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  1. Bellenger1981

    Troye Sivan

    Yes. The trilogy is the director's cut. Different, perhaps more intense, scenes are featured verses the three videos separately.
  2. Bellenger1981

    Troye Sivan

    The "Blue Neighbourhood" trilogy is incredible, in my opinion.
  3. Bellenger1981


    I just got my copy of "No Place in Heaven [special Edition]" in the mail a few weeks ago. I'm glad that I waited to get the album for the reasons that you mention. With that said, I do believe that he gets his share of hate here, but he's actually one of my favorite artists. His debut album, "Life in Cartoon Motion", was the soundtrack to my life back in 2007. It is still really special to me, but I've been enjoying his other efforts since then. My favorite from his latest album is "Staring at the Sun [Radio Remix]": My current top 10 favorite Mika songs: 01 Happy Ending 02 Any Other World 03 Grace Kelly 04 The Origin of Love 05 Pick Up Off the Floor 06 Elle Me Dit 07 Billy Brown 08 Boum Boum Boum 09 Staring at the Sun 10 Touches You
  4. Bellenger1981

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    My favorite Prince penned/produced track (not sung by the man himself)
  5. Bellenger1981

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    Currently: 01 Let's Go Crazy 02 When Doves Cry 03 Erotic City 04 Purple Rain 05 U Got the Look (with Sheena Easton) 06 1999 07 7 08 Little Red Corvette 09 The Most Beautiful Girl in the World 10 Diamonds and Pearls
  6. Bellenger1981

    Prince Dead at 57

    Wow. This is absolutely crazy. So sad!
  7. Great track, and I love "The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye [bassflow Remake]" as well. I think that their last few albums suffered from odd single choices and missed opportunities. I still think that "In My Own Way" from "Charm School" is classic Roxette and should have been the second single from the album. Although I love "Travelling", "It's Possible" was a poor single choice from the album, in my opinion, and resulted in poor sales for the album. "Lover Lover Lover" is the best song from the album, in my opinion, and should have been promoted as the first single. Also, I think that "The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye [bassflow Remake]" should have been included on the album (perhaps it was remixed after the release of the album?)
  8. Roxette is one of my favorite artists. "Have a Nice Day" is still my favorite Roxette album, and "Wish I Could Fly" is probably my favorite Roxette song. I'm really looking forward to their new album.
  9. Likewise, if Hillary people are that dumb, they deserve a president as stupid as they are. As for the Secular Talk clip, I will give you that. It was actually a low point for Kyle since Sandoval was not actually appointed by Obama. I didn't bother checking elsewhere before I posted the clip. (That's not say that I don't agree with other points in that video). Secular Talk is part of the TYT Network, by the way. As for it not being a legitimate media organization... then, what is?
  10. Looks like there will be a special place in hell for Tulsi.
  11. At least I would be proud of my vote. No offense, but my one vote for Stein will more than likely not swing the outcome. Again, I would be more concerned about those who do not show up to vote.
  12. Yes, because our "legitimate media organizations" do such a great job covering the news and facts.
  13. First of all, when did I ever say that I was not voting? I simply stated that I would not be voting for Hillary or Trump. The person who I will be voting for is Jill Stein if Hillary is the nominee. With that said, I think that we should more concerned with people who do not vote at all than people who actually go out and vote.