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  1. Thank you. I appreciate that. 💐🙏🏻 Everyone is special in their own way.

    I am Sorry if it seemed I was over-reacting. I’ve been out of the loop for many years. Taking care of the folks—and now they’re gone. Just hearing that there’s more out there was a bit “triggering”. 

    Remember all the people Madonna lost from this terrible disease. A reflection of what’s really affecting a lot of people. I really feel for them. 

  2. 1 minute ago, karbatal said:

    Ok. We all remember it. And precisely because we remember it, this news are not the same. New strains will be discovered because viruses mutate. Treatment will still be effective. 

    How do you know “treatment will still be effective”? The TB strain, that mutated is antibiotic resistant. Viruses are even more resilient to medications. Look how long AZT and other AIDS/HIV medications take to come to market that are effective. There’s still no cure, as far as I know. It’s alarming. This is the first I’m hearing about it. 

  3. 16 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    It has nothing to do with the 80s

    It reminds me of it—that’s all. The disease was discovered in the early 1980s. I remember the horror throughout the gay community back then. I remember Madonna being of the first (along with Princess Diana & Elizabeth Taylor) being proactive and trying to create awareness. Now a new strain has been discovered (who even knows if there are more) This is also horrifying. 

  4. It’s GOP obfuscation and obstruction coupled with drumpf’s lying and everyone acting like lunatics. DC is already a crazy town. Drumpf and his band of racists, rapists, crooks and creeps just make it worse. I grew up there—so I’ve had some experience—I made it through the oil embargo & Raygun. And to think President Lincoln was a Republican—but I don’t remember that! 😱

    And,  I was working on Connecticut Ave (I think that’s the street) when Reagan was shot. Talk about crazy town! That day was nuts. It was reminiscent of when JFK was assassinated. But that’s another story......sorry I go on tangents. 

  5. 7 hours ago, KalamazooJay said:


    Beto may have been a fantastic Senate candidate against a shit stain like Cruz in Texas, but he was a horrendous presidential candidate and came across as an arrogant, entitled, tool. 

    Good riddance.

    Agreed. He isn’t ready for prime time. And he did pretty well in Texas, as a Democrat running in very Republican Texas. But times they are a changin’! The cream always rises to the top—unless the status quo needs protecting. So we have the Christofascist Republicans v the Not-Really-Stand-For-Anything-Because-Republicans-Are-Mean Democrats. @JazzyJan is right, the USA needs more than a two-party system. Because the two parties are united on keeping the status quo in power. And that’s the 1%. 

  6. 1 minute ago, Martin B. said:

    Network was such a fantastic and visionary movie about the breaking of journalistic power in the hands of corporations.

    Indeed. Now a lot of it has come to pass. It’s no longer journalism in the literal (no pun) meaning. I was a Comm Major in college and they kind of alluded to a similar type of thing happening. And then there’s Orwell. Which is getting way off topic here but in a way, here we are. With the gentle media manipulation and normalization of a tyrant who cages brown kids and brags about assaulting women at will because he’s rich and white and “they” let him get away with it. His entire life. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Martin B. said:

    You are so right. If the traditional media and social networks had stopped giving him a perpetual showcase for the last 4 years, we would not be there. Unfortunately, his new bullshit of the day attracts the clicks and the media take advantage of it. As for the media coverage of Sanders, it was obviously minimal, because his message goes against the backers who support these media. If Sanders had been the Democratic candidate, you can be sure that the media would have made little coverage of his campaign and reported the 5000 occurrences where Trump would shout the words Dangerous Socialist during his campaign. Moving the political agenda is so complicated in the US because of the bipartism that has been going on since the beginning of the country.

    So true. Once Reagan eliminated “The Fairness Doctrine” the media went full for-profit. If you’ve ever seen the film “Network” made originally as a parody of news for profit before it was a reality. Look who owns the M$M now? Big corporations like GE, COMCAST, Sinclair Media (that’s another subject altogether) & Rupert Murdoch owning Fox News and trying to monopolize the airwaves for conservatives. 

    All of this, approved by the government is what lead up to what we have in the US media today. There’s no news anymore. It’s endless analysis of one piece of “news” they discuss endlessly all day into the night. They’re basically brainwashing everyone with their particular bent (regardless of network) they repeat over and over. 

    Drumpf is a manifestation (metastasis?) of greed, fascism and both parties are in on the joke. The joke is always on the people because he politicians are beholden to their corporate donors, not their constituents. It’s “bass ackwards” as my Dad used to say. It’s also a symptom of fascism when corporations start controlling government and gearing laws to suit their interests. 

  8. 9 hours ago, Martin B. said:

    I will not be so sure. Analysis of the results of the 2016 election showed that 1 out of 10 Sanders fans voted for Trump which could have cost 3 key states for Clinton (https://www.npr.org/2017/08/24/545812242/1-in-10-sanders-primary-voters-ended-up-supporting-trump-survey-finds). Yes, the gerrymandering and the desuet electoral system are the prime culprits of this political cul-de-sac, but the Democrats' search for the pure and perfect candidate and the refusal to settle behind the chosen candidate will cost them the election again. The situation is serious and the answer must be unified and strong to get rid of this dangerous lunatic.

    Trump has an approval rating in the 30s. But I don’t trust the democrats much either. They bungled a shoe-in election by not campaigning in key states HRC & DNC thought they had locked up. Drumpf was campaigning hard just about everywhere. Media following him around like moths to a flame giving him over a billion dollars worth of free air time. HRC could hardly fill a HS gymnasium. Sanders was (and continues) filling stadiums, too. But he wasn’t M$M-DNC friendly—so they ignored him.  

