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  1. I know we’re not supposed to hate people, but I’m making an exception: Donnie Two Poops is a dangerous malignant narcissist. There’s a documentary coming out soon called “UNFIT”. Regarding drumpf’s malignant narcissism as discussed by leading psychological professionals and psychologists. There was an unspoken rule about not speaking Ill of another republican, called the Goldwater Rule. It’s become obsolete. The movie will premier in NYC & L.A.
  2. Yep, that is me with That Girl. June 7 2005, Bergdorf Goodman’s NYC. It seems like a lifetime ago. My story is in Icon 45. 


  3. Eight more sleeps until Madonna's Opening Night at BAM in Brooklyn! I'm so excited. I've been to NYC and all, but never been to Brooklyn. Should be fun. If anyone wants to meet up, I'd be happy to!

  4. One stroke short of a greasy dozen of cold Big Macs, Large Fries and a Large Diet Coke.
  5. HI and thank you for the follow! I follow you too. 🙂

  6. They're just making up for something really, really small. Straight Pride? Isn't that like Jumbo Shrimp?
  7. Bernie Beats Trump. Bernie is the only one of either party who doesn't take corporate money. He's not corrupt and he loathes corporate america which is why the media and status quo Democrats loathe him. Republicans hate everybody who isn't a wealthy donor, so there's that.
  8. Isn't that how it always works? Those that protest too much are the ones that project their stuff onto others, whilst they're also doing it. They are the ultimate hypocrites.
  9. These people are members of a cult. It really can't be described any other way. Drumpf (his real sir name, before it was changed!) has done just about every sin there is, including all 7 Deadly Sins, of which he has covered as well. The guy commits adultery on all three of his wives and folks like Jerry (Pool Boy) Falwell, Jr says it's okay. Jim Bakker threatens (with a * in his hand whilst he says it) the world will end if drumpf isn't voted back into office. It's just pathetically ridiculous what these people beLIEve. It is a cult of hate and panicking because America is not Lilly White like it used to be and some are getting a bit upset at the notion that white males, especially will be in the minority in a few decades.
  10. The time is winding down, turn the frown upside down, Madonna's coming to downtown, soon she will be the sight everyone wants to see. Madonna still performing strong at age 60! I can't wait to see you My Queen!

  11. Hello Everybody! Glad to be here! 

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