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  1. Maybe not in the commercial sense, but in the artistic yes. It just represent the album the best.
  2. American Life was the perfect choice for the first single. It represent the album the best. I think Medellín is better option for the first Madame X single than God Control.
  3. God Control was definitely the first choice for Eurovision, but they rejected it.
  4. One year ago, around the time before release of Madame X, @Mensch said once, that he has an info from someone, that another (dance) album is going to be released some very short time after Madame X... That it was ready at the same time as MX. U still think it's going to happen? Mensch always had very serious informations and this one really stuck in my mind
  5. I hope she will play in this video, not just a cameo!
  6. Medellin/La Isla Bonita Dark Ballet/Paradise (Not for me) God Control/Deeper And Deeper Future/Unapologetic Bitch Batuka/ /// nothing from Madonna´s previous work Killers who are partying/Easy Ride Crave/Secret Crazy/Don´t Tell Me Come Alive/Body Shop Extreme Occident/In This Life Faz Gostoso/Bitch I´m Madonna Bitch I’m Loca/Give Me All Your Luvin´ I don’t search I find/Vogue Looking for Mercy/Drowned World-Substite For Love I Rise/Miles Away
  7. So God Control will be not the next single right?
  8. I just feel there is a big documentary on the way... Something like In Bed with Madonna or I´m Going To tell you a Secret. IGTTYAS came circa 15 years after IBWM, so a new documetary can come also 15 after the last one. They shoot so many professional videos since she came to Portugal! And I really don´t believe it is just for instagram promo. It can be a documentary similar to Lady´s Gaga one for Netflix, it also had a huge impact. So this could be the right promo. A documentary that shows her coming to Portugal, process of recording an album and can end with the beginning of the tour.
  9. 1.God Control 2.Future 3.Extreme Occident 4.Batuka 5.Dark Ballet
  10. I am asking for the full music video, not the trailers...
  11. To fans who already saw the new video: Is M there for more than 5 seconds? (I hope she is)
  12. There can be videos for songs without a single... It´s not neccesary to release a video with a single release nowadays (we r not in the 00´s anymore). We have already two videos for Medellín and Crave, another videos r made (propably) for God Control (the queer one), Batuka (by the sea in the beginning of April) and for Dark Ballet (also shot i the beginning of April, we can see something from in the video projection during Eurovision performance). She was also shooting another video in Maroko in February and also again in Lisabon in Mach. Everything else seems to be just for a promo for the album, or a documentary (Netflix?).
  13. She did more than 2 another Music videos... I made out she did already 6-7 music videos for the album
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