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  1. his words about puttin are a huge mistake. They may be true, but he shouldn´t say that.
  2. yes, it would be great for everybody...but can you justify that to the english students? people like Boris Johnson will start saying that there´s racism against them or something like that
  3. how many million people in the US would have loved them to win to have trump as a president again? that´s the scariest thing for me Anyways, the US governments have been doing this type of actions (helping populists, fascists...) to stay/ arrive to the governments, always outside of their territory, of course. I hope they learn something and stop doing it outside too.
  4. what about the rest of the cities? is it only happening in dc? my cousing told me that something is happening in Boise too, but it´s not a big city
  5. I still don´t get what will happen with gibraltar...if I´m a londoner can I fly to the orck and then come to the iberian peninsula without problems? what is Frontex? is it public or private? is it european or british?
  6. so now there´s not going to be a border/fence between gibraltar and spain...this brexit is so weird.I thought "we want to be out" meant that they, some britons, wanted to be out...
  7. but do people in the UK realise that the deal is as bad as you say for them?? because on twitter they seem super happy with it!
  8. I guess I´ll die another day!

  9. I guess I´ll die another day!:queenbitch: 

  10. something was added in the begiing and in the end, and a couple of small things more were changed.It´s not the same video, but 98% was already in the leak
  11. same here. that´s why I always get so nervous in her TV performances, or even the night of the first show in her tours. by the way, I love the fact that apparently some peole are saying it was eurovision itself who made something in her sound system to make her sound bad, because they knew she was going to do something polytical against israel (well, against war etc)
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