  9. 2 hours ago, Martin B. said:

    Unfortunately, his base of 30% of illiterate, deplorable, racist and religious hypocrites who vote for him will continue to support him whatever happens. That's why the other American voters will have to rank behind the Democratic candidate and go out to vote massively next year. Unfortunately, all Sanders supporters will abstain from voting when he does not receive the nomination and it will open the door to a division of the vote that will re-elect this dangerous sociopath fool for another 4 years of destruction of our democracy.

    This “Sanders voter” will never not vote. And I won’t vote for drumpf. So please don’t lump us all together in the same basket. Voting based on fear is how we got drumpf. And the Electoral College and GOP gerrymandering. Hillary did win the popular vote but lost because of the vastly outdated EC. Which is a relic from before the Civil War to protect the white political establishment. The founding fathers didn’t trust an uneducated and mainly rural population to completely control the vote. And now the politicians and lawmakers kept it around for the same reasons—even though we’re a lot more educated and informed we are still governed by ancient laws. 

  10. 26 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Never trust multi millionaires with invested interests to look after the everyday people so to speak.  They ALWAYS look after themselves and the ideology and tactics of the super wealthy.  Why most of them don't bring in fair taxes and don't tax corporate or multi national companies much.  Then run scare campaigns encouraging the middle, working and poorer classes ( so to speak ) against anyone who tries to bring change in - even when that change will benefit them greatly. .  Happens everywhere and sadly always will.  I have all but given up on politics worldwide.  See people I know always complaining about the banks etc but when the Murdoch press instead tell them that taxing the rich more is wrong etc,  they seem to be swayed.   Crying " no more taxes"  even when the taxes are aimed at the wealthy and corporate companies.  Just so infuriating.  Trump for example - he never payed his own workers their proper wages for years and yet all is forgiven as the number of his supporters demonstrate.  


    You are so right!! Drumpf hasn’t paid many of the venues for his hate rallies either. My question is: Why'd these venues host his hate rallies in the first place? Then complain when they don’t get paid. People support a guy who wants loyalty oaths but wouldn’t be bothered to help any of them. He must have so much dirt the the GOP they cower to his every stupid command. Especially Linda Graham. 

  11. 4 hours ago, KalamazooJay said:

    This idea that Bernie and Bernie alone is some kind of national savior and will magically fix all of the rot that's been plaguing our country for decades is just laughable. The president is not a king, as Trump is finding out. It's kind of like when Obama was running around chanting YES WE CAN and HOPE AND CHANGE and so many people thought he'd get into office and republicans would just throw their hands in the air and say 'OH YOU MADE US HOPE AGAIN! WE'LL WORK WITH YOU!'  It doesn't work like that. 

    What Bernie has done (brilliantly) is give this fake hope and change bullshit to so many of his followers that they won't settle for anything less than him and they believe that HE and HE ALONE can make things normal and better again. As a sitting U.S Senator, he should know better than that and it's grossly misleading of him to run a campaign as a false prophet who promises the world to his followers. I'd trust a billionaire like Bloomberg over a politician like Bernie any day of the week. And at the end of the day, that's exactly what Bernie is. A politician who wants to win a race he felt was stolen from him by the DNC back in 2016. 

    I’m not saying he’s the savior. I don’t worship him. But he’s not the corporate bought candidate that’s the pick of the establishment. I do know Bernie gets bigger crowds than the others combined. It’s not just me that thinks this. Bernie doesn’t change his views with the wind. He’s been consistent for the people his entire career. I’ve voted since 1978, and voted for another honest politician who gave up his beloved Georgia peanut farm to be POTUS. Bernie isn’t mega-rich like Clinton and Pelosi. I’d trust him more than any corporate democrat or republican—because they’re basically two sides of the same tarnished old coin. HRC did win the popular vote and kudos to her. However, the GOP gerrymandering gave drumpf the Electoral college edge he needed to win. I don’t think he wanted to win. I heard it was originally connived by Clinton & Drumpf thinking Clinton would win easily. It backfired on everyone. Especially the American People. Bill & Donnie used to go golfing a lot with Rudy & Bloomberg. Google it. Clinton’s went to drumpf & Mel’s wedding. The establishment do not care who wins as long as the status quo is maintained. Progressives like Bernie are an affront to that. That’s why the media & DNC loathe him so much. He’s against them. 

  12. 49 minutes ago, SheldonCooper said:

    True in some regard but *she* won the popular vote. Bernie is too old at this point im afraid will be 80 c’mon now. I actually want major Bloomberg to run or somebody completely out there.  

    No more billionaires. Never trust anyone with more money they could ever spend in a lifetime. Bernie May be old, but he will lead he country out of the pit of corporate fascism that’s taken hold of the USA for some time now. If he passes in office, (God forbid) I trust he will pick the right VP to carry on his wishes. The majority of candidates out here now are corporate-sponsored or wealthy businessmen who have conflicts of interests we see playing out right before us now. If we could get a younger Bernie, I’m all for it. But he is it right now, as I see it. Bloomberg is not the guy. He’s got zero support but lots of cash he can buy anything.

  13. 4 hours ago, SheldonCooper said:

    Rumours swirling of a late run by Hillary for 2020. 🤷🏻‍♂️
    At this point i say why not because i do not see Biden or Warren beating Trump. Democrats need a huge name to even have a chance.  

    Hillary is not very popular. Warren & Biden are part of her club. Bernie is the only one who can beat trump and is not beholden to corporate donors like the rest because He doesn’t have any and won’t accept corporate money. And he still out raised his corporate counterparts.  

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