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  1. Yes I am a fan as well. How lucky we are to get such output from our Queen. Here's to many more!
  2. Yes despite the absolute debacle of logistics for fans with last minute concert cancellations (and I am still trying for 100s of Euros worth of refunds) artistically it was an amazing era and while it is bittersweet to see it go, I think it is time to move on.
  3. And expensive if you are a completist! The guitar shot is on the super deluxe version, but imho has the least deluxe cover of them all.
  4. Oh please no, I already have so many versions with the different covers, CD and Vinyl, my bank account needs a break!
  5. Same. Never really warmed to Crazy as a stand alone song, though i enjoyed hearing it on Madame X tour, the way Madonna sings cr-cr-cr-aaaa-zzzyyyyy i find a bit simplistic and immature.
  6. Sill question, is a rating of 1 higher than a rating of 10? So give a 1 to my favourite and a 10 to my least favourite? Will the song with the most points win?
  7. I recalled that Madame X got some pretty good reviews from critics, so I went back to check (thanks google!), your are right, most of the were downright awful! though at the time, I think I might have got them confused with the tour reviews, which were pretty good if I remember. Still, I love it.
  8. There were 3 covers, they also had one of her with a guitar on the Japanese 2 CD super deluxe edition. All beautiful, but i wish the blonde one was the vinyl cover.
  9. I streamed and listened, at least 4 times yesterday! Plus I have 4 copies (regular vinyl, standard CD, deluxe Japanese 2 CD edition, and deluxe CD, and have all 3 covers), plus I attended 3 performances, so i have certainly done my bit!
  10. An album that I really liked at first and upon more and more listenings and then the most wonderful live performances, is in my top 5 if not top 3 albums, it is a sophisticated and mature album, that works best as a complete work, not just a bunch of great songs. Such a diverse range of styles, profound lyrics, wonderful instrumentation and finally Madonna is not chasing trends, but frankly is ahead of the pack. Love Madame X and cant wait to see what we get next from our Queen.
  11. Same, one of the absolute highlights of the tour and a suprising, uprising one at that means for me it is the fave.
  12. Agh, I absolutely love GC, especially after seeing it live, so I am really waiting for these remixes. Hopefully soon!
  13. Does anyone know which remix of Crave the live Madame X version is based on?
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