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  1. This is by far the best thread title I've ever seen thank you. Batuka is a very powerful song. It was much better live in Lisbon. When the Batukadeiras came in the place nearly collapsed with all the cheering. It's an incredibly moving song especially with the visuals too. I hope when the Madame X tour film comes out we hear her voice high in the mix as she performed it so well.
  2. You are sucha girl gone wild. 

    1. domyeyebrows


      I can't deny it!


  3. Same old story at the end of the day. The world is burning. Blame art.
  4. Looooooove Seeing it performed live in Lisbon was a major highlight in my Madonna fandom life!
  5. Yeah that's what I read. They're taking it off temporarily and putting it back with a nice safe trigger warning on it.
  6. It's a beautiful track. I remember it getting a lot of flak so when I heard it for the first time I was pleasantly surprised. I got the chance to see/hear her perform it live in Lisbon and the vocal effects were dialled down a lot. It sounded even better that way. Her voice is beautiful on it. I hope the eventual live release sounds like it did on the night.
  7. On the plus side taking it off to put a trigger warning on it is better than outright banning and pretending it doesn't exist. I've got the original Tom and Jerry cartoons on Blu Ray as they remind me of my childhood and they come with a lengthy introduction about how they are a product of their time. Whilst I'm intelligent enough to realise the context and therefore take no offence, I get that some people need to see this stuff acknowledged to watch their content without guilt or shame.
  8. The clickbait is not for the film, it's for the 'news' outlets that need it.
  9. It's not censorship. They're just putting a trigger warning on it and then putting it back on there. Clickbait.
  10. Twitter and social media in general are cesspools for people who feel the need to push their own agenda and massage their own ego by taking down whoever they need to to look more woke. It is not a place for discussion or debate. It's like the fucking Crucible on there. Hideous.
  11. The whole thing was just tone deaf on many many levels but looking at it now I do like watching her perform Future. Love the drop out at the end.
  12. OK attack a 16 year old I'm sure Madonna would be proud of you for that. Jesus. Then again what do you expect from someone who reads and shares The Sun...
  13. Haven't been big on M remixes for a long time and would argue IDSIF is one of those songs that doesn't need a dance remix. However I like the Honey Dijon mix - I think it's a nice companion to it and if anything sounds even more like a 90s outtake from Erotica.
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