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  1. It hasn’t really changed much for me:

    1) God control (the best “disco protest song” ever!)

    2) Crave (best ballad on the album)

    3) Future (why so much hate for this song? I love it)

    4) Extreme Occident (got this mysterious, ominous melody that is so unique. Plus it’s M’a fav)

    5) Crazy (loves her vocals and energy on this song)


  2. Also consider she is now living in Lisbon and is traveling back and forth quite a bit. I don’t even recall when she was in LA last since the Oscars. She couldve made an appearance on Ellen. I bet her audience would love to hear her new music. 

    It’s a shame because MX is such a good album she could have reach out to a wider audience. 

  3. So far for MadameX she has done:

    3 live performances (BB awards, ESC, NYC Pride)

    Received 1 award (GLADD AfC award)

    Appeared in 2 talk shows (Graham Norton, Jimmy Fallon)

    3 fans Q&A (MTV Medellin video premier, An audience with Madonna, iHeartRadio)

    Released 4 videos (Medellin, Dark Ballet, Crave, I Rise, Gun Control)

    1 documentary (World of MadameX)

    Countless junket interviews

    It feels like a lot in 2.5 months but of course we won’t say no to more appearance and performances. How does it compare to last few album releases?

  4. 11 hours ago, Steve said:

    So as anticipated sales fell off by 95%...on BB the album dropped from #1 to #77.  

    The NY post wrote an article titled 

    Madonna album sales tail off after concert promo

    Surprisingly it states the Material girls drop no longer a “crazy anomaly” referencing the ticket bundle strategy and JoBros 96% drop and many artist doing it to be #1.  Click bait but pretty balanced article. 

    Link below 


    Sadly steaming is big part of music industry now. Most of the record stores I frequent as a kid has closed down. Gone were the days where people shop at a store and buy a full album. So this is not surprising at all. These charts will become irrelevant very soon. 

  5. 25 minutes ago, Nonoka said:

    Anyway, wanted to add I loved her military style jacket. Her styling this era so far is totally on point to me.

    I think she combines elements from AL, Madame X and Pride very nicely in her outfit. Love the combat boots especially. Everything is so carefully planned and visually stunning and creative. Gotta love her !

  6. 3 minutes ago, FeTuoni said:

    What’s wrong with people? Madonna is about to be 61 and she’s not super human. Your body goes through changes no matter how healthy you are. It happens to everyone. People’s voices change overtime. You have less stamina. Madonna is doing the unthinkable. Last night’a show was proof of that. She danced, she sang, she brought the theatrics. She went above and beyond. But from now on, there will be limitations. The least we can do is to show this woman, who’s been a machine for 40 years, that we love her and we appreciate her and that we got her back. If you don’t like her artistic choices, FINE, but don’t hate her... time goes by faster than you think. Love her NOW. 


  7. The Madonna bi ble on Instagram also did a livestream it’s on the profile. The performance from what we can see was incredible. I loved the different madame Xs on the stage and M looks stunning in her shorts and leather top?  Anyways looking forward to any official video soon!

  8. 46 minutes ago, Amelia said:

    They kind of sneaked this one in there on us. I was wondering where a lot of this footage went.  I thought some of this was for future videos, but I guess not.  Though, the filming that was done on the Beach is still a mystery. 

    Wow! Madonna is the gift that keeps giving this era.  Loved every second of this documentary. As someone mentioned before, "the only disappointment was it wasn't longer." I WANT MORE!!!!!!!


    Amazon does have the sticky and sweet tour and truth or dare but I am also surprised to find it there given there was no hype from her label. Maybe they were planning to show it on tv networks (it’s conveniently 23 minutes long which fits perfectly for a half hour time slot when you think about). It would have much more exposure if it was on Netflix imo. 

  9. Was browing Amazon prime video for madonna content and guess what i found? This documentary by Nuno: "Madonna - World Of Madame X" that was mentioned in the article! Some of the scenes we already seen from her Insta post before the album came out, but there were more visuals and scenes and her talking about the concept of the album.  

    Don't have a link but if you have amazon video you should be able to search for it.

  10. 11 minutes ago, juliebean said:

    I'm confused about something in the video. the blonde Madonna did she die in the beginning? because we see her at the end in her apartment at the end then she goes out on the ledge.

    I think the Dark hair Madonna is not the same character as Discodonna. Dark Hair Madonna might be MadameX writing about the school shooting. While Discodonna is the victim of gun violence. Somehow the two draws parallel.

    I have to say it was very difficult to see our queen getting mugged and shot in a video, even though it’s just acting. 

  11. Sometimes I wish M or her people can read this forum. I was in awe by some of the passionate discussions here.. we are a bunch of people who deeply care about her and yet offer the most sincere advice. Supporting without agreeing to everything. Idk but she seems to be more sensitive in this era than before. I have seen her handled questions and scandals very well say, during Guy years. 

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