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  1. She was really coded incorrectly, hey? Either that or she helped herself to everything under the sink.
  2. I'm not quite the polyglot she is, but do we merely observing Trans-lation 101 detect a whiff of "MARK YOUR CALENDARS, BOYS" to a lot of that? Good for her.
  3. German Shepherds. One of theirs is a former shelter dog as well.
  4. Forget prayers - I think some bait would be more effective? JESS, we've got Crisp 'n' Dry, Band-Aids, a J. Lo-shaped dartboard, and plenty of silicone products. Come back!
  5. Not the brightest bulb. But now that she feels emboldened I'm sure the self-incriminating depravity will be firing on all cylinders soon enough. I hope she feels invincible and promptly ruins herself.
  6. I can delete my second post as well if you like? Just say the word.

  7. Her presence is so unsettling. Her ability to form government in any capacity tells people hers are valid, acceptable beliefs and stances. She must be totally ejected.
  8. It'll be increasingly worrisome as speech, video, and image manipulation continue to flourish and expand in ubiquity. Totally agree, @San, about how much of it could be avoided if people weren't so willfully ignorant. So many just choose to be obtuse.
  9. Isn't it something how experience, expertise, and knowledge are to be looked down upon? While they'll venerate quacks with no qualifications that might license them to pontificate away on subjects about which they know nothing. It feels like a brew of a few things, but insecurity's got to be a major element - not understanding the ins and outs of something breeds suspicion, I guess, and along comes someone who'll speak with enough conviction and authority to make total poppycock believable. But another one rescued thanks to your friend. That is a promising sign.
  10. Oh, I'm glad your friend was able to walk away from the precipice! It can take constant attention to stay on a path of common sense; people who are otherwise decent aren't impervious to being impressionable. A friend of a friend is pretty far gone and the challenge has been not to condescend, but it's scary how quickly the echo chambers they enter stop these people from thinking rationally or employing their mental faculties at all. I guess part of the appeal is it projects meaning into their lives, giving them what feel like causes.
  11. They deserve their distress, but a lot of them will just change the goalposts. Dying on some pointless hill is easier than reconstructing belief systems and owning up to being wrong.
  12. I know no one is that green to think everything is hunky-dory, but I've been so happy all day. A weight's been lifted.
  13. I hope the madness the Trump presidency gave rise to will force American policymakers on both sides of the aisle to renegotiate parts of the Constitution that may well have worked 100+ years ago but that are no longer able to be reconciled with where we've been or are headed. A lot is outmoded.
  14. Leave it to someone who'd pose with a gun to appoint herself a kind of spokeswoman for Christ. It's interesting that anything goes as long as your stance on reproductive freedom is suitably archaic and inhumane.
  15. What a draconian piece, and how overtly so. "We picked sacrificing our elderly and here's a reason why that deserves plaudits," basically. Foul. Edit: But what would you expect from those who seemingly don't consume raspberries?
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