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  1. Do we think it will flop as ab (or worse) than Burlesque?? I do, I even quite liked burlesque but they didn't buy fake awards or hardly promoted it. Even Cher said it was shit. Gaga's going to flog this to us all for MONTHS!
  2. Its sneaky for sure I don't know if its her label drumming up interest, her albums out in about 3 months unless it drops sooner. I guess her names been mentioned and they are reminding people she hasn't vanished. I would've thought anybody that wanted to listen to it by now would have it. Very bizzare.
  3. She had such great songs! Wonderful voice and such a star! mmm I was uncertain about her personality but she came across really genuine l thing on MTV's fanatic. I had a chance to go to the premier of this a couple of weeks ago in London at the Mayfair, the director and whoever was doing a q&a but didn't go. Ill still watch it when its out for sure!. Nicks a great director every one is amazing. Shame I never got to see her in her prime, just the last tour before she died, it was half empty they moved us to the front and cancelled (if I remember rightly) the 2nd date. It was great to finally see her but lets just say, I wish id seen her earlier. My mate (huge fan) loved it and that's what matters, I treated him for his birthday he was devastated when she died not long after. She was genuinely gifted, such a shame.
  4. Yeah I read they are even having bits from the UK with Tom Daley the swimmer getting gobbled.
  5. No Ive never met Geri, must be somebody else. hahaha about her singing at asda, love it.
  6. Oh no, I don't do anything exciting believe me I wish I did. They are boring anyway long story but yeah my family are involved in radio and studios but I didn't meet anybody through them. Neil (Dr Fox) is a family friend but things have dwindled the last few years ive not seen him in ages. Don't go there
  7. Summer of dreams, youll love it! she was fully involved bringing it together. its basically her being the teacher in Glee and its mega cheesy but shes great in it. It was on hallmark, yes there's a new version of lost in your eyes in it. Its not exactly Evita but better than her shark vs ones they were awful. (oh and her love interest is hunky too, that helps). skip to 0.30 for it to start.
  8. Noooo crikey, I'm boring, how did you come up with his name? God no I'm younger thanks cheeky git.
  9. haha yes it will have the movie version I would've thought.
  10. Apart from Mel C I think only Bjork and Dannii but my memories terrible, I cant remember any others at the mo. Was supposed to meet Debbie last October but didn't go. I haven't met any of the divas or American A listers. Id love to meet Brit later in the next few months but not booked anything yet and don't know if it would be worth paying a fortune for a 10 second photo op when I don't like my picture taken. Was supposed to meet Christina went backstage, I think me and my friend were too drunk to be let in to meet her, they weren't happy with us tbh they caught us with wine trying on her clothes (they were too small anyway). Met Fergie there though, she's a flop and was really nice :) I used will I ams laptop, I should've checked his history eh? didn't think. Ive told all my stories on here before so its old news really. Spoke to someone who works with madge for her charity a lot and spoke on the phone shes sooo nice. Also got emails from sam fox regarding karbys wedding gift. Debbie has tweeted me a lot in the past planning to meet her. That's about it. I don't like going up to people I'm so shy and usually say the wrong things and live with the guilt and on top I don't do selfies theres really no point.
  11. Who would employ the troll as a go go dancer? Stevie Wonder? If the bloke could see he'd tell her to go go away.
  12. Remember she was a struggling stripper too. Errm yet she was on a dating TV show looking like she shopped at Saks Fith Ave.
  13. Oh youre right they've covered the gap with another stage. Clever.