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  1. WTH is wrong with these people!!?? The police are the new kkk it seems !
  2. I think so too, now for real , I think she's got more serious issues and that's why she's being an asshole about the whole thing, she possibly is very attracted to them too or yes it may very well be she's envious in a way, or something else we won't ever know
  3. she wanted to call the manager but couldn't get a hold of him/her so she decided to take a hand at the restoration herself? hahaha hey what's the Karen equivalent in Spain btw?
  4. Prosecco shouldn't get a bad rep cause of the karens tbh hahaha I love me a prosecco, sometimes even more than champers!
  5. wow! you'd think they'd be able to find someone (or some people) competent for that ...
  6. Amazing! It baffles me that there are still some statues like these around , glad it went down and I hope it stays that way!
  7. ^not guilty MY ASS , lock 'em up!
  8. This CUNT knew what she was doing, see how she acts when she makes the phone call and changes her tone of voice, she should be tried and jailed for false allegations and also for animal cruelty, see how she's literally chocking her dog, ughh!!!! considering how policemen act with African Americans, she was trying to get him killed
  9. 4 in 5 Americans want (gov)Russians eliminated, #5 is the cheeto
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