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  1. 'it doesn't capture the show in any way shape or form' Did you remember to turn the TV on? Jesus OK wasn't in 4D and it wasn't perfect but we could've got nothing hun. Cheer up a bit :)
  2. Your so right. :) Anyway, is BIM gonna be over the movies titles? Have I missed something?
  3. GT was song of the week for maybe more than a week on radio 2 (huge station) in the UK. It still didn't sell. Everyone had it and we don't really have music stores anymore.
  4. I'm all for a rewrite with M, it needs it for so many reasons otherwise I have a feeling it will be ripped apart or bomb bigger than 'Ricki and the Flash'. None of us wants that on her legacy. If its going to end up a tabloid trash movie on HBO that everybody laughs at like Britney's fine but a wide release? It needs to be accurate.
  5. Ah when we go to a different place don't you say to people youre from the nearest more well known city? I do, also didn't she drop out of Uni not school but high school dropout is a more famous phrase? She was young and was on tv saying the rough around basics is how I saw it. It wasn't a full sit down interview which shes told the real facts 1000 times. We know she was planning to write her own book so she probably thinks, if this movie may be big it may as well be factual. God knows what she thought of the rest of it. Its way worse! Plus her stories are probably more dramatic, empowering and interesting that that script. Shed be fuming over just a shagged a DJ to get famous story. Its too basic for her, the script is worse than Glitter and Burlesque. What about Basquiat on heroin or the beginnings of AIDS? She's got the tea it would be so much grittier.
  6. Even M said herself back in the day she used to say things she thought would sound cool when she was starting out. I can remember the guy asking her if she could spot her own belly button in a line up. She was embarrassed shed ever said it. I guess it was excitable nerves back then. (Or maybe her first manager gave her those stories). We all know she went to Uni and is from Bay, its not news and not hidden. If theres going to be an expensive film about her it should have the truth in it and her on set as an advisor.
  7. Wasn't it Lola that advised M to let Glee use her songs? haha They did them well!
  8. My fave was her first husband from the 2 day marriage.
  9. Has she been dropped yet?
  10. She was really quote big over 20 years ago, Ill give her that Ive seen her many times but even as a fan I'm not expecting a comeback. Ill still go to smaller places is she ever turns up doing the same routines just for nostalgias sake. I love her. She's nothing more relevant than that though I'm sad to admit.
  11. The new song sounds dated already.
  12. OMG you've got good eye sight! My niece robbed most of my records years ago. Whoda thought we'd all start playing them again? Gotta love Prince!
  13. Her voice would always suit Sinead songs any would be amazing. Also Stronger by the Sugababes (total massive attack /orbit sound back in the day) but with just her voice layered wouldve been amazing. You know it.
  14. Haha yes tbh I don't use it Its easier to sit on your arse and play youtube.
  15. Good taste! lol. The sounds crap on its own though but you can blutooth it through your surround and its good x (its got usb connections too but not tried those). Its nice.