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  1. I'm still shocked the Brits will leave the EU...it makes me sad
  2. i don't understand why Tracy Young is still not released yet...the MNEK Remix would be better with "full" Vocals.
  3. Damn... now i love it...It's on my Top 5 now!!!
  4. Wasn't there a Video planned for this Song?? I remember someone told that??
  5. It would be cool if they do a Vid for it...well for every Song of the Album!!!!
  6. yas yas yas...it deserves to be Nr. 1...it's awesome
  7. This Song is so worth for Mixes...and it deserves Chart Success!!! Damn Radio Stations all over the World
  8. I still wonder if there are more official Mixes to come from I rise and Crave?
  9. Great that it will be online on Friday..Love Batuka!!! I hope she pull ot more Videos form MX. A Complete Video Album would be awesome imo!!!
  10. The German Radio Stations played a lot of Madonna Songs but only the older ones!!!
  11. me too and i still miss the Mixes of Gun Control...were are they. It's worth for much Mixes...btw Crave too
  12. 4ever!! Killers Batuka Crazy God Control and all others are still close behind
  13. Still waiting for my Clear Vinyl...maybe i have to move to the Moon to get it earlier!!! But It's on the wayyyyyyy!
  14. yeah but it would be great is she had the major Vocals on Verse 2 also
  15. I still wish she did it alone without Quavo!! But i love that Song anyway...it has great vibes
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