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  1. I could do without laugh-cry emoji but don't take me skinny jeans away!!!
  2. I immediately liked Looking For Mercy, i've always loved Madonna's adult ballads and the tone of her voice in them but have to say that from that moment on my interest in the song has constantly decreased and i started to prefer other ballads on the album. Now i think it's a nice and pleasant track but not one of her best... it's Extreme Occident that truly deserved its place in the standard edition not Looking For Mercy.
  3. I can't believe there are so many really low votes... 0 or 1! The lowest that i gave was 6 or 6,5!
  4. Still a really enjoyable listen after one year, when i'm not listening entirely to it i put at least a song from it on spotify every day! I can't believe it was so underrated, i can accept it from GP that have very disposable tastes nowadays but not by critics who are always praising every popstars and their cheap releases.
  5. Really hard to choose between Come Alive and Crave... but i go for the former. Crazy is a very good song too though, i think that the central body of Madame X is the bast part.
  6. This is exactly what i hope it's going to happen with the release of the video tour. Not a "new" live album but a special double repackaging of Madame X with a new single at least, the 3 bonus missing on Spotify, and the audio from the tour.
  7. Just few days ago i was reading again some negative review both from italian and english magazines... it's beyond me how some critics were so harsh towards it. I mean i can get why they didn't consider it a masterpiece, i could be a divisive record but there's a difference between not liking it very much and give it a 4 like it was a shitty album. The richness and the research behind its production alone should be enough to give it a safe 6 at least.
  8. I clearly remember an interview made during Madame X promotion where Madonna told the journalist that "the album was not that kind of record", meaning it was not the type of album people were going to play it all over in radios, parties and so on. She was quite aware that it doesn't have the commercial appeal of most of her other albums. Of course she Is Madonna, a huge popstar and hence some commercial hooks were needed (the duets, some reggaeton influences...) but not too distracting from the album's main aims.
  9. I think this could have been the original plan, since GC video was already shot, but they didn't let it perform it. Remember the rumours about a too much controversial performance that ESC organization was not too keen about? The contract signed at the last moment after negotiations? The GC choir would have been a perfect follow up to the LAP's one, the two songs are somewhat related and it would have been a more organic choice show-wise. Probably they decided to switch it with a less controversial Future (but with a trick) at the end.
  10. I've heard I Rise on italian radios very few times and only in the first 3 days of radio impact, then no more... don't know if IDSIF will be able to do better, too much time has passed.
  11. Could be, they filmed the video earlier than the Medellin's one. But maybe it's true that i would have been a misleading introduction to the album since it's quite different from the rest sonically.
  12. Really like your schedule @jeditegovna... i really don't understand how they have not released an edit version of GC and sent to radios, at least in Europe.
  13. It does sound better overall indeed... even if her LAP singing is definitely not good as usual!
  14. Not a bad track and definitely better than Ciao Bella but i really can't stand the lyrics, that name-dropping is so cringeworthy and cheesy... million miles away from the ballsy one in Vogue.
  15. I still listen to it a lot, i think it's the best record she has realized with Mirwais.
  16. I don't go to discos since ages si i don't know but do you really think general public would like to listen to those lyrics while dancing and havng fun? It's a great song but not so funny and "for everyone" despite its disco vibes.
  17. Madame X is at 45 on The 50 Best Album of 2019 by NME. Not one of the highest pop records there but better than nothing. https://www.nme.com/features/the-greatest-albums-of-2019-2586777 "In a nutshell: The ultimate pop icon taps into the Latin pop zeitgeist On her best album in years, Madonna returned under the guise of ‘Madame X’, an alter-ego that encompassed roles of a mother, child, teacher, spy, nun, saint, and more. The album that shared her new pseudonym was similarly imaginative, pulling together inspiration from the Latin-pop and Batuque music she’d been exposed to since moving to Lisbon, Portugal. Ultimately, ’Madame X’ represented an eclectic, masterful new phase that stood tall amid her inimitable back catalogue. Key track: ‘Medellín’. Best moment: The glittery pop waltz of ‘Crazy’’s chorus."
  18. I hope this story will end soon without a lot of noise and bad press for Madonna, Mirwais has definitely been too naive and somehow unfair but the late Spooner's behaviour is worse, it makes him go wrong and even more unfair.
  19. Thank you for the explanation, it really makes sense now!
  20. About bonus tracks... what i find really curious is that exactly the wto bonus (EO and LFM) are exactly the ones with less streaming on spotify. They are definitely not the more difficult tracks to listen or the most experimental ones and they are not even labelled as a bonus there!
  21. The ones i love: Killers Who Are Partying Come Alive Extreme Occident Crave Future The ones i like: Batuka God Control Medellin Looking For Mercy Crazy The ones i'm not crazy about but still don't skip: Faz Gostoso I Don't Search I Find Bitch I'm Loca Dark Ballet I Rise
  22. Me too, maybe i'm more 40-60 (nomination-not nominated)... OT: i was sooooo in love with the toy in your avatar when i was a child!
  23. True, they have become more like the old VMA lately... but sometimes something unespected can happen, think about the last AOTY winner that was still not that big (commercially speaking) or Beck winning five years ago.
  24. I really don't think so, sadly... i was only dreaming!
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