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  1. It's fabulous. Seeing her in those settings, surrounded by musicians, really adds to the depth of the album for me. She's in a great place creatively and it shows. Seeing her do Batuka with the ladies is wonderful and whilst I actually enjoy the robotic element of the album it made me excited to hear her raw voice which still sounds great in that moment. I enjoy her being surrounded by musicians and even riffing off some of her oldies in that setting which makes me excited for Madame X live. If she spends the whole time onstage making music like that I will be a happy boy!
  2. I only really noticed off key singing in American Life? The rest sounded fine, not amazing but fine. I'm still to see I Rise though!
  3. Yeah but fuck it, I won't go into it. All about the positive vibes, thanks guys
  4. Nice to see such positivity here compared to other forums I'm on. Phew. I understand people wanting more of the fun hits at Pride, I get it, I do. But M has taken the protest angle of Pride - ie, the meaning of it in the first place - and ran with it. And I for one think it's fabulous. I hope she hones those vocals in time for the tour - I'm sure she will - but it was definitely a trip to hear her do Vogue and not lipsync it. Brilliant stuff. And God Control was great too. How was I Rise? Not seen a clip of that.
  5. I haven't seen I Rise yet but my reactions: Vogue with typewriter - brilliant, camp, funny - and performed live (apart from the rap) - her voice sounds good, a million miles from Eurovision. Critique - I'd have liked to see some voguing! American Life - great, a bit off key but live - very cute moment where she screams FUCK IT towards the end. Loved hearing the audience shout 'Fuck it!' God Control - fucking brilliant. Energetic, she dances with more freedom and fluidity than on the video. Her vocals are mixed with the backing track which is no surprise but she's live too and fine. This has made me VERY excited for Madame X shows...
  6. She's rapping along to a very heavy backing track - you can hear her voice more in that last line just before SHIT!
  7. She sounds great on that clip. I have a good feeling about this one! Was hoping for I Don't Search but I'll take all this.
  8. They might go down the old fashioned route with "The rest of the video is TOO controversial for us to show, you'll have to check out Madonna's YouTube page" or something. Like the old days!
  9. It'll be a clip with a link to her YouTube surely. Especially if it's as violent as people are making out. They won't show it in full on an entertainment news show.
  10. Ha! Absolute lunatic. I can't say I'm that surprised, sadly. She was fine. Maybe a bit nervous/stiff in parts. And the way she was sat/the grillz meant she sounded quieter than the others. She's more guarded in a way than she's ever been which is no surprise given the shit she gets for every little thing she does. I enjoyed the moments where her personality came through more, like talking about the kid who won the talent contest, calling out her shitty ex, the stuff with Sheryl Crow was nice too. I did notice how Ian McKellen was the only one not gushing over her and why the hell should he? I'd like to sit in a room with those two, I bet it would get interesting. All in all she was fine, becoming more and more eccentric which isn't a bad thing. And those BOOBS!
  11. Why though? It baffles me that this is how people choose what to see/listen to. Why not go off your interest and instinct?
  12. I'll have to listen again a couple times before I can do that, but I would love to!
  13. Totally. Three of us just looked at each other with big smiles and started to dance haha
  14. It's not even that I didn't like them - they just didn't jump out at me like the others. Even the ones I didn't love were very interesting sonically. Batuka and Occident.
  15. My friend got a copy sent to him to review officially so I sat in on the session - didn't bow to the leaks but heard it early. I won't go on and on but I will say my face hurt from smiling by the end. Apart from 2 songs I loved it, and I mean loved it. Sonically it is so interesting and accomplished and nothing at all feels half-hearted or phoned in. My immediate response was 'this is better than Confessions' because whilst Confessions is a fucking brilliant album it was also played very safe albeit to her strengths. This doesn't play anything safe. And that's the M I adore the most. I just wish everyone listening to it for the first time could film their faces when God Control kicks in.
  16. My only gripe is that I was hoping it would be longer. That's a good thing, I guess, it left me wanting more, not less. For me this is the kind of unbridled artistry she normally reserves for her tours, but now she's like 'fuck it, this is my brand and I am not holding back on it just to get a hit'. So much to unpick with this and that's wonderful.
  17. Stunning video. Thank God she's doing this.
  18. It gets better with each listen. The 2 minute change-up is so wonderful. It needs a lyric video though so I can understand just WHAT the hell Joan of Arc is saying...
  19. I agree on the rape thing for sure. It did stick in my throat a bit.
  20. She's really taken a lot of it to heart and I suppose it's different if something is written ABOUT you, everything is much more raw and personal. But as a fan I loved that article and think it's one of the best written about her in years. I feel bad for the writer but also feel sad that it has upset Madonna so much.
  21. Hmmm I like its eccentricity. It feels like a tour demo to me - like it needs a visual to go with it. This is first listen though. 10 listens down the line and I'm sure I'll feel differently. Enjoying it though. That synthy bom-bom-bom-bom moment at 2.02 is sublime.
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