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  1. Looks like both have some sort of cognitive decline. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/bidens-media-tour-isnt-going-so-well-watch-this-awkward-exchange-between-old-joe-and-nbcs-nicolle-wallace-video/
  2. Drumpf loves being #1! I’m sure he’s elated. (Even though he’s got no idea what elated means, thinks related to some hooker Named Elaine he met At maralago)
  3. Thanks. It’s been a rough day. I know there’s people much, much worse off, but it still it’s a swift kick in my gut.
  4. So sad about Mark Blum (Gary Glass) passing away from COVID-19 Just found out my cousin & her hubby are in quarantine at home. They went to Florida a week or so ago. () She says they’re feeling okay but still kinda hit home. Seeing all the news out of NYC today had already been bad, this just was a gut punch. Their whole family are separated now. My aunt is probably around 86 by now. She’s in quarantine too at her house, because she’d been around them too. Just a nightmarish day.
  5. Bill Gates never Met a virus he didn’t like. Vaccine nut
  6. Here’s something I think we all will enjoy! This is everything right now. (Sorry if it’s been posted previously)
  7. I started to go from extreme anxiety, fear & panic in these past few weeks to just feeling numb. I’ve stopped trying to see anything in the future. I can’t. I am taking it day by day. Keeping informed (those briefings by NY Gov Cuomo are informative and coherent) but then also watching something else. Or listening to Madonna. Yesterday it was Pink Floyd. Ive also began to think about all the things I’m grateful for. That helps too. I don’t have many friends. Most of my family are dead. So I’m kinda used to being on my own. It was almost like everything I’ve dealt with these past few years or so has kinda prepared me for this terrible situation. It just took a few weeks to put it all into perspective. I read the stories from everyone in this thread and it’s heartbreaking and I pray for all of you that we make it all to the other side of this! Peace and love to you all.
  8. I can’t even look at his disgusting face or hear his vile voice.
  9. Thank you, as well. You’re most welcome. I’m just in a holding pattern living day to day. Grateful for what I have. Hoping we all get through this together.
  10. It’s almost like some of these governments don’t care that this virus is spreading quickly. Some are doing amazing work. Others are in total denial.
  11. @Butter9 I’m so sorry. It seems a lot of countries just don’t get it. Please stay safe and Sending you Strength and . Peace
  12. Thank you. Knowledge is power.
  13. Thank You. Glad you’re okay. Keep monitoring your temperature.
  14. I hope you get to feeling better very soon.
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