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  1. Definitely a Rockstar. Amanda Lear is also a personal favorite. Early male to female disco artist. Dated Salvador Dali. She's got it all! And she looked better than all these alien, cat woman, surgery victim celebrities were talking about
  2. When I Google searched her race it said that Cher has Native American blood from her mother's side. Not that it makes much difference to me. Something genetically had to contribute to her youthful appearance most of her life. And those forever high cheekbones. I swear, I used to believe Cher was dead, and they were using a hologram of her on stage. Now, I think she just came back from the dead. Long live Cher
  3. Omg, I cant believe these bitches are out with no mask. I'm guessing she's a Trumper. Hahaha, that last pic with them kissing and sharing the covid. That woman behind them is serving them shade
  4. Since Madonna is 62 years old, I thought i would find an image of Cher at 62 years old to make a fair comparison. Today Cher is 74, and she doesn't compare to Madonna at 62. I do think that genetics play a huge role to some extent, being that Cher is part Native American, and Native Americans have thicker skin. Madonna still looks great for 62, but I personally think Cher looked better.
  5. He looks like the average Los Angeles/Hollywood resident. I think Cher has had the best plastic surgeon. I'm not sure why Madonna didn't use Cher's plastic surgeon. My most favorite Plastic surgeon victim is Amanda Lepore
  6. Madonna fan crazed teen life led me to an unforgettable experience. It was the 90's and a few friends and I decided to drive to Hollywood and grab a map of the stars homes, and off to Madonna's House we went. Destination 6342 Mulholland Hwy.

    Upon arriving we parked off a dirt patch of land besides the estate. Feeling the excitement we raced to the pearly gates to Madonna's main driveway entrance, as if we were to be expected as guests. I vividly remember looking up and noticing the west tower of Madonna's home. Coincidentally, we noticed a window in the tower where blonde Madonna reached her arms out, wearing a white wrobe, creating a display for us, her screaming fans. I remember feeling so anxious, and my mind raced to figure out how we could get closer to the Queen we adored. Logic ran out from our teenage minds. I noticed a call box by the front gate. There were numbers and letters on the keys. My first instinct was to spell out the words "FUCK SEX". Bingo! WTF! The front gate was opening up and we didn't expect it. Now what??? You guessed it, we walked into the property grounds, up the curved driveway, surrounded by tall retainer walls. The driveway led to the garage and garden. We admired the city views from the garden for a moment, and i had my friend take a pic of me standing in front of Madonna's home. My mind raced back to reality and I urged my friends to exit the estate, as the fear quickly sunk in that we were trespassing. As we headed back down the driveway to the exit, looking down onto Mulholland Hwy, we noticed a cloud of dust trailing behind a racing black BMW that was heading to the property entrance. Oh shit! Must be her security. So we started running to the exit in hopes of reaching the exit before getting run over by that black BMW. It felt like that scene in Indiana Jones trying to escape the Lost Ark. Within seconds it all played out, we made it out just as the black car pulled in the driveway and the pearly gates closed. Catching our breath we were startled by the sound of a voice behind our backs. Two tall white men dressed in black with fedora hats on told us they were from Sun magazine and they were curious about our visit to Madonna's estate. We walked away and drove off back home. 

    I would never recommend doing something like this, as it is considered trespassing. And I cannot fathom what was going on in our teenage minds that day. Still, it remains a very memorable part of my life experiences. And no harm was done, as we were driven by our love for the Queen of Pop


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