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  1. I stopped buying from the official store back in 2016. I bought the True Blue poster and they charged me twice before I even got it which took forever. I called and they said they'd put the money back in my account. A month later, still nothing. I called and cussed them and about 5 mins later the money was back in my account.
  2. Omg. What is happening? Madonna should move to Canada!
  3. Why would she take a pregnancy test at the end of the video? She already knew she was pregnant. She's just looking at her hands
  4. How does she not shit herself a thousand times hearing that crowd roar while she's backstage saying the prayer. I was just watching it and it gave me anxiety. I hate the moment before going on stage. I have the most horrible thoughts waiting to go on and hearing the audience
  5. BA. I wish time travel existed just so I could see it live. I'll never forgive my mother for not taking me after I begged
  6. I got my copy at the drug store!! I'm in love. The true blue era for the cover! The confessions era RS cover is my favourite
  7. It's between Look of Love and Love Spent
  8. Everytime I walk up cement stairs outside I become Madonna
  9. So true. Always been a rebel heart. I like rebel more
  10. It definitely ruined music and music videos
  11. Exactly. But I love Holiday. I always need one
  12. The internet sucks. I sometimes wish it never happened
  13. True Blue: that jawline, the colour, the expression, the strength. One picture saying so much and can be related to any song on the album. It is the most perfect album cover ever by anyone. Like a Prayer American Life MDNA deluxe Rebel Heart wires cover. I bought the vinyl even though I don't have a record player anymore to just have that picture blown up
  14. It would be Everybody or Holiday. That would be hard
  15. She should sing it at the next rebel heart show to celebrate the anniversary
  16. The first album was released the same year I was born and that's probably why I don't understand Borderline. It's like Reggie Lucas came up with a vanilla version of Burning Up. I don't really like the video either. I like it when Madonna is in charge not getting yelled at for spray painting a car and crying in a pool hall I once was forced to sing Borderline karaoke. The DJ was this fat girl and I asked her to pick a Madonna song for me to sing since I couldn't decide and I couldn't go wrong with Madonna. Then she picks Borderline... I was pissed beyond belief when she wouldn't let me change
  17. "You cause me so much pain, I think I'm going insane" get out of that relationship girl. Why do you still love this piece of shit? Ugh I love the Burning Up video too! The ending where she's driving the car and he's nowhere to be seen. Represents her power over the whole situation. I guess I just like the empowered Madonna more than anything
  18. I've been listening to the first album a lot lately while driving and Borderline and Burning Up seem to be about the same thing. I've never liked Borderline and I think it's because it doesn't seem Madonna to me. She comes off very desperate, whiny, and pathetic whereas in Burning Up she comes off desperate yet in control. knowing what she wants, and horny which I love. I've never understood why Borderline is so loved
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