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  1. Okay a question for you. How do you know and why are you assuming I'm gay based on the little information you know about me? Because I'm a male, enjoy Madonna's music, and joined a message board to discuss her? There's good and bad people both male & female, all different religions, races, etc... I would never not make assumptions on a person I don't know or only knew a few things about. I do agree with you about Trump. He's a clown and only in for himself. Even then I still wouldn't totally dismiss a person as a human being all together that voted for him. I would think he/she is about as misguided as someone who would've contributed to his "University" but would at least hear he or she out. I'm sorry I pissed you off so much and I'll just leave this part of the site or maybe it all together if you're so disturbed by my presence.
  2. Respect your opinions. Can you elaborate a little more on that line though. I'm not sure if that was directed at me personally since I posted above you saying I supported a third party candidate in the past. Or are you just speaking in general?
  3. Agree. I might be in the minority but I think this is what is killing the country. I did vote for the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the last presidential election. Part of me felt bad not voting for Hillary but she didn't ultimately need my vote. Plus it's more support for different parties. Right now though the state of the government is depressing. I mean nothing is actually being done to help the nation solve problems/issues versus political infighting.
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