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  1. I've booked a box at the Liverpool Philharmonic show. She's said it will be electric though?I thought it might have the orchestra. Ughh well guess ill find out on the night.
  2. Its a great set the DVD is a great show but just the VHS version on DVD theres sadly no upgrade to the quality. Still nice to have!
  3. Yeah she sometimes plays 'wanna be startin somethin' and 'ROL' too. She sings wannabe startin something on the karaoke when she's drunk.
  4. Apart from Vulcinara (maybe due to the leak) all of her albums are released in the summer between mid June and early October, usually with Christmas shows in Reykjavic. Ive been to one before, if the albums good ill look forward to it again this year. You all should come! :)
  5. His second song sounds like blackbird by the Beatles. If its the sound he wants to bring back leave him to it. Everyone's had a bit of influence from Floyd, Prince, The Beatles and Queen. Jesus Oasis are like a tribute band. He seems to have taken to the more delicate side though. Interesting. His old fans would buy any old crap but he seems more intuitive than I thought. I'm in for any good music, if its good its good. Ill give it a listen.
  6. They are back in fashion now. Quite a lot of bands are doing it, even Tesas has their new album out on tape, shows our age lol.
  7. SFIJ is waaaay better (only imo) I know a lot that love this album but my fave since SFIJ is Flavours that gets a full 10/10.
  8. Mmm Ill give them a listen but 3121 rejects I'm not too excited about. I guess anythings better than nothing.
  9. Thanks C.M is very café del Mar you should send them copies for the summer. That's where the money is to take off. Good on ya. Id also send a dance version of C.M to Jodie Harsh too, maybe just send it how it is and say you'd love it to be mixed in her set. Shell be everywhere in the next few months. I don't know of other DJs in Europe that would play track 3 in Europe its more for the US (you could do well there too! Melt is an all rounder but for the summer scene you could do really well over here with C.M. :) I really wish you the best, its so hard trying to make t as a guy singer in the dance industry. You've got balls!
  10. Its a great effort! I haven't heard the full album so wont pass judgement but Zayns album was just f'ing amazing. (maybe my taste). I never liked one direction, ,,,,,,,wow they had talented members.
  11. Me no likey. Not that I do anything wrong and its bound to happen to all of us eventually but we should stop it in its tracks. What happened to feeling free? I don't even like to wear a watch or take out a mobile phone.
  12. Hi Brendan. Don't know if we have spoke before but hi anyway. Its hard to come out with something like that isn't it? You know youll be jumped on. Yes I knew his son and stayed in his apartment in San Francisco. I don't join in politics on here so no adding more but applaud you for saying what you feel. Rightly or wrongly, each to their own. :)
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