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  1. Decaying Confederate Monument Mitch McConnell (I stole that from twitter) needs to be relegated to Minority Leader of the Senate since Kentucky voters voted him back in (I've no idea why). These two Senate seats from Georgia are up for grabs and here's information if you're interested in donating: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dscc-warnock-ossoff-runoff-nov2020
  2. The Electoral College gave us BLOTUS. It’s a totally archaic and crooked system. It’s not a democratic.
  3. Looks like both have some sort of cognitive decline. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/bidens-media-tour-isnt-going-so-well-watch-this-awkward-exchange-between-old-joe-and-nbcs-nicolle-wallace-video/
  4. Gender politics is the worst.
  5. Agreed. I never would compare HRC and Madonna. Ever. I love Madonna.
  6. She still acts and legislated like a Republican. Voted for Bush’s wars while Senator of NYC. A persons record is relevant to assess future behavior. She’s not a person of the people. She’s for the donor class. She herself said she has a different script for her corporate donors and one for everyone else. She’s not for the people. She’s for maintaining the establishment.
  7. Hillary was a Republican and called a “Goldwater Girl”. She turned democrat when she married Slick Willie.
  8. Kinda looks that way. But we have more states to go. The southern states are primarily “red states” anyway. The main thing is getting trump out. That we all can agree on. Time will tell.
  9. She couldn’t even fill a high school gym while Sanders was filling arenas with overflow crowds out and around the block.
  10. More like a “democrat” drumpf. They’re a lot alike in that they can’t finish a complete sentence and keep forgetting people’s names and can’t remember where they are at any given moment.
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