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  1. It has a look of crocodile tears about it. She needs to seem sympathetic. Well, I don't. People doing more ethical work and with more on the line frequently lose it all as well, for myriad reasons, oftentimes ones less fair, so... them's the breaks? Besides, chances are they'll be able to parlay the exposure into some other opportunity.
  2. Appreciate the need not to widen the chasm, but Biden can, and should, act authoritatively and firmly without lowering or abasing himself. "Going high" doesn't seem to have been effective. He's never going to get the bonus points for showing decorum next to a lunatic from people who've deified that lunatic. Oh well; forget those people. Stop playing it their way.
  3. I didn't know Jessica was one of Mariah's Lambs? On her Instagram, she recently posted a behind-the-scenes snap from the set of the "Shake It Off" video's bathtub scene. Very sweet.
  4. I couldn't detest him more. "Organic," as if he's not actively encouraging the madness by expressing gushing gratitude and even going so far as to make cameo appearances. Surely we all understand it to translate to "I have plausible deniability if anything goes awry, but please keep it up!"
  5. He's a saddo who'll try anything to put paid to his destiny, which is, of course, to be exposed as the loser he is. I'm more annoyed by the policymakers and commentators who are humouring it, but I guess their objective is to get his indignant, delusional, "mistreated" supporters out there with bells on to vote in Georgia come January. No depth too low.
  6. His deserved reeling and unraveling would be amusing if it couldn't potentially have such dangerous effects. The hubris is like something out of a play.
  7. The orb is still murky re: secret songwriter of the poison pen. I'm getting a name, a "Diane Warren," but it can't be right as who the fuck is that? @runa, that's a good idea for an episode! "The girls have a ball trying gumbo for the first time and fracking on RuPaul's ranch during their pit stop in Wyoming."
  8. God, this is such a fantastic concept. I'm gazing into my crystal ball and *SPOILERS* Kathy Hilton, La Toya's BFFTV (best friend for TV) appears in the penultimate episode, at which point the "dolls" are treated to a luxe stay in the Hiltons' new budget hotel in the polluted, hostile, largely unknown city of Sandra Bernhardino, CA, where they bond over their shared hatred of Omarosa and giddily look forward to the next morning's continental breakfast, which, in Sandra Bernhardino, is always a muffin. Anyway, it's karaoke time on the eve of the big confrontation and the erstwhile Trum
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHQbG4ODasV/ Embed won't happen, but here's a clip of Ana Navarro getting down and losing herself in the music to a FIRE mix of an old fire and brimstone classic. Another queen.
  10. Those map images are something. Not that all roads lead to Madonna, but gentle reminder that it was in just such an absolute morass where and when she began her work to make all of our lives better. Queen. Can't stop thinking of the photos of Trump's return to the White House yesterday. Even the optics of his hat, white then instead of red, like a hopeless, failed matador wielding another kind of flag.
  11. I know some religious queens regard such BREADCRUMBS as a holy snack, but I'll pass!
  12. The Donald candids are wild. Whatever he eventually proclaims, these pics say he knows it's over.
  13. This opportunist is probably doing the Electric Slide (or, if that never hit Europe, a traditional Slovene FOLK DANCE equivalent) in the back of a rented U-Haul trailer as we speak. I hope she tries to take him for all he's worth, and I hope that turns out to be... not much!
  14. Cute, albeit a bit hackneyed. Have the people never heard "I Rise"? Don't answer that.
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