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  1. Hi Brendan. Don't know if we have spoke before but hi anyway. Its hard to come out with something like that isn't it? You know youll be jumped on. Yes I knew his son and stayed in his apartment in San Francisco. I don't join in politics on here so no adding more but applaud you for saying what you feel. Rightly or wrongly, each to their own. :)
  2. Didn't anybody say anything about her 'asking to be raped' song with a criminal then a 'ive been raped' sad song? Wasn't that enough to shove her in a padded room? I'm lost. The dead aunt and all her illnesses are up to her but that???
  3. Actually love it! I don't see how it would fit with M anywhere but its a bop.
  4. I don't know, maybe in the past they have had to cancel dates duet to throat issues. I wouldn't have a clue, I see where youre coming from though.
  5. I watched an interview with Steven Tyler, he said Aerosmith is a touring act so he doesn't use his full vocals on the new albums because he has to do it most nights.
  6. Her live vocals are amazing, she really is a great talent. I don't think her style would suit M, its more storytelling than personal which M seems to do more and more of. Her songs are quite stand on their own disconnected. (Nothing wrong with that) I just couldn't imagine M doing one unless it was for a soundtrack, time will tell.
  7. How soon till she brings out the Kermit dress to get in the magazines?
  8. Sia spoke about 'Trust' saying it wasn't one of hers. :(
  9. We must be exactly the same age! Apart from I went both nights but I totally agree BBB shoulv'e been after erotica.I guess that might take away from stepping into the audience. Walkways were not really seen before then. But why not step into the audience and do BBB then fever after? She knows best, it was 10/10 anyway, its a classic.
  10. So is the immaculate collection higher in the charts in the UK that Joanne?
  11. dm x
  12. I thought everybody had it by now!! Does everyone want 2 copies?? Fucking hell its sold so many, are dogs and cats buying it?
  13. M.C is on Dave (the channel) tonight 10pm 'as yet untitled'
  14. Stripped is definitely one of the all time best. After that????? Odd good song here and there AKA Kylie/Timberlake/Pink.
  15. She's apparently been recording dance tracks for an EP for months now, it cant be that hard to make 4/5 songs. She has been in and out of the studio since Joanne flopped. Is just everything rejected and they send her back in? We all know with how fast it takes for M to decide what's right even if its a 1 vocal take. She's in and done in a few weeks. Its been months for gaga to knock out a quick simple EP. (If that's true of course). She's supposed to have had many part 2's before that have been shelved. Imagine how shit they mustve been?