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  1. God Control Future Faz Gostoso Killer Who Are Partying Looking For Mercy This is actually really hard to do. Madame X is a generous queen.
  2. Man, I gotta say... she's done it again. Madame X is a frickin' juggernaut! What a massive album! There's so much here to unpack, but, it's already creeping it's way back up in my top 5.
  3. Hey, thanks! I wonder if the misprinted version will eventually end up being a collector's item.
  4. Hi everyone... I'm new here, first post actually... and I'm sorry if this was already asked, but, anyone else notice the misprint on the clear vinyl edition? The record sleeve on mine says Future is on Side A, but, it's actually on Side B. Hope everyone is in absolute love with Madame X... I know I am! X
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