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  1. In the UK money went straight back onto the cards (better than the AFY tour, I didn't get a refund)
  2. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    There's been no change, not that I look her up, I have a young girl that I'm really close to that's a fan who loves her. Its still apparently due for October :)
  3. Its a lovely reply and well done Hec! Poor Shazza lol, probably made it more of a story but it was a nice gesture on her behalf.
  4. Didnt anybody else just feel c.get up was a slightly inferior you want this?
  5. Spice Girls thread

    If anybody is interested Mel C is doing Mancs Pride also if you want to go to her show with All Saints at Kew gardens I can try and get you cheap tix.
  6. Spice Girls thread

    Shes got more that £961 that articles a mess.
  7. I don't think theres any need to be jumping in a bath with a toaster, it will be forgotten about by October. I think shes been trying too fry to many of her swept away fishes this year to worry about the small stuff. Just keep your free one that's been on tv and don't buy it, its a shame but hey ho. She could've had more time with her family, adoptions and raising money for hospitals if she just pulled a BA/RIT. Weve probably got to get used to even less output. agghh! I know! but its on the horizon.
  8. Britney Spears thread

    M added the vocals after the single was finished as a remix ft. Madonna, M also added bits in. They liked it so much it replaced what Brit performed here as the 'song'. Old news.
  9. On FB, Madonna asked....

    They are even patterned out in the shape of 'oh' and I doubt M has laminate flooring. I do but I'm poor. :(
  10. Its a sweet apologetic letter. Ive never heard of this rock and roll auction before so really cant tell where they got it from in the past her personal stuff has come from not just sweet Melly Mels storage lot but through M's asset management company (Evita dresses ect). She uses Marquee of London. I think they usually get sold through Julien's auctions (my spellings might be off). I don't think she, unless it was a mistake in a job lot would sell this and not heard of the company, BUT maybe its going to raising Malawi. #confused If it sells she would've known and could've put a stop to it. Maybe she will.
  11. Tragic Girl appreciation

    Amazing! Why it couldn't be finished and used as a b side to ghostown is beyond me.
  12. Christina Aguilera thread 🍊

    She's leaving it way too late as usual again, if she's expecting to drop an album this fall against Taylor.. whether we like it or not it will flop.
  13. the 2000 Brixton academy audience was awesome

    Me :) Ive said it before though. I'm at the front with my boyf, you can see him in parts (hes taller) I'm just bobbing up and down out of view at the front.
  14. That's what shes done for the last 3 albums.
  15. oops. Is she even rehearsing? Weve seen no drawings of the stage or anything. With M there would be people peaking in and recording stuff on their phones.