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  1. YAY 50 #1's, you should tell Billboard 2 do an in depth story
    on dance records in general.

    1. HolidayGuy


      Billboard ran that Greatest/Most Successful Dance Artists feature a couple years back. I could suggest an an article on M's success/impact in the dance community, getting comments from DJs and such.

    2. acko


      Great idea! 

  2. Hey, Shaun. In case you miss it- if you could change the review-thread title to a general Madame X Album Reviews, as it's probably a good place to post all reviews. Thanks. :gent:

    1. Shaun


      Ok I will do that!

  3. The night of/day after was somber. I got emotionally involved with HRC (in 2008 and this year), and the result affected me. I'm better now, but it still stings- but, there also was baggage that she could not overcome, and the electoral method didn't help (the scandals, being female, fact that there hasn't been 12 years of consecutive Democrat president since the 1940s, etc.) Aside form likely winning the popular vote buy a decent margin when all is said and done, here's something to ponder. If the Electoral College distributed electoral votes similar to how delegates are awarded in the primaries, the result would look something like the following (I simply took the number of electoral votes in a state and the current percentage of votes each had- no rounding off- I even gave Trump the full extra 1 from Maine):Clinton: 256.602Trump: 253.84
  4. A video in which she interacts with people out on the streets or something, showcasing the universal "Living For Love" sentiment, may have worked well for the song. It's what I would have liked to have seen at the time, anyways.
  5. Not quite a year, but close enough. It's a well-shot video, and it's good for what it is, but it's not among my overall favorite clips.
  6. As expected, the album didn't fare well in the Village Voice's annual Pazz & Jop poll of 500_+ critics. It ranked in the 400s among albums. Confessions... was her last album to do alright, placing No. 61 in the poll.
  7. The bottom line: Great gift for the fans. Not-so-great of a commercial move. The album got decent pre-orders, but they just put the tracks out there and sat on them for a month and a-half before lead-single promotion kicked in (radio and otherwise). And, the tracks (at least not all) should not have been tied to the pre-order. LFL was withheld in the UK; they should have done the same for the USA. Hopefully they learned from their mistakes and also will keep the next round of new music under much better wraps.
  8. Would have been nicer if it made its overall best albums list, but...
  9. ^What did you expect? The Grammys takes commercial success and safeness into major consideration, unless there's sentimental value to a nomination.
  10. Why are you constantly referring to acts other than Madonna? (I know there are others that do, too, but you're a bit incessant). As one female references from Mean Girls, "Why you so obsessed"?
  11. The RS albums and singles list are the only two major year-end lists that M has appeaeed on- good for RS to give some love, especially "Ghosttown" (which, incidentally, ranked a few spots lower than BIM on the RS 50 Greatest Madonna Songs list- the year0end, though, probably had more input than the seven writers who do the Madonna list). On a chart note- "Ghosttown" did crack two (non-dance) U.S. airplay charts (Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40), which no second single had done since the Music album. And it did reach 65 in UK sales. Of course, had it been released when she was younger, like some other singles in recent years, it would have smashed.
  12. The VMAs has gone downhill since fans/the public started determining nominees and/or winners in the major categories. So, yes, the snubs are no shocker.
  13. For your record, that is, blue. I'm glad she went with what she did for the album. I listened to the demo once and probably won't go back to it. If I want to hear a track with production like "Wake Me Up," I'll go to that track.
  14. Thanks, Pud and whoop, etc. That demo brings "Wake Me Up" to mind, when the beat kicks in (which may be what M wanted to avoid).
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