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  1. Its a lovely reply and well done Hec! Poor Shazza lol, probably made it more of a story but it was a nice gesture on her behalf.
  2. I don't think theres any need to be jumping in a bath with a toaster, it will be forgotten about by October. I think shes been trying too fry to many of her swept away fishes this year to worry about the small stuff. Just keep your free one that's been on tv and don't buy it, its a shame but hey ho. She could've had more time with her family, adoptions and raising money for hospitals if she just pulled a BA/RIT. Weve probably got to get used to even less output. agghh! I know! but its on the horizon.
  3. On FB, Madonna asked....

    They are even patterned out in the shape of 'oh' and I doubt M has laminate flooring. I do but I'm poor. :(
  4. Its a sweet apologetic letter. Ive never heard of this rock and roll auction before so really cant tell where they got it from in the past her personal stuff has come from not just sweet Melly Mels storage lot but through M's asset management company (Evita dresses ect). She uses Marquee of London. I think they usually get sold through Julien's auctions (my spellings might be off). I don't think she, unless it was a mistake in a job lot would sell this and not heard of the company, BUT maybe its going to raising Malawi. #confused If it sells she would've known and could've put a stop to it. Maybe she will.
  5. Tragic Girl appreciation

    Amazing! Why it couldn't be finished and used as a b side to ghostown is beyond me.
  6. the 2000 Brixton academy audience was awesome

    Me :) Ive said it before though. I'm at the front with my boyf, you can see him in parts (hes taller) I'm just bobbing up and down out of view at the front.
  7. Alison Moyet - Other (new album)

    I've booked a box at the Liverpool Philharmonic show. She's said it will be electric though?I thought it might have the orchestra. Ughh well guess ill find out on the night.
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Youre so right! Thanks, I need more sleep.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    How often has the young White girl been around for? Not that I'm that nosey but I wonder if its Mercy's school friend or one of M's friends daughters.
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Such a great pic.
  11. Its one of my fave movies of all time!
  12. Its a great set the DVD is a great show but just the VHS version on DVD theres sadly no upgrade to the quality. Still nice to have!
  13. I liked his single cover, I might be the only one but hey ho. I don't like a few but I cant do better so good on him if he's a fan too?... Its up to M. Maybe posting pics that look as though they maybe real without typing FAN ART NOT COVER underneath would help the fan base support him more? (Mistakes there maybe?). If he was my mate that managed to have their 'art' be chosen as a single cover id be thrilled for them.
  14. Bjork

    Yeah she sometimes plays 'wanna be startin somethin' and 'ROL' too. She sings wannabe startin something on the karaoke when she's drunk.
  15. veIts a shame but we don't know the ins and outs of it lets be honest, her name was mentioned on the list, the others went (apart from Noel). She's got a big family now, anything could happened, even felling ill. We don't know so shouldnt presume, Monte is on tour isn't he? we just don't know anything.