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  1. I´m incredibly surprised at how loosely this event has settled.I mean, this is the country where they still discuss about JFK´s bullet, the moon landing...and this coup is looked as 3 crazy people having a bad day?
  2. people saying this type of shit whould be paying fines for it
  3. we are watching you. You think you can do anything, but remember, we are controlling what you are doing.
  4. this reminds me of a film sahsa baron cohen may have done...it has to be something like borat!
  5. last night I saw some gimnastics, a few of them are really hot!!!!
  6. and aren´t a lot of people in japan against it? so weird everything: I guess it would be very expensive to wait another year, but this olimpic games look like they are training or reheasing
  7. I don´t see a problem with a priest using grindr.celibacy is shit if you don´t want it, and it´s obvious that a lot of them can´t handle it. so they go to grindr to find a grown up dick: perfect
  8. the thing is that the homofoby is so inside the society that the use of the word faggot when they are hitting you to dead, is not seen as something against lgtbi community, because for them is a "normal word" whe you are angry... there´s so much work to do. and I didn´t know about Strasbourg´s sentence. If I was the president , I would have let the court in europe take the blame for having them out, so I don´t know...
  9. https://www.elcorreo.com/internacional/oriente-proximo/marcado-casa-pueden-20210513184607-ntrc.html weird, I had never heard about the arab minority in israel, and now this news appears in the news. In this case, some members of the arabic minority from israel are scared because they have written a sign in their house and they fear an attack. acediace, I really hope things don´t go further with this!
  10. I have the feeling that this is happening with most of left winged political parties everywhere
  11. sorry but I haven´t seen anything about it on the news here...which two groups are fighting? I´m asking this out of ignorance
  12. the people I know that are going vote for her, are going to do it because they think she has kept the pubs opened
  13. football-soccer controled by mafias and greedy money makers...not a surprise.But with the UEFA, FIFA, or whoever controls the football nowadays, the money is still the most importnat thing. Is really sad. There´s one graffity that I have seen somwehre that says "odio eterno al futbol moderno", eternal hate to modern football
  14. i don´t support any of them, but I have heard that Liverpool´s supporters, or some of them, are against this
  15. his words about puttin are a huge mistake. They may be true, but he shouldn´t say that.
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