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  1. In the USA, Canada & elsewhere around the world cannabis laws have been relaxed or even changed over the past few years. Organizations in the USA, like NORML & ASA (Americans For Safe Access) for example are leading the way for the plant to be mainstream as state & federal governments continue changing laws which I believe are (and always have been archaic and wrong). 

    What are your thoughts on Cannabis prohibition? 


  2. These people are the American Taliban. And fortunately for us they’re incredibly stupid & willfully ignorant. Let’s hope lawmakers uphold the law instead of ignoring it. If the people who stormed The Capitol building were darker, there’d have been a whole ‘nuther outcome. The way rethuglicans & trumpublicans are acting with their “unity” BS is funny when you think of the energy they put into Benghazi & Clinton’s BJ. Rand Paul doesn’t even want to have an impeachment trial in the Senate, along with 45 other Senators🤬

  3. 5 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    Because normally the president isn't a complete corrupt idiot. However, I think Michael Moore said Clinton issued some pardons that were questionable.

    Good answer. And most Presidents aren’t orange sleazebag criminals either. “Questionable pardons” still ain’t on Orange Judas’ level of crime. I’d rather we have a hundred Clinton’s than even a 1/2 a stump. 

  4. BLOTUS basically shot himself in the foot with this seditious act. He’s a pariah. NYC’s Mayor will cancel various contracts with the trump org which brings in $17 million yearly. Douche bank cut him off too. The PGA ending its relationship with BLOTUS’ golf courses. He’s basically toast. 

    Even cut from his cameo in Home Alone. 

    ....only his idiot base will love him now 


  5. 2 hours ago, XXL said:


    Absolutely!  👍

    And the irony is that while she was a homophobe she had no qualms with mingling paedophiles and the entourage that protected them, some royal family members included. Abhorrent and evil indeed

    But yes she was a strong powerful woman! Hooray

    Gender politics is the worst. 

  6. 1 hour ago, XXL said:


    And that's exactly the point of the matter, what people in Washington don't want and everything that yes, even someone like Hilary Clinton has fought against. The US governments and the CIA don't want the US to lose their grip on total control of the world (eternal militarisation, violence fostering and the US Dollar/ Saudi Oil as World Reserve currency introduced by Nixon, rather than a mineral resources based system, of which surprise surprise Africa is rich) and they will use and promote ANY candidate, ANY elected President, of ANY of the two only existing parties to achieve that goal

    Ever asked ourselves why the West in general always turns a blind eye to the crimes committed in Saudi Arabia, to the children of Yemen they are slaughtering, one recent example, but has been working 24/7 for decades to demonize Iran? To the extent of even utilising Saudi Arabia and Israel to do so. One of many questions

    This. Right. Here. 👆

  7. 49 minutes ago, XXL said:



    And can we please stop with the Madonna comparisons. The strong powerful women complex is poisonous, misleading and a tad juvenile. They are both strong powerful women but it doesn't necessarily mean that they should be equally celebrated.

    I'd rather look at what a person says Vs what they actually do or have done, male or female


    Madonna scores 10 on that one

    Hillary minus 10

    Agreed. I never would compare HRC and Madonna. Ever.

    I love Madonna. 💜

  8. 56 minutes ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    And that was 35 years ago. So how is this supposed prove any point in the present discussion. It's no different than Republicans claiming that the Democrats are the racists because they voted against the 13th amendment in 1865, while Republicans have ever been so nice to people of colour because Lincoln was Republican. 

    Also, why seems arguing about Hillary Clinton always so one sided in recent recent years? Of course its all about the negatives or irrational fear about things to happen once she became president, like WWIII. Appears to me as if many people still Looking for a desperate excuse why they did not vote for Hillary in 2016 or did not vote at all and in result helped Trump to ascend to the throne. I think there is much guilty conscience. And it will only get worse, if Trump wins another election. She is not even running this year, yet people will blame her. 

    She still acts and legislated like a Republican. Voted for Bush’s wars while Senator of NYC. A persons record is relevant to assess future behavior. She’s not a person of the people. She’s for the donor class. She herself said she has a different script for her corporate donors and one for everyone else. She’s not for the people. She’s for maintaining the establishment.  

  9. 4 hours ago, XXL said:


    Couldn't agree more. Some people need to get over their two dimensional approach and vision. Saying Clinton with her awful track record was the wrong Dem nominee doesn't mean being a Trump supporter :electropop:

    As unpopular any opinion might be, we need to look at facts first and foremost. Her belligerence and foreign policy agenda alone is akin to that of ANY Republican candidate. It's the fabric of American unjustified imperialism that's been going on since 1945. Britain lost their Empire and their role. A new one was being birthed upon its ashes

    One for all, advocating a no-fly zone over Syria=instant WW3. Reckless to say the least. Besides she should never have taken 💰 from Saudi Arabia, really poor taste.

    Saudi Arabia is a co-partner in spreading Wahhabism, ISIS, repressive, misogynistic tendencies, 9/11, human rights violation unaccountability, you name it. So basically the same thing the US claims they are patrolling the world against. It makes no sense at all. Unless it does but in a very sinister way and for truly despicable goals. 

    US voters among the Democratic base should have gone with Sanders four years ago when they had a chance to

    Hillary was a Republican and called a “Goldwater Girl”. She turned democrat when she married Slick Willie. 🙄

  10. 4 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    If young people in America are not going to bother to join in and vote for someone who holds ideas and values that would help them and so much of the American public,  well they are pathetic.  So tired of the apathy and downright ignorance and laziness of so many people.  Voting for who is going to make decisions that affect your life is crucial and yet,  so many just shrug, not bother and instead let the rampant right win out.  As for Biden,  well just a typical status quo politician who won't change much.  Of course,  he is a much better choice than the revolting Trump though. 

    This 👆

  11. 4 hours ago, Martin B. said:


    The supposed "Bernie's army" just don't show up to vote. Yes, there are a lot of young people at his gatherings and who follow his various social media platforms, but this medium counts for little in the end because it does not turn into a ballot in the ballot box. Young people are rightly skeptical of the democratic process they have known since childhood, but they cannot change it if they do not participate in the democratic process.

    Kinda looks that way. But we have more states to go. The southern states are primarily “red states” anyway. The main thing is getting trump out. That we all can agree on. Time will tell. 

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