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  1. This article is hilarious
  2. Exactly. She’s not talking. She has moved on and so do all the idiot bitches who get in her comments. However I do love how Aunt Oprah posted that vid to YouTube on the own official account 2 days before Sunday to drive home the fact that Justin is a punk.
  3. When the fuck did she apologize for it again in recent memory? Show me. And Justin just really sucked on Sunday. Was that supposed to be entertaining?
  4. It’s a fucking tit. You all need to go suck on one.
  5. Justin Timberlake thread

    I hope Justin gets dragged in the media but we know it won’t happen.
  6. Justin Timberlake thread

    Exactly. And I heard Justin really sucked.
  7. Spice Girls thread

    Victoria talks about it at 1:36
  8. Spice Girls thread

    I don’t believe anything the British media says. I remember reading the Sun back when 2 Become 1 came out. They said Victoria and Sporty stopped New York traffic when they were hoisted up on the beam on the Brooklyn Bridge. How stupid was the journalist or how stupid did they think the readers were? Well the readers of the Sun are pretty dumb. Still, they got paid to print that?
  9. Spice Girls thread

    Yeah, doing coke with Geri’s baby there
  10. Camila Cabello

    Anyone calling her out on her socials about calling Normani the n word is getting deleted and blocked. Meanwhile Normani has followed a bunch of people who’ve called Camila out. Very telling. This proves that the texts were real. Stop hiding behind the block button Camila.
  11. Camila Cabello

    This bitch is cancelled. She knew the word was offensive. That’s why her friend said Normani would be offended and Camila laughed. They know it’s offensive and use it anyway. Also she got caught using it, apologized for being young and immature and then used it again and got caught again. Total moron. I hope she gets gragged. Imagine being Normani. Her saying this abt Normani leaked in early 2016. Same time the problems in the group started. I would’ve ostracized Camila like the other girls did too. Talking shit is fine, everyone does it but calling Normani a racial slur crosses the line. Normani had to work with Camila for an entire year and pretend everything was fine. No wonder Camila’s fans bullied Normani for being black, if they look up to Camila. They photoshopped a picture of Normani being lynched and Camila said nothing. Disgusting little girl. And yes, this is different than how Camila presents herself publicly and this content was intended to be private. However if you’re going to give a speech at the Grammys about supporting dreamers or if you’re going to write confessional songs about your time in 5H that paint you as a victim you better be ready to speak all of your truth.
  12. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    I hate Ed Sheeran
  13. BJ was the craziest bitch. Can’t believe you all still quote him.
  14. Janet Jackson thread

    You guys sound like Tomi Lahren