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  1. how r u

    1. Diversity83


      Good. How are you?

    2. spazz


      I am great

      where have you been?

  2. Omg. What is happening? Madonna should move to Canada!
  3. It's not a bad thing but it is if you smell bad like Diplo
  4. Uhmm how do I put this? Diplo is a dirty slut unlike me. I will say that. *giggles*
  5. Diplo looks like he doesn't shower and like he smells. I'm sorry, I know you all love him. He just looks like a dirty slut. I just can't get into blonde guys. Now where's the video?
  6. I want her to sing this on tour as an intro to Bitch I'm Madonna. That way it'll be on the live CD!
  7. Hold Tight played at work yesterday!
  8. Ok, so I bought the iTunes preorder, I bought the Icon Live Pass, I bought floor seats to the tour, and now I bought this import of the Super Deluxe Edition. Nothing is getting passed me this era and I'm done!
  9. We started playing Ghosttown instead. Anyway, why isn't this being released? Now I have to order it online, well then I will
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