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  1. A vice presidential debate is set to take place at the beginning of October. It might be too much for Pence's delicate sensibilities, though, as we know his wife is usually the only woman with whom he can engage.
  2. Could we be looking at the eventual first female president? If their ticket wins the presidency, I can't see Biden having two full terms in him. Kamala would take the reins. If nothing else, watching her annihilate Pence during their debate in a couple of months promises to be a sight to behold.
  3. I hope not to read Kanye's name again 'til 2021. Please don't let him gain any further ground. Who's got the time? Or, at this point, a robust enough constitution? Joe Biden wouldn't have been my first choice, but there's often some acquiescence in politics, I think, and he'll do.
  4. Other than the pain she had to endure while on its promo trail, I enjoyed every minute of the quirky pop odyssey that was the Madame X era. What an album. What a woman! After so many years in the biz, it's no small accomplishment that Madonna is still a vital creative presence who's committed to breaking new ground musically. Love her for it.
  5. It's hard not to interpret her rhetoric as something other than J.K. saying in an implicit way that she doesn't want trans women to stake their collective claim to her identity, as a trans woman's experience of being a woman is different from hers and therefore of dubious validity. It's true that trans women cannot know what it's like to menstruate, to be socialized as girls, to move through the world as unmistakable females and to be treated as such from birth, etc., but isn't this all unrevelatory? Doesn't bringing it up ad nauseam just further propagate a cruel notion that trans women are b
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