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  1. On the basis of ... that's the only place he'll surely get more cock than anywhere else
  2. I recently watched an old Hart to Hart made for TV movie and he appeared at the very end He was related to a liar and a cheater there so I guess now we know it runs in the family
  3. https://www.ft.com/content/fc81c3df-f6c0-47c2-8efc-5a14d511f7e7. Impeached for the 2nd time!
  4. They should hand him a plate full of It's organic right?
  5. Wow that's low ...is this newspaper considered a respectable one over there?
  6. and he should be jailed and serve time as well, that would also stop him from even getting a nom (as far as I know)
  7. is there an heterosovercovid? now that account would have millions of posts
  8. Warnock's leading now and Ossof's catching up to Perdue
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