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  1. There was an arrest of 2 Virginia state police involved as well as a firefighter who threw a fire extinguisher at Capitol Police! And now this:
  2. BLOTUS basically shot himself in the foot with this seditious act. He’s a pariah. NYC’s Mayor will cancel various contracts with the trump org which brings in $17 million yearly. Douche bank cut him off too. The PGA ending its relationship with BLOTUS’ golf courses. He’s basically toast. Even cut from his cameo in Home Alone. ....only his idiot base will love him now
  3. Absolutely disgusting. As much money the USA shells out for defense each year......
  4. Unbelievable what’s going on in Washington DC right now. If they were a bit darker they’d be tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets and arrested.
  5. Decaying Confederate Monument Mitch McConnell (I stole that from twitter) needs to be relegated to Minority Leader of the Senate since Kentucky voters voted him back in (I've no idea why). These two Senate seats from Georgia are up for grabs and here's information if you're interested in donating: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/dscc-warnock-ossoff-runoff-nov2020
  6. The Electoral College gave us BLOTUS. It’s a totally archaic and crooked system. It’s not a democratic.
  7. Looks like both have some sort of cognitive decline. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/bidens-media-tour-isnt-going-so-well-watch-this-awkward-exchange-between-old-joe-and-nbcs-nicolle-wallace-video/
  8. Agreed. I never would compare HRC and Madonna. Ever. I love Madonna.
  9. She still acts and legislated like a Republican. Voted for Bush’s wars while Senator of NYC. A persons record is relevant to assess future behavior. She’s not a person of the people. She’s for the donor class. She herself said she has a different script for her corporate donors and one for everyone else. She’s not for the people. She’s for maintaining the establishment.
  10. Hillary was a Republican and called a “Goldwater Girl”. She turned democrat when she married Slick Willie.
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