowed myself to be naiveTo be someone I've never beenI took a sip and had a dreamAnd I woke up in MedellínThe sun was caressing my skinAnother me could now begin...
  15. Same feelings here. Remembering when I can't waited for spring, summer, new Madonna music. I heard Medellin, I felt like a rebirth of everything. The video came out and I was even happier... then, I waited for Eurovision and more promo. Everything went downhill... But I will worship this lead single forever. Her best since Hung Up.
  16. That's what I am always thinking. I have Medellin on repeat in my car, on my headphones, I can't understand how you can't like this song. But if she would have released it with Warner, more people would have been aware of it.
  17. I don’t think Medellin will ever change for me. It’s still on repeat since it was released. Especially the verses. I keep listening to them and can’t get enough. And I am so frustrated it wasn’t a worldwide hit.
  18. 01 Medellin (on repeat) 02 Come Alive 03 I Don't Search I Find 04 God Control 05 Faz Gostoso
  19. I am and I was so happy when the promo began. It all fell apart (for me) after Eurovision, but I am still glad she gave me my favorite album of the last decade.
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