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  1. It wasn't as instant for me as some of my favorite MX tracks, though I've come to like and appreciate it more.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, super. Hope you're doing well.
  3. Oh, yes- that won't be a thing in the future. And it's fair, me thinks. We've seen acts take advantage of that to bolster positions on the singles chart, by tacking a digital download on to the purchase of signed physical singles, that aren't shipped out for some time, and the like.
  4. The rule changes have to do with ticket and merchandise bundles. An act can still release as many versions of an album as they'd like, and sales of those count toward charts. Note: Any album that comes bundled with a digital copy always counted as one sale.
  5. I suspect M contributed all lyrics outside of the opening? Commercially, I don't think it would have mattered what was the lead single. In terms of buzz outside of the charts, though, GC probably would have been a good choice.
  6. 10 would new highest, 1 lowest. As much as I'm not a fan of a few tracks, I still rated them in the low C range- ~ 7.0-7.3, which is howI look at it based on a letter-number school-grading system- at least when I was in school way back when.
  7. @Shaun I did forget that one. Maybe I should listen to it again. Though I recall not being all that into it when I first heard it. "Medellin" is pretty good, though the album's other Maluma collabo is not a favorite of mine. @Suedehead There haven't been any reports of worldwide sales in some time. Back in the fall, it was reported as 485,000 (which may have been a tad underestimated), and someone had estimated 493,000 ~ mid-January. So, has it crossed 500K by now? Would say it's a good possibility, though some concrete info would be nice.
  8. Come alive, come aaaalllliiiivvvveeeeee.... @Flip The Switch- can you edit the title to read: Your favourite of the "C trio from Madame X? When I first read it, I thought, "there's more than one C trio on the album?" Thanks.
  9. M commissioned mixes for GB? Why, if they weren't released? GC is out there to be streamed, purchased, etc. as it is; a club release wouldn't really impact any other outlet.
  10. Did anyone happen to take a screenshot(s) or take count of how many merchandise bundles (including a physical or digital copy of the album) that were available for MX upon its release? I know it was a decent number, but since then, we've seen some acts have dozens, and I don't think the MX number was quite that high. Thanks for any info.
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