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  1. Hey there! Your inbox seems to be full so I can't send you a message so I' writing on your wall. I asked one of the moderators and they told me I should ask you because you're the admin. It's about my post count. 2-3 days ago I noticed that I went from close to 300 posts to 25 or so. What happened? Any help to get my posts back?

  2. Hey, Spain could use this as a brand for tourism! Shit like this would actually make me visit these museums/old places.
  3. This is just waiting to become her 51st Dance Club BBH100 #1.
  4. Honestly, JK as a person is becoming more and more like a conservative* disillusioned crazy old lady. *And yes, I know conservative is pretty much the synonym for crazy and disillusioned, but I just wanted to stress that out.
  5. Radio didn't touch Medellin either. Whatever she released they would stay away. And this is the whole point. Why bother with releasing something that *COULD* maybe in some crazy situation go mainstream for a while, instead of just pushing the buttons like she did her whole career? The whole point of "but Medellin was the most accessible song" is moot because it's more evident than ever that mainstream just isn't there for her new music anymore. Release the goddamn statement tracks, art tracks, etc. Show that you're still that uncompromising ballsy artist you've always been that doesn't suck up and give a fuck. Continue writing the book on how pop works. That's all I'm saying.
  6. I agree. None of the singles would have much longevity in today's charts world, so they could've gone with the best ones first. 1. God Control in April, a statement song, but still dance friendly, setting up the album as something more than a pop album. 2. Crave in May, radio friendly, nice earworm song, AC radios (perform these two on ESC + La Isla Bonita & Like a Prayer) 3. Medellin in June, released on the same day as album, real summery vibe, perfect for album release + added exposure from Maluma, let it simmer a while with the general public while they drink coctails on the beach and shimmy their asses to this one. 4. Faz Gostoso in August, grab that Latin hit and truly maximize the streaming potential it had During tour release Batuka, Dark Ballet as promo singles to keep the era alive (not like these video were much more than that). It's basically a better release schedule (IMHO of course, you're free to disagree) than what they did and all it's still with videos they filmed anyway (besides FZ).
  7. LOL, didn't see this at all. Those cover look like it's some kind of death metal band.
  8. I don't know if it will go through, but apparently I can only send one PM per day as a new user. So you'll get my reply tomorrow :lol2:

    1. MadFan


      :lol: U can reply here...awesome avatar btw...

  9. 1 year? I guess time doesn't go by so slowly. I can still remember to the finest detail the expectations before and when I finally played the song! The pill was good!
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