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  1. She is such a Ice Queen! I love the first Lady Of USA! She is a real woman and so pretty
  2. You don't, I do and many others. God control could have been a greats song if someone had the guts to say Madonna calm down girl with the whispering of the same thing while are u singing also the same thing, and give music same space, why do we need to hear your whispering all the time...give song space and time to breathe
  3. no it is not. It is tiered and overproduced. It worked very well on Impressive instant (one my fave Madonna songs)but this god control is just overproduced noise that had potental just like the video..but is over literal (video) and full of noise and everything (song). there are 100 times better songs on that album like extreme Occident, killers and IDSIF
  4. I was hoping for some official remix that will have the good stuff from the original and take out all that noise and some of the annoying whispering
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