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  1. Shouldn't go there since she obviously has bigger hake fish to salt-cure 'n' sear right now, but I wonder if Hilaria knows how lucky she is that her thing only required a box of hair dye, a few minutes spent noting the accent of Sofia Vergara, a tanning appointment, and a tattered copy of How to Forget the Names of Produce Products for Dummies. Work it out, mamacita.
  2. Oh, this year's effervescent yet evasive trans-plant from superb Seoul {{citation needed}} is my new fave to have graced this thread. Very intriguing.
  3. Doesn't come across at all! Avoid anything set in America's Deep South at all costs. Not due to the incomprehensible accents but because the dark side of one too many potato dishes has never been more evident.
  4. Come to think of it, many of the Brittish may soon long for the days of potatoes at all, let alone the BIG ONES. Quite sad.
  5. The sexual connotation can be strong! Though I think it would've grown from certain kinds of sex having been seen as sordid rather than through truly old-school etymology. Your English diction is soooo strong it's a bit wild the language ain't even your first (true of many members who may be reading this - hi), and your turns of phrase are masterful and hilarious. Like, how big WAS the biggest spud in Asia which was discovered by that Chinese lady? Fact fans wanna know.
  6. Gauche to be sassy at a time like this but Fucker Carlson deserves a punch to that prissy moue he's always sporting, to say nothing of the permanently furrowed brow as though he were deep in thought on his way to the truth while struggling to string together sentences with his two brain cells, the pair rarely on speaking terms. What filth!
  7. Remorse or what you will - and something less trite than every other futile word - to any Black person who has to observe this crock.
  8. Indeed. Not sure that version of Rittenhouse would've made it to trial. Seems just as likely he could've been gunned down by law enforcement that very evening. And fat chance buddy would've been able to post that $2 million bail crowdsourced by people who see murderers as martyrs.
  9. How much she owes for not masking up is probably peanuts next to how much she MAKES from her donors for moves like precisely that. Oh, Magic: The Gathering, you wretched creature.
  10. Even on the original campaign trail, as in back during the days of the primaries, he operated with less gumption and he communicated with less conviction than basically any other major Democratic hopeful. Milquetoast appeal and being the lesser of two evils really shouldn't license someone to become the leader of the free world.
  11. In the more extreme cases (... all of them?!), they honestly think Trump is anointed. It's all become interwoven with the longest-standing tenets of these followers' shared worldview - their faith, essentially - so throwing in the towel, at this point, would take deconstructing entire belief systems. Ignoring the cornerstones of reality seems to be the order of the day. It's aggravating because it's a populist movement, I guess, in that a lot of these people are probably hurting due to shortages of money and prospects. Well, tough shit. Maybe they could start by not decrying policymakers who might actually seek to improve their lots in life beyond the micro level.
  12. I'm loath to consider what'll happen if John's unable to resurrect himself in time, or if his and Carolyn's cribbage tourney overruns in the schedule, come to that. Could it be that we'll just get a brand new arbitrary date on which it'll ALL at long last come to LIGHT?
  13. Eurgh. It's a sad day when you have to hope they're overzealous Wallace and Gromit loons awed by his "interesting" physiognomy rather than informed voters fully aware and indeed supportive of the vile policies at his crux, which is of course much more likely. No upside from me. No ancient wisdom to impart. Just more of the same old wistful, fatigued confusion. Frustrating. @Jazzy Jan, remember that programme's title? I've had high opinions of Aussie documentaries before.
  14. Always interesting how the bumbling fool personae some of these politicians effect (or exaggerate) encourage some very strange people to imbue them with heart, as though one is the salt of the earth and affable only to the extent they'll behave like an idiot.
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