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  1. I´m incredibly surprised at how loosely this event has settled.I mean, this is the country where they still discuss about JFK´s bullet, the moon landing...and this coup is looked as 3 crazy people having a bad day?
  2. people saying this type of shit whould be paying fines for it
  3. we are watching you. You think you can do anything, but remember, we are controlling what you are doing.
  4. this reminds me of a film sahsa baron cohen may have done...it has to be something like borat!
  5. last night I saw some gimnastics, a few of them are really hot!!!!
  6. and aren´t a lot of people in japan against it? so weird everything: I guess it would be very expensive to wait another year, but this olimpic games look like they are training or reheasing
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