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  1. Then get the fuck out of here
  2. I love how the haters are skipping over this post like they didn't see it when we all know they go over this thread with a fine toothed comb.
  3. Escapade and Into The Groove played back to back today at work. It was heaven on Earth
  4. Beyoncé Thread

    Yup, I still love Bey!!!
  5. Madonna's son David dances like Janet
  6. I got the same email. Can't wait to buy this!
  7. SOLD! Paula really tried it by trying to promote this tour as her first headlining tour in 25 years when the bitch is on stage for 20 mins every night.
  8. No one is buying my ticket. I'm annoyed beyond belief. I DON'T want to go see Paula for 20mins
  9. Janet's old choreographer is coming to Toronto Tuesday and Wednesday. I bought a ticket for wed but am now selling it. I really don't want to go. She's performing 6 songs only. What is that? Not even 30 mins on stage. No thank you. Why did they promote this tour as a co headlining tour when it isn't? The set list pissed me off.
  10. Ariana Grande

    Why is Ryan sea crest so fucking annoying in that clip? He's always bitchy when he interviews her. Seems to not like her
  11. I don't find anything wrong with that chart. From 1986 to 2001 she had all of her #1 hits produced by the same producers. That's a fucking long time and it's consistent. Who else can say they stayed fresh and relevant and #1 working with the same people for 15 years? Creating, never recreating. When she did work with new producers the public begged her to go back to Jam and Lewis. People are never happy.
  12. I'm very happy I revived this thread! I never said Janet is responsible for anyone's career. I said she's given a lot of people chances and promoted them. She's always given a lot of credit when it's not even necessary. Also, so what if she was born rich with connections. She still flopped hard out of the gate.
  13. You're right, opportunity is opportunity. Just like Janet gave those people a chance, someone gave her a chance and believed in her. Same as every successful person. You have the talent and someone believes in you and gives you a chance.