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  1. Incredibly embarrassing to read this. So this other kid didn’t do a damn thing and you’re here insulting him? This behavior is absolutely horrendous, especially if you’re a grown adult which you probably are because let’s face it, Madonna doesn’t have a huge following with the youngins. I’m glad fans like you don’t make headlines and give the rest of us a bad name like Beyoncé’s fans. Anyway, I’m done talking about this. Quote me if you want the last word or don’t. I really don’t care, do u? Anyone else reading this, don’t expect me to reply if you come at me with this nonsense. Stop the drama, start the music.
  2. Jesus fucking Christ are you seriously justifying the bullying of a mass shooting survivor + gun control activist simply because she doesn’t agree with the way Madonna expressed her views on the subject? I hope YOU and anyone else who shares this repulsive thought process “hopefully grow up into smarter people.” Sad.
  3. What did she do that makes her so deserving?
  4. So unnecessary She’s fighting for the same cause as Madonna. Kindness is one of the few free things in this world. Speaking of her anyway, her speech that’s sampled in the song is perfectly timed with the song itself. I was playing around with the instrumental and her speech and the parts of her speech that I used fit perfectly. Yet another time the stars aligned for the creation of a masterpiece Madonna truly is an artistic musical genius
  5. Where did you get this info from? I’d love to read more about it
  6. Let’s change the subject. Any thoughts on when the remix(es) will be released?
  7. All these remixes have me hoping for acapella and instrumental leaks. I’d love to make Madame X: eXtended but in all honesty, like what’re the chances of Back That Up instrumental leaking? 0
  8. Golly son, I’d love a video for this song but what if they use a remix? I have mixed feelings because when I think of Celebration, like that’s a one in a million chance where the remix is better. I have not enjoyed any of the MX remixes except for the MNEK Crave remix and I haven’t listened to this leak either so I don’t know if I like it or not. Praying for the best
  9. Is she singing about smoking weed at the beginning? I’m in the sky where I oughta be at (she’s high?) Rocket ship taking off in that is the rocket ship line a reference to this song?
  10. They say be all I can be and all I want is peace peace peace peace peace peace see the world how I see and all I wanna see is see is see is see is see is dreams Come Alive, Come Aliiivve
  11. If you notice, the tracks are in order by producer/writer I also believe they are in order of creation. It’s been stated that Killers was the first song written and it’s the first on the list heres the list for anyone who’s interested {produced by Mirwais} 1. Killers 2. Extreme Occident++ 3. Dark Ballet* 4. IDSIF 5. God Control++ 6. Batuka** 7. Funana** 8. Medellín*** {produced by Diplo} 9. Future {produced by or written with Jason Evigan} 10. I Rise 11. Crazy {produced by Mike Dean} 11. Crazy 12. Faz Gostoso**** 13. Loca***** 14. Back That Up****** 15. Come Alive I have no idea what the asterisk marks or the plus signs mean. I assume those songs needed more work done at the time of the white board video? Notably missing: Crave {Mike Dean} Looking For Mercy {Mike Dean} Ciao Bella {Mirwais} Also, I’d say it’s safe to assume there’s a demo of Crazy produced by Jason Evigan
  12. 1. Come Alive 2. Funana 3. Back That Up 4. Fernalism 5. Medellín 6. Faz Gostoso 7. Future 8. Dark Ballet 9. I Rise 10. Mercy 11. God Control 12. Loca 13. Champagne Rosé 14. Killers 15. Extreme Occident 16. Crave 17. Crazy 18. Ciao Bella 19. I Don’t Search I Find 20. Soltera But I enjoy them all. No skips.
  13. I vaguely remember someone somewhere saying a video for IDSIF was filmed but I’m not sure
  14. I like Back That Up To The Beat, Funana AND Birthday Song fight me block me whatever I will rise above it all and enjoy the GOOD music
  15. Is that the guy who says “now drop” before Madge goes “rat tat tat tat” ???
  16. I Rise was a promo single too Dark Ballet has a video and is also one of her favorites
  17. Where are you all getting God Control from? I’d assume we’re getting Future remixes after Crave since the remixes are going in order by pre album release
  18. I feel that way with a lot of MX songs. Some of them are like a previous album all encompassed within a song that’s updated for modern times. God Control is kind of a confession made for a dance floor Dark Ballet is sonically unique like American Life (dare I say lyrically similar too) someone said in the Killers thread said that Killers is like a dark version of I Deserve It minus the Portuguese, Crazy reminds me of True Blue 2019 IDSIF is obviously Erotica and Crave is Bedtime Stories. its funny because Bedtime Stories isn’t really my favorite yet I LOVE Erotica, and IDSIF is sometimes a skip for me, whereas Crave is a highlight oh the irony
  19. Yes me too! whoever’s in charge needs to get on this! 17 instrumentals are needed
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