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  1. Thank you Totally worth it, stress is a part of it. Also, why does the pigeon emoji looks like a cardinal here??
  2. Thank you everyone for all the love on the video! we worked really hard for it, so it makes me so happy to see it so positively received. You are the best!
  3. Thank you for everyone who has been looking for, as well as sending / flagging links for the leaked video. Like M sings, music does make the people come together...great to see so many people interested in protecting M's artistic vision and waiting to see the video once it's officially out. And also thank you for the positive feedback! Excited for everyone to see it (the official one!) soon.
  4. nuno i sent you an instagram dm with a link! i cant send private messages in this forum but theres a link running  and gaining views! 

    1. nunoxico


      I really appreciate you taking the time to send me this.

      Official video will be out soon, we are still working on it.

      Thank you!


  5. Hi everyone, my first time posting here. I directed Crave, and the version that leaked today is fully unfinished - edit is still being locked. I would like to ask anyone who might find a working link, to be so kind and please send it to me? We would really appreciate it. We have been working hard on this, and would love for you all to see the finished version. Thank you in advance!
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