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  1. Imaginative title. Prince Andrew is really getting beat up in the press. Karma has her ways.......
  2. Thanks for the info on the boy. What TV show? Just curious. Saville sure sounds like Epstein in many ways.
  3. I’ve seen stuff like that too. I don’t know if it was from a movie or doctored in some way, a young naked boy climbing down from an upper window of some Royal estate (sorry, I’m not knowledgeable on Britain's Royal Palaces and such). And that Jimmy Saville person. Wasn’t he knighted? I mean that sends up red flags right there. I think it’s horrible how they’re treating Meghan. It does ring of the way Princess Diana was treated. They do seem to gang up on their in-laws.
  4. Exactly. I doubt he’s even dead. He had lots of money to “disappear”.
  5. Jeffrey Epstein found supposedly “hanged in his cell” after the guards fell asleep, the cameras stopped working and his roommate was moved Harvey Weinstein “still hanging around and needs to be in a cell” not much difference
  6. President Trump had chest discomfort, prompting his visit to Walter Reed hospital, a report claims. https://heavy.com/news/2019/11/trump-chest-pain/
  7. America is sick. I’m ashamed of my country. It’s always we can afford lots of war & weaponry to spread death & destruction around the world and places guns’ rights over people. Corporations over people. Party over country. The only “civilized” nation on earth without a national healthcare system because the system itself is supported by “health” insurance companies and big pharma. “We don’t want to kill you just yet. First let’s get all your money, then we’ll see”. A criminal enterprise running the country. And CONgress is just as corrupted by corporate interests as the WH.
  8. June 7, 2005, Bergdorf/Goodman’s NYC. I don’t hardly even remember talking to her. I do remember looking into her eyes and just trying not to freak out. Because if I did, I’d be tossed out! Lol. Check out Icon Mag #45 for my article. 


  9. Getting into the Groove. Got my outfit for Philly all ready. It’s got a “Ghosttown” kinda feel to it. I’m excited. Similar to what I wore to the DC RH (VIP) show. Not sure if I should wear the top hat in a theater. Prolly Not cool. 

  10. Thank you. I appreciate that. Everyone is special in their own way. I am Sorry if it seemed I was over-reacting. I’ve been out of the loop for many years. Taking care of the folks—and now they’re gone. Just hearing that there’s more out there was a bit “triggering”. Remember all the people Madonna lost from this terrible disease. A reflection of what’s really affecting a lot of people. I really feel for them.
  11. How do you know “treatment will still be effective”? The TB strain, that mutated is antibiotic resistant. Viruses are even more resilient to medications. Look how long AZT and other AIDS/HIV medications take to come to market that are effective. There’s still no cure, as far as I know. It’s alarming. This is the first I’m hearing about it.
  12. It reminds me of it—that’s all. The disease was discovered in the early 1980s. I remember the horror throughout the gay community back then. I remember Madonna being of the first (along with Princess Diana & Elizabeth Taylor) being proactive and trying to create awareness. Now a new strain has been discovered (who even knows if there are more) This is also horrifying.
  13. This is horrifying. It’s like 1980 all over again. I can see on in the news.
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