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  1. Likewise, if Hillary people are that dumb, they deserve a president as stupid as they are. As for the Secular Talk clip, I will give you that. It was actually a low point for Kyle since Sandoval was not actually appointed by Obama. I didn't bother checking elsewhere before I posted the clip. (That's not say that I don't agree with other points in that video). Secular Talk is part of the TYT Network, by the way. As for it not being a legitimate media organization... then, what is?
  2. Looks like there will be a special place in hell for Tulsi.
  3. At least I would be proud of my vote. No offense, but my one vote for Stein will more than likely not swing the outcome. Again, I would be more concerned about those who do not show up to vote.
  4. Yes, because our "legitimate media organizations" do such a great job covering the news and facts.
  5. First of all, when did I ever say that I was not voting? I simply stated that I would not be voting for Hillary or Trump. The person who I will be voting for is Jill Stein if Hillary is the nominee. With that said, I think that we should more concerned with people who do not vote at all than people who actually go out and vote.
  6. In other words, you are asking people like me to go against my beliefs and principles and vote for a lying, corrupt, corporate fed politician "out of fear" of getting someone like Trump? Sorry, but we will have to disagree. It is voting "out of fear", not doing the right thing. Doing the right thing would be voting for a candidate with integrity in the first place, whether it's Sanders, Stein, or someone else. People have a rare chance to vote for someone with integrity and a consistent record, and they choose Hillary instead. So, now I'm just supposed to give up what I believe in because
  7. Does it matter? She would have veered off topic anyway. Best of all, she would have done it with a straight face and her supporters would have clapped for her.
  8. Key point: Hillary has foreign policy experience, and Bernie has none. That's all that matters! Go $Hillary! Go win South Carolina! Woohoo!
  9. Ah, gotcha. I agree that her Iraq war vote alone should make her foreign policy questionable (as I think it should with anyone else who voted for it), but it shouldn't be the lone deciding factor.
  10. Since when did her Iraq war vote alone represent her foreign policy entirely? Who said that?
  11. Unfortunately, I live in Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids. I had no idea about this bill until I discovered it here. It's just another distraction from all the other issues in this state, including the Flint Water crisis, which, thankfully, after being ignored for so long, has finally received national exposure.
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