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  1. I like the 70s feel vibe...and the "die another day" single cover feel
  2. I like the 70s feel vibe...and the "die another day" single cover feel
  3. This song takes you from different eras of dance music, from 60s to 70s to 80s to 90s to 00s to 2010s and the future.If you listen to the background production, it morphs into all these generations while remaining so current and futuristic.Its an absolute masterpiece.
  4. This song just illustrates that Madonna just feels pity to the female artists who want her throne, she really killed it on this track, when I hear this track, I cry tears of joy, what a monster track, and the most annoying thing, radio can't play this music, why, why, why, why, .....oh no!!!!...oh God I love this track.
  5. What about the physical sales, where can we get that info
  6. But the first 3 songs were radio friendly, I think its better she sticks to her true image of dance pop in form of " God Control".....
  7. I cried a bit when I heard this song, reasons being America will not play Madonna anymore, and so this great track will never be known like her great songs, what a banger, its the most cool, insane, futuristic, psychadellic, disco stomper in a long time, oh I wish radio plays this, .....simply magical
  8. The psychedelic chills you get when you listen to this song, just make you go disco-crazy, its by far the finest record she has ever recorded, its brilliant at best, I wish mirwais was used through this album. This is my fave on the album followed by " I Don't Search I Find".....10/10
  9. This song is disco-house reborn in 2019,it has platinum gold in its soul. It combines Express yourself, Vogue, Erotica and Rescue me.......OMG!!!, its disco concaine to say the least...flawless.This the Madonna I want, this is the one I have been searching and I have found.
  10. This is the best reviewed Madonna Album since Ray of Light, I smell Grammy awards on the way.
  11. Dark Ballet is what defines the difference between Madonna and other artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce or Rihanna , Madonna is daring, bold, and gifted with creativity. I have always said this over and over, she's the absolute definition of a super artist, she's the universal artist of all musical acts.Take it or leave it.
  12. This guy must have been smoking marijuana while listening to the record. I like the word "weird".... Madonna is brilliant when weird. The best Madonna songs for me ,are those that are weird. The ones that don't want radio to play them.I like those ones. Songs like " Skin"...."Sky fits Heaven"....."impressive instant"..." Bedtime stories"..."cyberagga"....
  13. Its crazy I don't even know Bruce's new music or single , I wonder which fan base is buying his music. Globally Madam X is a sure number one, I think Bruce can only have a shot at number one in the US and UK.
  14. I think she's just so amazing, she always never dissapoints, great show.I liked the "Future" performance....so epic, the dancers in masks....wow, am surprised some fans can't even sync in this performance, its too much for them.You need to watch it again to understand it. Madonna is a genious.
  15. I think the performance was simply great, you can tell "Future" must be her fave track from the album.
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