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  1. She talked about her 50th #1: "Dance is my first love," Madonna tells Billboard in an exclusive statement, "so every time one of my songs is celebrated in the clubs and recognized on the charts it feels like home!!" "I never take the support of my fans for granted and it's always like the very first time." Source: https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/8551054/madonna-talks-historic-50th-dance-club-songs-number-1
  2. Me too! I often listen to the album, I consider it as an enriching journey. The songs are really interesting. Most of them have unexpected and unconventional musical constructions.
  3. There's a great chemistry between Madonna and Maluma in this performance. I really love this duo and I wouldn't mind them doing other songs together in the future.
  4. Can't wait to hear the tour version of the song! It sounds amazing.
  5. Well said! This album has become one of my favorite albums of her discography. It keeps amazing me. I just love it!
  6. I hope they will do that. I want to listen to Ciao Bella on streaming!
  7. It's still one of my favorite songs of Madame X. Everything is perfect in God Control.
  8. Sadly, no. We'll probably never have those bonus tracks on streaming...
  9. I'm still waiting for this very good song to be on Spotify...
  10. Me too! Instead of that, we discovered a surprising song! One of the strongest tracks of the album imo.
  11. This! I really didn't expect all those musical influences, the tracklist is cohesive, I was pleasantly surprised by that. It's one of her most inspired albums. I recognize myself in the songs, the lyrics touch me for diverse reasons.
  12. It's an amazing song. It closes the album very well! Madonna's voice is really soothing (I especially love when she says "PUSHED"! ).
  13. It's one of her most audacious albums! God Control, Dark Ballet, Batuka...
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