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  1. I have the feeling that it was planned as lead single at some point.. is not normal that video for a non-single/maybe 5th single
  2. I think it's the 4th single... public can buy it separately with cover and remixes as an EP... is not only for radios/DJs or the typical prerelease track I mean.. Mother And Father, Impressive Instant, etc. have remixes but the "single" release was not available for the public And Future, for example, has a cover and all but it was just promo before the album release.. I Don't Search I Find is a totally different escenario
  3. Does anyone think that the forthcoming pack of IDSIF remixes means also a videoclip recorded before the era started? The Spy Madame X video with the glasses and coat maybe?
  4. until I Rise go number 1 on the Dance chart don't expect Crave remixes
  5. somebody here (or madonna-infinity) not long ago (that semmed legit) said I Don't Search I Find had a video recorded
  6. Madonnaunderground: https://madonnaunderground.com/madame-x-deluxe-edition-includes-dvd/
  7. So it's true that she's not in the video? 2secs only? Anyone knows?
  8. Question here... some people say Madonna only appears on the video like 2 seconds because the video is out in NZ/AUS, are we sure about that?.. it's rare that if that's the case the video is not around the web already like the song. Were they inventing or something?
  9. is he singing more in the video than in the album version? i have that sensation but not sure... what do you think?
  10. is it me Swae Lee sings more in the video than in the album version?
  11. The song came out in full or just the 1:31 snippet?
  12. FROM DROWNEDMADONNA https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2019/04/29/exclusive-news-on-madonnas-ballad-i-rise/
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