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  1. I stopped buying from the official store back in 2016. I bought the True Blue poster and they charged me twice before I even got it which took forever. I called and they said they'd put the money back in my account. A month later, still nothing. I called and cussed them and about 5 mins later the money was back in my account.
  2. how r u

    1. Diversity83


      Good. How are you?

    2. spazz


      I am great

      where have you been?

  3. Omg. What is happening? Madonna should move to Canada!
  4. Why would she take a pregnancy test at the end of the video? She already knew she was pregnant. She's just looking at her hands
  5. How does she not shit herself a thousand times hearing that crowd roar while she's backstage saying the prayer. I was just watching it and it gave me anxiety. I hate the moment before going on stage. I have the most horrible thoughts waiting to go on and hearing the audience
  6. BA. I wish time travel existed just so I could see it live. I'll never forgive my mother for not taking me after I begged
  7. I got my copy at the drug store!! I'm in love. The true blue era for the cover! The confessions era RS cover is my favourite
  8. It's between Look of Love and Love Spent
  9. Everytime I walk up cement stairs outside I become Madonna
  10. So true. Always been a rebel heart. I like rebel more
  11. It definitely ruined music and music videos
  12. Exactly. But I love Holiday. I always need one
  13. The internet sucks. I sometimes wish it never happened
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